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R. Kelly Believes His Daughter Has Been Brainwashed By Her Mother To Hate Him

January 12, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s daughter, Joann Lee Kelly, recently took to social media to call her father a “monster,” but TMZ reports that R. Kelly has rationalized her behavior to himself by telling himself that his daughter has been brainwashed by her mother and Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea. This is all despite the fact that R. Kelly has been estranged from Joann for years.

Kelly reportedly still loves his kids, but has become delusional and ignores that he has not had any relationship with them for years.

The last time R. Kelly and Joann had any sort of relationship was in 2015 when they worked together on some music. Kelly believes her mother drove a wedge between them after that because she was furious that Joann was in Kelly’s studio (where he allegedly keeps his sex slaves).

Andrea also brought their kids to Kelly’s concert in Atlanta a few years ago, but there has been almost no contact between the two sides since then.

Andrea said earlier this month that since her kids are adults now, she’s open to Kelly contacting them and her kids making their own decisions on what type of relationship they want with him.

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