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Snoop Dogg Criticized For Pointing Toy Gun at Donald Trump Character in New Video

March 14, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has found himself in a bit of a backlash for his latest music video, in which he points a toy gun at a clown dressed as Donald Trump. The video, which is for his track “Lavender (Nightfall Remix)” and shows Snoop pointing the toy gun at a Trump-like character, has garnered criticism from a variety of sources including Senator Marco Rubio and Trump laywer Michael Cohen.

Both Rubio and Cohen spoke with TMZ, with Cohen saying that the video crossed the line and said that regardless of the person in the office, depicting mock assassinations are wrong. Rubio told the site, “Snoop shouldn’t have done that. We’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that is something people should be really careful about…The wrong person sees that, he gets the wrong idea and you can have a real problem.”

TMZ also reports that a spokesperson for the Secret Service said they were made aware of the video, although it’s unclear if there will be any investigation into it.

Snoop told Billboard of the video, “When I be putting s**t out, I don’t ever expect or look for a reaction. I just put it out because I feel like it’s something that’s missing. Any time I drop something, I’m trying to fill in a void.”

You can see the music video below.