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Stevie Wonder Says Bruno Mars is Not Guilty of Cultural Misappropriation

March 17, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder recently spoke with TMZ, and is on Bruno Mars’ side in the legal fight over “Uptown Funk,” saying Bruno didn’t culturally misappropriate anything. Wonder says it’s all about making music for the world and that takes issue with activist Seren Sensei who called Mars out in a web series, calling him a karaoke singer who rips off other artists. Wonder also says that Mars is a great talent and the idea that certain types of music should be walled off is ridiculous. Mars is being sued by Angie Stone and her rap group “The Sequence” for ripping off their song “Funk You Up.” Mars has admitted that he was inspired by the song and they sound super similar.