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R. Kelly Suffering From Panic Attacks, Reportedly Shocked That Public Is Turning On Him

January 11, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
R. Kelly

Even though he claimed to not care about what’s happening around him at a Chicago nightclub appearance this week, TMZ reports that R. Kelly has been suffering from panic attacks that have required medical attention starting a few days before the premiere of Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime. The attacks have continued following the airing of the documentary and news that a criminal investigation into him has been launched. One of his attacks was so severe that he had to get treatment at a hospital as opposed to having doctors make house calls, which is how he has been treating the other attacks.

Kelly is said to be shocked at how quickly other celebrities and the public have turned on him. Kelly reportedly believes that he has not done anything wrong, and felt that he needed to get out and not appear like he’s hiding anything, which is why he appeared at a Chicago nightclub earlier this week.

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