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Days Inn Staff Member Claims Usher Hooked Up With Accuser There

August 11, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee

As we previously reported, a woman is suing Usher, claiming they hooked up at a hotel and he exposed her to genital herpes. Now a woman who worked at the hotel in question is backing up the story. Quantasia Sharpton had a news conference with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom. She said she was taken from the crowd at Usher’s concert and invited backstage to meet him. One of his people got her phone number, then she was eventually called. They went to a hotel room and had sex, but he never told her about his condition.

The concert was in Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 15, 2014. TMZ revealed a photo of Sharpton as proof she was there, as she was with opening act August Alsina. She was wearing a birthday tiara, as she previously said she was was celebrating her birthday. Even though her birthday was in late October, she was celebrating late as it was several weeks after she turned 19.

The staff member comes from the Days Inn in the area, which is less than a mile from the venue where the concert was held. She said Usher came into the lobby just after midnight on November 16. Sharpton came down and met him, then took him to her room. The staff member asked for a photo and he told her she’d get one before he left the Days Inn. She waited an hour but he never came back.

People who know Sharpton say she was at the Days Inn on the night of the concert, which is where she claims they had sex. However, Usher has denied getting intimate with Sharpton because she’s “not his type.” The staff member reportedly contacted TMZ because she was offended by that report.

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