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Lady Gaga Didn’t Want Her Netflix Documentary to Show Her as Perfect

September 11, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lady Gaga Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga discussed her new Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two during a press conference promoting the film (via Huffington Post). The film releases on September 22nd. Highlights are below:

On her Super Bowl performance: “Doing the Super Bowl this year, as much as it was for the fans and as much as it was to entertain the world — this is my most important and favorite thing to do: to entertain people and make them happy — it was also for me. It was like, ‘I’m going to take this.’ Everything that I’ve worked for, that I’ve obtained, that I’ve believed in, the message that we’ve all spread together, I am going to put this trophy on the top of Everest and do this for myself. It’s almost like the Super Bowl and this film are like a hedge of protection on my legacy for the past 10 years.”

On what she wanted out of the documentary: “The most important thing to me in this whole process is that this film, or documentary, didn’t come across like a big commercial for me, of everybody watching it and seeing how perfect I am and how perfect my career is and how perfect every little thing that I do and touch is, because that is just simply not true. That would be not in line with everything that I am as an artist. I think the most important thing that you can be is authentic.”

On her goals in life: “I’m not in the business of trying to make you all like me. I’m in the business of creating fantasies and music and experiences of theater and art that inspires people, hopefully. The most important thing to me in my career has always been spreading a positive message. And I’d say that’s my most favorite thing about what I know I have heard this film to be about, that there is a positive message behind it and me as a woman. I’m happy to show that. I think it’s important for artists, not just for me.”

On her activism: “One thing I didn’t agree with about what [a journalist] said is … you have to do more than just make music. You know, music is pretty powerful. It can be more powerful — and I would dare to say is infinitely more powerful — than a tweet or an Instagram post with a selfie with me and a statement that I’ve made about the world. Music has the power to heal people. It’s vibrations, it’s science. When music happens and it comes out of the speakers, there are things that happen in your body and in your spirit that are not the same as what you feel when you are reading the internet. That’s what I would say ? I would say that everyone should do their part, and part of artists being good at what we do, I think, is making sure art is perfected and strong, and that we know its power and that we use it.”

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