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Johnny Marr Says Fans Need to Move On From Smiths Reunion Hopes

February 24, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Johnny Marr is apparently getting tired of being asked if the Smiths will reunite. Marr spoke with NPR about the constant questions regarding the long hoped-for reunion, saying that fans should move on ande are perhaps hoping for too much.

“(Fans) hope there will be some big happy ending,” said Marr. “The fact is, there is a happy ending — I’m happy. It’s all cool. It’s slightly difficult when people assume that your life will be complete, or everybody’s life will be complete, if this band from 25 years ago reforms.”

He added that “life doesn’t need that to happen for things to be okay” and said that fans needing something positive in their lives may be better served to “go see the Dalai Lama or something that’ll make you feel better”.


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