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Security Footage Could Show What Happened In Russell Crowe/Azealia Banks Incident

October 18, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee

As we previously reported, Azealia Banks allegedly made offensive comments at a party hosted by Russell Crowe, before threatening to stab people. Crowe eventually forcibly removed her from the Beverly Hills Hotel party. She claims that Crowe used the n-word against her several times, choked her and spit on her before having hotel security remove her from the scene.

TMZ reports that the incident was captured on security cameras and both sides think the footage will eventually back up their stories. Banks seems to think that the footage will show the choking and spitting, but it’s unknown how much of the incident was picked up by the cameras. Police plan to investigate the footage, as they’ve been looking into the matte after Banks filed a battery report. Crowe’s people think the footage will exonerate him. Police are still trying to set up interviews with both parties.