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QTY – “Dress/Undress” Track Review

March 1, 2017 | Posted by David Hayter
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QTY – “Dress/Undress” Track Review  

It’s time to check in with QTY: the latest indie outfit making hearts flutter on either side of the Atlantic with a silky and simultaneously scuzzy take on vintage NYC sounds.

The reference points are familiar enough: the monochrome nonchalance of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground drips from “Dress/Undress'” every pour, but it’s equally easy to point to the insouciance of Richard Hell, Modern Lovers, Television or The Strokes’ immaculate posed early work. Still, while it’s easy to obsess over the effortless cool of yesteryear that Alex Niemitz and Dan Lardner exude, it’s worth noting that what makes this track really click is power pop potency of its vocal counterpoints and sneaky melodies.

Where the New York garage bands of yore proved either pensively taut or farcically slack in their minimalism, QTY instead favor a punchy riff riding warmth. It’s almost as if the amateuristic ease of it all is a façade designed to hide a hooky hit making nous that recalls both The Cars and the Californian charms of an early Girls single.

This musical slight of hand is all the more fitting on a track that tells the tale of a bohemian hiding his insecurities (I know I’m “talentless”) behind a “puffed out chest”.

Make no mistake; “Dress/Undress” is crafty composed modern rock music, albeit with a decidedly vintage bent.

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It would seem that label de jour Dirty Hit has another white hot indie darling on its hands as QYT supply both insouciant scuzzy cool and hooky melodious warmth on “Dress/Undress”.

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