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Jack Black Talks About Screwing Up During Elliott Smith Tribute Concert

November 9, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Off Camera (via NME), Jack Black spoke about his performance at an Elliott Smith tribute show in 2013 in Los Angeles, calling it a “fiasco”. He said it took nine attempts to finally get it right.

He said: “One of my favourite musicians of all time was Elliott Smith. He was a genius. So they were doing this tribute to Elliott Smith a couple of years back. They wanted me to do ‘Say Yes’ so I rehearsed for hours and hours in my car trying to memorise it. I wrote it down, I did everything in my power to get it right. We got there and it was my turn. And my brain just froze. I got to a line and my mind thought ‘What if I don’t remember the next line?’ and so I beefed it and said ‘Sorry everyone, we’re going to start from the beginning. I know no one else has f**ked up their songs, I f**ked up mine, though. But that’s OK, take it from the top. Elliott Smith’s sister was there, I think he had some other family members there. It was like ‘No, you have to get it right.’ It was almost like a memorial service. Everyone just erupted with applause and cheering because I made it through. It was such a catastrophe. It was a fiasco.

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