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Tekashi69 Reportedly Paying for Mother’s Personal Security, Fears Retaliation on Family for Cooperating With Authorities

February 2, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Tekashi69 Tekashi 69 6ix9ine

TMZ has an update on incarcerated rapper Tekashi69, who is reportedly dealing with the fallout of cooperating with the authorities and his guilty plea on nine federal charges. According to the report, Tekashi69 is paying a great deal of money to make sure his family is kept safe.

As previously reported, Tekashi69 pled guilty to nine counts of racketeering, conspiracy, firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking in his federal indictment. After his arrest in November 2018, sources claim that the rapper has had to pay thousands of dollars to his personal security for his mother as he worries that people will take revenge against him by harming her.

The rapper has apparently entered a plea deal with prosecution by cooperating with them and implicating names in various crimes, including the attempted shooting of rapper Chief Keef. The rapper’s attorney, Dawn Florio, stated, “6ix9ine has the means to pay for his family’s private security, so the government expects the money to come out of [his] pocket to protect his closest family members.” Florio added that the government would step in if the rapper can no longer afford the private security for his family.

The mother of the rapper’s child, Sara Molina, is reportedly paying for her own armed security that she is said to have 24/7. She claimed that she is worried about their three-year-old daughter’s safety, but stated that Tekashi is not in contact with them.

Tekashi awaits sentencing next January 2020. Additionally, his deal with the prosecution requires him to continue working with the federal authorities.

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