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Marilyn Manson Reportedly Displays ‘Bizarre’ Behavior at New York Concert

February 17, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Marilyn Manson

Newsday that a Marilyn Manson performance at a concert on Thursday (Feb. 15) that was cut short after Manson displayed “bizarre” behavior onstage. The event was held at the Paramount in Huntington, New York.

During the performance, Manson acted erratically and started rambling freestyle jam and made repeated demands for applause. Fan video from he event also shows him with his back to the crowd and speaking in half-mumbled, half-sung lyrics as his band played some blues jam music. By the time the show ended, fans were reportedly chanting, “Refund! Refund!”

Instagram user @saturn.ascends wrote on the show: “Manson came out with a bang but the whole thing deteriorated very quickly. Once it got to be 10 minutes of begging for adoration and no music, I think we all started to realize something was wrong. Once he was temporarily satisfied, it didn’t improve. They would start songs only to screech them to a halt a minute in. There were very drawn out versions of songs where Manson mostly rambled on about our lack of love and other bizarre things. After an hour and fifteen minutes of this, he threw his microphone and left the stage.”

Many fans also reportedly posted disgruntled comments and demands for a refund on Paramount’s Instagram account. Manson started his current tour last October to support his new album release, Heaven Upside Down. He later canceled some dates after suffering an injury onstage after a gun-shaped prop fell on him and broke his leg. Manson returned to the tour last November while his leg was in a cast. He also received controversy after aiming a fake rifle at an audience in San Bernardino, California.

Not much has gone right for Manson and his band in recent months. Manson launched the current tour last October in support of his new album Heaven Upside Down, but was forced to cancel dates after suffering a dramatic onstage injury when a gun-shaped prop fell on him, breaking his leg in two places. Shortly after, former guitarist Daisy Berkowitz (real name Scott Putesky) died from complications of colon cancer, and longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez (real name Jeordie White) was fired from the group following allegations of sexual assault. Manson returned to touring last November with his leg in a cast, but immediately sparked controversy when he aimed a fake rifle at an audience in San Bernardino, California.

You can check out some footage of Marilyn Manson’s performance that was posted on social media below.

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