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The Low End Theory Hip-Hop News Report 10.26.12: The Brian’s Page Edition

October 26, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

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Tell me what you know about dreams, dreams! Hello and good day to y’all! I’m on a bit of a cleanse from this past weekend, considering it was my birthday and I went Wylin cuz I’m young (even if my friends decided to engrain the fact that 26 can no longer be deemed “young…” But I digress; we’ve got some hip hop to talk about. This week, there’s talk about some album art that pissed people off, Flavor Flav going a little nutso, and of course Kendrick dropping his album! I have the full review on that only at Check for the link below. As many of you know, our beloved Crystal is over at IMKING hustling like a real hustla should be, so I’ve enlisted a mutual friend for some hardcore content below until she can come back. I wanna introduce y’all to Brian Page at the bottom. Those of you that have heard of him are well aware of his talents behind the mic, let’s see how he does behind the keyboard. Leggo!

Video of the Week
Ciara – Got Me Good

Ok, so the song sucks but it’s Ciara….have you WATCHED her dance?!

Lil Wayne claims that even though he can’t vote, he’s researching Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Both candidates have responded with a, “Negro, Please.”

Just Blaze claims to miss Aaliyah going so far as to say he was supposed to collab with her. Drake heard and is on the phone as we speak.

– Someone named Shyne is trying to get his name in the news, so I figured I’d help him out.


Kendrick Lamar’s album has officially dropped, and although I had certain expectations, I had no idea it was going to blow those expectations out of the water. Reviews are all over the place, but most are saying the same thing: this album is top notch. While some are already heralding it the best album EVAR, I have yet to do so. With that being said, I stand firm with my review (which can be read here) and what I gave it. Just to reiterate, the album itself is just a great story and a great approach to telling the story was used. Since the album has dropped, Kendrick has been everywhere, and while some of my Facebook friends claim this is the Interscope machine behind Lamar, I have to ask…and? The fact is, the kid deserves the backing, and didn’t deter from himself – no matter how much people want to say he did. From to this, he’s still the same kid from Compton with a dream, and I’m very happy to see him live it out.
Your Turn: Did you buy the album? What did you think?

Oh, Game….what can I say about this guy that hasn’t already been said? For every good album he has, he does something 20 times dumber than he did the time before. The man just doesn’t think. Let me take that back, he thinks….but he thinks too much. His most recent foray into the news covers his new album – and it has nothing to do with his content, but instead, his cover (above). Personally, I could give a fuck less what’s on the cover, but it’s obvious…painfully obvious that Game is doing this just to get a rise out of people. While the image itself doesn’t bother me, the attitude of The Game – as per usual – just strikes a chord. I recall one day, while my friend Yvette and I were at a gas station, The Game was there as well. He hit on Yvette pretty damned hard, only for her to deny him ridiculously. It just goes to show the arrogance the man has, with his “I can do what I want” attitude, and his constant back and forth ideologies in the media and what not. He just seems like the type you’d really like to do something to, but can’t because you’re aware you’d probably get pistol whipped by thirty people at once….anyways, the last album wasn’t bad, so I suppose if this upcoming one has the same content as his previous, then we can’t be too upset…right?

Then again, you’d probably hit on her, too…right?


The Weeknd is currently on tour with Florence + The Machine, and I’m sorely disappointed that I was unable to attend the weekend that he was here. That’s not what we’re here to talk about, though. Recent news broke that the three wonderful mixtapes that The Weeknd has put out would be remastered and mixed to be release as a package on November 13th. While I am very happy to see The Weeknd taste some success, and feel that these three albums are WORTH purchasing, I don’t understand why they would need to be “remastered and mixed” as they stand pretty solidly on their own. I’ll be sure to grab the collection when it comes out for a full review, but I can only hope that the final version is not too different from those three mixtapes that continue to help males our age get laid with only half the work!!
Your Turn: Will the album be too different to enjoy?

Flavor Flav

For the past few weeks the internet has been a buzz with the “Bus Driver Uppercut” video making its rounds on every computer screen and smart phone in America. What it has also done is open up a dialogue about whether there are situations where a man is allowed to hit a woman. If you’re not familiar with the clip a young woman berating an elderly bus driver while he’s operating the vehicle is laid to rest by a vicious uppercut that has not been seen since the original Mortal Kombat days.

You may be asking by now, “Okay so who exactly is the Douche of the Week”. Well the answer to that is no other than America’s number one hype man, and one-half of Public Enemy, Flavor Flav. See Flavor Flav like the rest of us viewed this video numerous times on WSHH and thought he’d take his opportunity to swing on a woman. This woman however turned out to be his current fiancé. Not only did the man with the over sized clock allegedly clock out his wife, but a knife was pulled out on the woman’s son. It’s been no secret that through out the years Flavor Flav has fallen victim to “that stuff”. And by the looks of his latest mugshot he just may have fallen off the wagon once more (Google it). In my opinion the solution to all this drama could have been solved if Flav didn’t play around and wifed up Tiffany “New York” Pollard from season one of his reality show “The Flavor of Love”. N.Y. was a down ass bitch and would have never called the cops over a punch and a little butter knife being pulled out on her child.

Yet, as we’ve seen in the past douches will be douches and as long as there is hot tempered females ready to rumble with grown men there will be that guy who doesn’t care about going to jail. Hell Flavor is no stranger to jail and obviously doesn’t care about going back. He’s set to appear in a Las Vegas court room this week where he’s set to face up to six years for this incident. If there’s any lesson taken from this story let it be that we all should just keep our hands and butter knifes to ourselves. Now church can I get a “Yeaaaahhhh Booooyyyy!!!!”?


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Well then….Let’s hope Brian can come up with something a bit more…elaborate, next week? Haha. See y’all in seven!!


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