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IDestroy – “Annie”/”98%” Track Review

March 16, 2017 | Posted by David Hayter
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IDestroy – “Annie”/”98%” Track Review  

Bristol three-piece IDestroy are an intriguing proposition. Their sound blends a punk snarl with rich rock grooves and the kind of melodic precision that has more in common with The Cars than, say, The Buzzcocks. Equally, their brand of rebellion has the laconic disdain of the 90s, rather than the spit spewing agitation of the 70s. Mary Timony might appear an obvious reference point, but this trio deliver hooks without irony or shame. There’s no slackerdom undercutting the purity of their melodies and, while there is plenty of sarcasm in their delivery, they avoid Kathleen Hanna’s wilfully sardonic contempt for her subject matter. Instead, IDestory are a danceable, sharp-eyed rock group striking a devil may care pose without denting the purity of their sentiment.

On “Annie” (a song inspired by a girl’s name scrawled all over a toilet stall) Bec Jevons’ lyrics roll together with a silken drawl. It’s oddly reminiscent of Alex Turner; the words are not only cleverly chosen to rhyme, but the intonation gives certain syllables a velvety tactile quality (“lingers” for example). However, as the cymbals crash and the Elastica/Wire like riffage kicks into gear, the song itself begins to feel underdeveloped compared to previous releases (see “State Of The Art”). The verse promises, but the narrative dwindles in favour of the alluring coos and catchy hooks of the chorus. Nevertheless, it proves effective as a single even if the “ooh (yeah!)” refrain feels a little contrived. Sadly, the guitar solo also leaves something to be desired, but few will complain when faced with a single this punchy and undeniably dynamic. [6.0]

Completing the double A-Side release is “98%”: a straight-ahead rocker that details dancefloor seduction. Yet again, cooing backing vocals are employed to devastating effect, giving a soothing tubular edge to the otherwise propulsive sonics. This is a lean (if not quite mean) single without an ounce of fat to trim. “98%” is driven forward by raucous drumwork and is overflowing with slick hooks. Be warned, you may be stuck singing, “That girl has been looking at you/she thinks your suitable (ah woo-ooh!)”, all week. [7.0]

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IDestroy continue to impress with this Double A-Side release: their rock might feel a little underdeveloped in terms of narrative and raw edge, but boy do these women know how to write an addictive hook and a punchy three minute rock song.

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