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Hammer of Doom News Report 10.22.12: Van Halen vs Boy Bands Edition

October 22, 2012 | Posted by Robert Cooper


Welcome Metal Faithful, to the only place that you’ll ever need to see in your life, the Hammer of Doom. I, as always, am your able minded host, Robert Cooper. This week has been the same as the past few, with metal and college, WOO! This week we have a bit of a short news week, but plenty of other things, like 1 download, some album releases, and other fun!

But enough fun, time to get serious and listen to!!!!!…..


Former Pentagram Drummer Running For Political Office In Chile

I’ll write him in for the US election as well.

‘Heavy Metal Television’ To Launch Next Month

Apparently it’s going to be like MTV, except they’re going to have a lot of the newer metal bands, you know, like Five Finger Death Punch…

Geoff Tate Allowed To Use Queensrÿche Name Until Lawsuit With Ex-Bandmates Is Settled

That’ll take a few years, so I guess everyone have fun trying to figure out which band is which on tour.

Deftones, Isis Collaboration Palms To Release Debut Album In The Spring

Deftones are good stuff and Isis are a great band, so hopefully the baby between them will be great!

Vince Neil To Launch ‘Tatuado’ Vodka

I’ll bet you that he’ll make sure to promote it heavily…by drinking it.

Gwar Frontman Slams Rob Zombie Saying That He ‘Is A Tired, G-Rated Mishmash Of Other People’s Styles’

I have to slightly agree, I think Zombie has gotten a bit stale, but then again, he makes more money than I can ever dream, so he’s the better man!

Wolfgang Van Halen Has Beef With One Direction

You read this right!, Apparently the douchenozzles in the boy band were rude to Wolfy and the other members of Mark Tremonti’s solo band, Tremonti. I hate generic music….

A Black Sabbath Album Update

Apparently, 15 songs are written and 12 will go on the album with the other 3 going to other special editions. And Rick Rubin is producing it, I hope it sounds better than ‘Death Magnetic’

The Haunted Guitarist Anders Björler Quits/Drummer Per Møller Jensen Quits The Haunted

Damn, I really have taken I liking to this band, and a good 3/5 of their band has quit this year, for some reason I think The Haunted will soon be just a memory.

Paul Stanley Says Steven Tyler ‘Needs A Reality Check’

You tell him, Paul, you’re only a comic book band in the comic books!

Speaking of comic books, set them down, so that you can read from…


Cue the Awesome Riffs!

So apparently, is running a poll of the “Most Awesome Guitar Riffs of the 1980s”…SPOILERS!!!
01. AC/DC – “Back In Black” (“Back In Black”)
02. THE ROLLING STONES – “Start Me Up” (“Tattoo You”)
03. OZZY OSBOURNE – “Crazy Train” (“Blizzard Of Ozz”)
04. SCORPIONS – “Rock You Like A Hurricane” (“Love At First Sting”)
05. DEF LEPPARD – “Photograph” (“Pyromania”)
06. JUDAS PRIEST – “Breaking The Law” (“British Steel”)
08. THE CLASH – “Should I Stay or Should I Go” (“Combat Rock”)
09. GUNS N’ ROSES – “Sweet Child O’Mine” (“Appetite For Destruction”)
10. RUSH – “Limelight” (“Moving Pictures”)
This list is okay at best, I understand that it is a much more commercial list than what I would have made, but sweet jesus they missed some good bands and songs.

First off, HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE IRON MAIDEN!!!!!, or Slayer, Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, or Black Sabbath. Those are quintessential, and this list is totally screwing the pooch on it!

I mena, yeah, Back in Black is a great song and very memorable, as are the rest of these songs, but seriously, this kind of feels slapped together, and is missing more bands than your average redneck is missing teeth. I would have at least put in “South of Heaven” by Slayer, because that is a very recognizable riff, as is “Angel of Death”. For Metallica, I fail to see how they missed them, most of their bigger hits are from that era; “Seek and Destroy”, “Creeping Death”, “Fade to Black”, “Master of Puppets”, “Blackened”, “Harvester of Sorrow”, the list goes on.

Megadeth, honestly, their list is a bit harder if you want to talk about their more recognizable stuff, I love all of it, but it’s not usually the opening riff that gets me in on those, now “Peace Sells” is timeless, but that’s a bass riff. I’d pick “Devil’s Island”, “Into the Lungs of Hell”, “In My Darkest Hour”, and “Looking Down the Cross”.

Testament might be able to be left behind, but not picking “Heaven and Hell” by Black Sabbath is a sin!, A SIN I TELL YOU!

METAL FAITHFUL!, what would you have in your TOP 10?

Oh thank Heaven

So I know that I told you all about what happened with Century Media doing a mass lawsuit of the people who downloaded the newest Lacuna Coil album. Well good news for most of the people that were being sued, most of you get off the hook!judge ruling in this case said that due to there being over 1000 seperate people being sued and the don’t have anything more in common than the file that they downloaded, so that means that unless they were all downloading from the same source at the same time, they’re good!

But…that does leave one poor soul to be the only guy that didn’t get off the hook…..I have a feeling that dude is ten different types of screwed, but hey, this is why I never torrent music, EVER!

Proof that Heavy Metal Will Never Die Vol.9

First thing is first, there are a few albums that have charted over the past few weeks, the first one is the new KISS album, and I must say, that it is a good album, I wont say great, but there is definitely enough there to say that it is good. It hit Number 3 on the Billboard 200, which is totally awesome, though granted, being at like every single Wal-Mart helps, but still good for Gene, and his wallet!

Next is the new album by Between the Buried and Me (which I reviewed right HERE!, trust me it’s worth the listen, very technical album) it hit Number 22 on the Billboard Top 200. Great album, I think that it totally deserves this charting, I think that if some people can shake off the metalcore stigma they have, then they will gain even more fans (like me, I’m a convert).

After that is the new album by Enslaved, it hit No.8 on the Billboard Heatseeker Charts(which is where you go if you’ve never been above the Top 100 on the regular charts).

That’s all for the US charts, but a bunch of other bands charted in other countries, and my ass can’t remember where, so tune in next time, where I might remember to remember!


First is “Rome is Falling” from Swedish band with a bunch of former members of Sabaton, Civil War

Next is a song from the awesome Forgotten Tomb

Finally is the full album stream of Wintersun’s ‘Time I’ it can be found HERE!

I think all that this free music roundup is missing, is a housing in…


‘Lovelessness’ from Canadian Stoner metal band Bison B.C.

‘Zero Distance’ [EP] from Swedish Melodic Death metal band Dark Traquility

‘I Begin’ by Norweigan Black metal band God Seed

‘Book Burner’ from Washington, DC grindcore band Pig Destroyer

‘Now and Forever’ from Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin

‘Time I’ by Finnish MElodic Death metal band Wintersun

Which leads me to my ALBUM OF THE WEEK!, it comes to us from the awesome Texas Stoner metal band The Sword, and is called ‘Apocryphon’

As for what I listened to ‘A Frail Becoming’ by Daylight Dies, it was awesome Death/Doom, one of my favorites of the year so far, I loved the songs, “Infidel”, “Sunset”, “A Final Vestige”, and “Hold on to Nothing”

I also listened to last week’s PICK OF THE WEEK, ‘Dethalbum III’ by Dethklok, it was a kilelr death metal album, and another great one for the year, songs I liked were “I Ejaculate Fire”, “Crush the Industry”, and “Skyhunter”

I listened to ‘The Inherited Repression’ by Psycroptic, the whole album was absolutely awesome, so pick a song. The same goes for ‘Blood for the Master’ by Goatwhore, I really liked that album a lot.

I also listened to ‘A Girl Called Cerveza’ by Tankard, it was not amazing, but it was a damn fun listen, songs to pick up off of that album are “Rapid Fire (A Tyrant’s Elegy)”, “A Girl Called Cerveza”, and “Running on Fumes”.

I’ll talk about the other albums next time!

I think with this much metal, we’ll have to take a break….


So last week…IN THE COMMENTS!

saneiac said

also don’t like standard death metal growling, but I really liked the first DethAlbum. His voice isn’t so much growly as it is really, impossibly deep, yet it’s still clean enough that you can understand the words.

and I agreed!

Ryan Haseldine said

Why don’t you like Avenged Sevenfold? Their first 2 albums are garbage, 3rd one was decent & their last 2 were good. Their really good live, shame they’ve got huge egos though. They were supposed to tour Australia last year for Soundwave but didn’t think Iron Maiden deserved top billing (which is ridiculous).

There was also another commenter that took all of the negative things Mr. Haseldine mentioned and sarcastically asked why I don’t like the band. As I said when I commented, I don’t dislike them too much, I think their music is okay, it’s more their hardcore fanbase that really makes me dread them, though the Iron Maiden disrespecting is not okay!

finally is from comment section mainstay Michael L

Another set of recommendations I can make if he likes clean vocals would be Kamelot and Sonata Arctica. Both are very good European power metal bands in the vein of Helloween, but unlike a lot that followed, their not Helloween clones (I’m talking to you Stratovarius). You may also like Helloween, but depending on the era, the high end of the vocals may get annoying.

First off, I’d like to apologize for last week misrepresenting your comments from the previous week here in my column. Secondly, I second those recommendations, I also would like to add Gamma Ray, because I love me some Gamma Ray.

So this week for the GLOBAL METAL song of the week, we have black/death metal from Uruguay, the band is called Thy Dominion, and the song is called “In the Dark Veil of Ancesrall”, off of the album ‘The Great Death’.

Alright,so if you have any opinions on the column, some genre or country that you want me to feature in the global metal column, or if you just want to talk metal you can e-mail me at, tweet me at @themetalcoop or sign up below and join in the conversation by commenting.

So I say this week, as I do every week, in the immortal words of Chuck Schuldiner, KEEP THE METAL FAITH ALIVE m/


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