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Stone Sour To Release House of Gold And Bones Part 2 Next Year

December 21, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Billboard spoke with Corey Taylor about the next year for Stone Sour, who will release House of Gold & Bones – Part 2 in 2013 and go on tour to support the two albums. He revealed that 2014 will be an even bigger year.

He said: “Not next year but 2014 we are plotting and planning a world tour that is very special, where we do two nights in one place. We play Part 1 top to bottom, the next night Part 2 top to bottom involving a pretty elaborate stage thing that we’re cooking up now. And once we do that, we’re gonna film everything and try to put together a very comprehensive DVD set.

He also says that he is preparing a two-part feature film based on the conceptual album’s story. He added: “I know the people I want to cast in it. I know the people I want to produce and direct it. Hopefully I can get it done. There’s no ceiling to what we can do with it, so I’m pretty excited.

The band’s next single, “Do Me A Favor”, will be from Part 2 and will be out soon. It may lead to singles being released from both albums back and forth. Taylor said: “We’re thinking about that. Once ‘Do Me a Favor’ kinda does its thing, we’ll probably go back to ‘Part 1’ and find something there. It’s a good problem to have, to be honest. There’s so many great songs it’s kinda hard to choose. We kinda can do whatever we want right now. Obviously with ‘Absolute Zero’ going number one we were like, ‘All right! That’s really awesome!,’ just one more stripe on our shoulder.

There will also be a four-part graphic novel series, “three major tours of the United States” that starts January 20 with Papa Roach in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It includes shows in Australia, Japan, Europe during the summer as well as South America.

Taylor says that next year is going to be “very, very busy,” which would leave little time for Taylor and Jim Root to focus on Slipknot. He did say the band will play four shows (including Ozzfest Japan on May 11) and a new album is still in the works. He added: “It’s gonna be awhile yet. We’re throwing demos at each other. Once we all kind of see what the album could be, that`s when we’ll go in. I think the worst thing that we could do as a band, and we’re different from other bands, the worst thing that we could do is go right in and do something that feels forced, because the fans will see right through that, and we’ve never done that. So to me it makes more sense to kind of let the album come to us.

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