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New Velvet Underground Documentary On The Way

August 8, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
The Velvet Underground

Variety reports that Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine, Far From Heaven) is set to direct a new documentary about the Velvet Underground. He will work with producer Christine Vachon of Killer Films, along with David Blackman and Universal Music Group, on the project. Haynes hopes to interview the surviving members of the band along with figures in the 1960s artistic movement in the documentary. The film is untitled as of now. While at the Locarno Film Festival, Haynes spoke about his involvement. Here are highlights:

On what he’s looking forward to about the project: “The thrill of the research and visual assemblage [and] getting in deep to the resources and material and stock and archival footage and the actual cinema and experimental work.”

On the origin of the band: “[The Velvet Underground] come out of a truly experimental cross-section of film, contemporary art, and a rejection of mainstream consumer culture at a very rich and fertile time of the 1960s in New York City.”

On their importance: “They’re the most influential of bands – as Brian Eno said, everybody who bought [‘Velvet Underground & Nico’] started a band.”