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Judge Refuses To Recuse Herself From Meek Mill Case, Mill’s Attorney Calls Her Delusional

April 25, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Meek Mill

TMZ reports that after announcing that Meek Mill is free to leave prison, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recommended that Judge Genece Brinkley recuse herself from his case. Brinkley has been accused of being biased against Mill. The court said in its ruling: “[Brinkley] may opt to remove herself from presiding over this matter.” Then they cited the law and said it should be done “in the interest of justice.”

TMZ reports that Brinkley has refused to recuse herself from the case, as she claims she has been fair to Mill and will continue to do so. Brinkley’s lawyer A. Charles Peruto, Jr. said that Brinkley doesn’t think the Supreme Court invalidating her rulings when it let Meek go free before his next hearing in June. The hearing will decide if the case should be rejected due to the testimony of a corrupt police officer. Peruto said Brinkley may not side with the prosecutor and Mill’s lawyer, who are asking her to throw it out. Peruto claims other officers testified and their credibility could be the deciding factor. Finally, he added that she has no problem with Mill.

Meanwhile, Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina called Brinkley “a little sad and a little delusional.” Tacopina thinks that Brinkley is clearly being told she should leave by the Supreme Court, but she won’t listen. He added that the dirty cop is the only one responsible for the conviction.

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