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The Love/Hate News Report 02.28.13: Chris Brown, Jared Leto, More

February 28, 2013 | Posted by Gina Bortolussi

Welcome to The Love/Hate News Report, a weekly roundup of six news items from the music scene that I think may or may not change the world.

Jared Leto Gets A Tattoo for Twitter

Jared Leto got a tattoo of a large circle with four arrows pointing out from it.



The tattoo looks like it could represent anything but it represents something very specific. Leto got the tattoo on his back after he promised fans that he would if he reached one million followers on Twitter.
I’m a fan of tattoos. I have a bunch of tattoos myself, okay more than a bunch, I’ve lost count at this point and I like Leto’s new one. And we know he can keep a promise. Leto’s tattoo has meaning to it. Leto obviously adores his fans and followers and that is something I can respect, and the tattoo itself is kind of cool. When I first heard about the tattoo and the reasoning behind it I was worried that Leto had lost his mind and got the blue Twitter bird permanently inked on his body, but I am glad I was wrong.

Morrissey Cancels On Jimmy Kimmel


Morrissey was scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, but cancelled the gig when he learned that the cast of the television show, Duck Dynasty, would also be on the show with him. Morrissey is a Vegan; please refer back to The Smiths and their song “Meat Is Murder,” and a member of PETA.



Morrissey did not want to share the stage with people who make duck calls used for duck hunting. While Morrissey said that he was honored that Kimmel asked him to perform on the show, he couldn’t compromise his morals and reputation in doing so.

Morrissey has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind, and he is passionate and set in his ways. He feels strongly about animal cruelty, being completely against it of course, so I get his decision to not go on Kimmel’s show, and I respect it. He is allowed to make the decision for himself.

I happen to love both Morrissey and Duck Dynasty, but I don’t fault Morrissey at all for doing what he feels right for a cause he loves. He isn’t hurting anyone so we’ll just have to patiently wait for Morrissey to perform another time.

Chris Brown Says He Has Regrets



I love this because Chris Brown has kind of, sort of, admitted that he was wrong for beating up Rihanna, but I hate even mentioning his name, so much so I think I will make this my last Brown post for a while. What I hate even more is this half ass weird acknowledgement of what he did to Rihanna. Stuff spirals? Understatement of the year. And to me, Brown makes it seem like Rihanna is some sad groupie that can’t get enough of him. That part rubs me the wrong way.

“Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and
things get said, stuff spirals…That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake. But she loves me – what can I say? I’m forgiven… but, yes, I worked hard for it,”

You worked hard for it? Oh you’re such a martyr. I feel so bad for you. I hope she made him crawl on the ground for forgiveness.

Harry Styles Gets Hit By Something, Again


Poor Harry Styles, always the one getting hit by things on stage. This time it was someone throwing a shoe at Style’s private parts at a show in Scotland. People need to be careful, Styles needs to pass those dimples and nice hair on to the next generation and that may not happen if the poor kid keeps getting hit in the baby maker.

Style’s reaction is kind of funny, he doesn’t seem to be really hurt but why would someone go to a concert just to throw something at the performers on stage? Taylor Swift was nowhere to be found so we know it was some crazy Tween who needed attention.

Bobby Brown Is Going To Jail



Bobby Brown is going to jail for 55 days because of a DUI. But he was doing so well! At least I thought so. I feel like this should story should be about his daughter and read “Bobbi Christina Is Going To Jail.” I hate to say that, but did you guys see The Houstons: On Our Own? Child was literally drooling on herself in each episode because she was on drugs.

Brown deserves some jail time, but hopefully Brown can get a handle on his drinking, and maybe get his license suspended, so that he will never get behind the wheel while intoxicated again.

Janet Jackson Is Married



Janet Jackson is really good at secretly marrying people. Her first secret marriage was to Rene Elizondo in the nineties. And now Jackson has revealed that she wed Wissam Al Mana in a secret ceremony a year ago! Every time a celebrity does something in secret I want to high five them. Jackson managed to keep her marriage a secret for a year, something that seems impossible in today’s celebrity driven society. The paparazzi are ruthless and will do just about anything for a picture, so good for you Ms. Jackson. Keep something for yourself.

What I’m Listening To:

I’m currently listening to the British rapper Tinie Tempah. You may know him from the popular song “Written in the Stars.” That’s song is how I knew his name, but now I’ve broadened my scope within the Tempah catalogue and I like what I am hearing!


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