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Soulja Boy Camp Denies Kidnapping Story, Says Alleged Victim Is Angry Ex-Girlfriend

February 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Soulja Boy

As previously reported, a woman claimed that she was assaulted and kidnapped by rapper Soulja Boy over the weekend, and the rapper’s manager said the charges were false. A police report was filed and an investigation was reportedly under way. TMZ has a new report on the subject, with Soulja Boy and his camp denying the attack.

Sources connected to the rapper are claiming that the victim in question, who is only known under the name Kayla, is “lying” about the claim that Soulja Boy beat her and then took her into a garage and then tied her to a chair for six hours. They are claiming that the rapper dated Kayla but then ended the relationship, making her angry.

Under their sequence of events, Kayla arrived at Soulja Boy’s house on Friday night, “heavily under the influence,” and then crashed her car into his driveway and hit the curb. There was reportedly a crowd of people int he house who were partying and heard the crash. A woman who is said to be the rapper’s manager then came outside the house and asked Kayla to leave because she was not welcome. The sources are claiming that Kayla attacked the manager and the two began fighting. Also, they say that Soulja Boy never went outside his home during the incident and never saw Kayla.

The sources are claiming that Kayla’s injuries were caused by the manager of Soulja Boy, who was allegedly defending herself against an attack from Kayla.

It’s unknown if this manager in question is the same one mentioned in yesterday’s report. This manager stated that the rapper “always calls me if there’s any problem, and he did not call.” It seemed to indicate this manager was not at the party or the rapper’s home when the incident occurred.

Additionally, Soulja Boy’s camp states that the allegations from Kayla are “100% fabricated.” Currently, the police are still investigating the incident after Kayla filed a kidnapping report.

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