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RZA Says Russell Crowe Spit at Azealia Banks But Didn’t Choke Her

October 20, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

RZA is coming to Russell Crowe’s defense (mostly) in regard to the actor’s legal situation with Azealia Banks. The rapper, who invited Banks to the dinner party where she allegedly threatened to stab Crowe and another guest before Crowe removed her from his hotel room, spoke with TMZ and said that most of Banks’ allegations regarding the incident aren’t true.

RZA acknowledged that Crowe spit at Banks but says that, despite what she told the police in a battery report, he didn’t choke her nor did he use the N-word. RZA said that Banks was out of control, violent and hinted that she was drunk. He said he told police the same information.

Police are investigating the incident. Crowe put Banks in a bear hug after she threatened people and carried her out of his hotel room, after which hotel security escorted her off the premises.