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Lady Gaga Reportedly Told By Her Label To Lose Weight

September 22, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Radar Online reports that Lady Gaga has been told by her record label to lose weight after they had to order better-fitting outfits for the rest of her Born This Way Ball world tour. Executives at Universal Music Group saw photos of her coming out of her corset and suspenders and told her they were ordering a new wardrobe. She was also asked to stop eating junk food.

She admitted in an interview on Wednesday that she gained 25 pounds. She said: “I love eating!

A source explained: “The tight, skimpy outfits weren’t doing anything for Gaga’s new fuller figure, so Universal ordered more flattering and better fitting costumes for the rest of the tour. No one likes to criticize someone who has put on weight, but she has been showing some serious muffin top, especially when wearing tight suspenders. It just wasn’t a good look and was getting unnecessary criticism, so they moved fast to nip it in the bud. Gaga has an incredible appetite for Italian food, which stems largely from her roots. It’s very easy on tour to get hooked on a diet of pizza and pasta because they are comfort foods – and when you are away from home you always long for something that reminds you of where you came from. She loves to eat, but because of her tiny frame it shows if she doesn’t work out as much as normal. Executives told her to quit gorging on her favorite foods. But despite the weight gain, Gaga won’t give up wearing the meat dress that has become a focal part of the live show. Gaga would rather starve to death than lose that dress.

Gaga also loves to parting. She once claimed she followed “the drunk diet… I live my life as I want to. I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I am working.” She also said she works out when she is hung over on a regular basis.

Nutritionist Majid Ali said the alcohol is most likely to blame for the weight gain. He said: “Alcohol sugars can only be stored as fats. Whereas most sugars can be used as fuel and whatever is left over is stored. So all that drinking adds up as fat pretty quickly, no matter what the rest of her diet is like.


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