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The Low End Theory Hip-Hop News Report 11.16.12: The Shyny Saigon Edition

November 16, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

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I’m goin crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, just thinkin about Dew, baby! What up, Low End fam?! Welcome to the hottest show on the planet where booties pop and panties drop! Ok, that’s probably too extreme of a hyperbole, but you get the picture. It’s week 1,325.5 here at The Low End, and it’s funny how some shit doesn’t change. I try to focus on NEW news, but peeps just keep doin the same ol, same ol. This week, we got some beef to process. Some is rumored, some is legit, but it’s all chopped up cow. Pick your battles, readers!

Video of the Week
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Awkwardly hot…

Chris Brown claims that he and Jay-Z are “cordial.” Which, according to Brown, means Jay would slap the blonde back into his hair if he ever saw him in person.

RZA says it was hanging out with Wu-Tang that helped him get ready to direct a feature length film. He probably should have hung out more with, you know, directors…

Rick Ross is under fire for cutting a concert short to only 15 minutes and is now being sued. Stories claim he was simply hungry.

The Game claims that Rick Ross is interested in signing him to Maybach Music. I recall a similar rumor five years ago. In other words, Game…shut up.


The last time we heard an Outkast album, it was Idlewild that had more of a soundtrack feel than anything, partly because it was actually a soundtrack to the film of the same name. After that, the guys sort of went their separate ways, each saying they didn’t know when or if there would be a new album. Recently, little verbal hits have been spoken, mainly on Big Boi’s side of things, such as when asked why Andre 3000 wasn’t able to be on his newest album and his reply was, “He could’ve been on any song he wanted to. I gave the motherfucker about five songs, but I guess he was just too busy. He said he had to do some Gillette shit. No for real. He said he had some contractual obligations.” While we can read into this and point out the bitterness in his voice, it may very well be as simple as the truth.

While Big Boi has been making runs as a solo artist, Andre has been more apt to being featured (and killing it on those features) with the likes of Frank Ocean, John Legend, Lil Wayne, and a few others. When asked about returning to music by Rolling Stones, and according to him it’s matter of desire. Dre has claimed that some days he feels like he does want to, and other times he strays away and wants to focus more on film. When asked about Big Boi, Andre was said to have been proud of him and his success. It seems like the alleged beef between the two may be anything but.

To add more to this, Big Boi tweeted recently, “The Gillete Statement was me being Sarcastic, man y’all slow as hell, No Beef between me and Stacks. No More Outkast ?’s will be answered.” It appears that the next person to ask him when another Outkast album will drop will get dropped themselves. I enjoy both their work apart as well as together, so I have no qualms with them keeping apart for the time being, and to be fair, at least Andre is well aware when the desire isn’t there and isn’t just making an album for a cash grab. It’s something you have to respect as a fan, because these two cats have been doing this for some time, and they’re legends for a reason.

Your Turn: Would you prefer Outkast to come out with a new album or stay apart?

The week Kendrick’s album dropped, homeboy Shyne decided to go in on Kendrick and the album, which was very hyped. While I disagreed with a lot of what he said, he’s entitled to his opinion (and also to use it for publicity, which I think is the main reason why he spoke out about it). Of course, Kendrick took it all in stride, but there’s one man who, above all else, is his own hype machine and decided to back up his “little buddy” by dissing Shyne in an a capella freestyle. Yes, your favorite Douche, The Game, decided to do some rapping in the snow with such powerful lines as, “Let’s address that bitch ass nigga going at Kendrick / Say the album’s trash, nigga you full of gas / Poke holes in you, let you fill up a New York cab.”

You can watch the video above, but this is some of the weakest bars I’ve heard from The Game, and he really should have considered a beat, or some more prolific though behind his lines, because they’re just weak. So weak, in fact, that Shyne didn’t so much as fire back as much as calling Game his little brother. He sounds mostly like a drunk uncle in the interview, but essentially he goes from calling Game the little brother that does things that don’t make any sense to saying that he’s got love for The Game, and had he known The Game and Kendrick was buddies, he may not have came at Kendrick like that….

Wait, what? Man, talk about two bitches trying to feed off the eating. First of all, I doubt Kendrick needs The Games’ weak ass freestyle to back him up, because the album speaks for its damn self. The Game is simply doing what he always does, and that’s hop on someone else’s hype – whether it be by dissin or ass kissin – just to keep his name out there. Second, Shyne needs to understand that nobody is rolling out red carpets for his ass. I mean, really, who the hell is he to hip hop, anyways? Both these men need to slap box for charity or shut the fuck up.

Now this…this is just funny, because I’d love to see it. Saigon is a man that never jumped over the line into success, and has kind of just been…there. Sure, he’s got pockets of fans, but he’s nowhere near where I’m sure he’d like to be. One thing I have to say bout the man is he sticks to his guns, even if those guns come from a Lupe Fiasco-like mindset. In an interview with ThisIs50, he explained that he really wanted to start throwin fists at rappers, and named Rick Ross and 2 Chainz as two of the most prominent reasons. His reasoning is sound, even if a bit too pretentious for my likings. Essentially, he claims that the companies behind the market are aiming towards kids, and yet the message within the songs of 2 Chainz and Ross are anything but kid friendly. He went so far as to say: “…you know when you go in a movie store, the porno section had its own little section? Do that for this music because this is marketed to children and we know that…I’ve got kids, man. I’m not trying to have to battle with my own kid because she’s influenced by [these artists].”

Now after reading, it appears I got excited for all the wrong reasons. You see, I thought he was going to throw bones because 2 Chainz and Rose suck, but he’s doin it for the chirren?! Look, in all honesty, maybe the music IS marketed to the kids, and maybe it IS unfortunate that so mny kids are walkin around wanting a big booty ho for their birthday, but I’m sorry, the blame falls solely on the parents, not the product. I’m not sayin to shield your kid from all of the world around them, but a simple talk about reality and fantasy may do the trick. You know how many times my mom threw away The Marshall Mathers LP? FOUR times!! Each time I’d buy that shit, she’d toss it in the trash. It wasn’t until one of my birthdays where she sat down and told me WHY I shouldn’t listen to it and I told her I understood it was music, it wasn’t an example of life, and she handed me the gift-wrapped album that I still have, scratched to all hell due to the “antibuffering” Discman I had.

Saigon, shut up.

Your Turn: Are the audiences of Rick Ross and 2 Chainz REALLY kids?

By Joseph Paige Jr.

Another day, another rapper being sued over a club appearance gone wrong. This one in question involves Rick Ross and tour mates Meek Mills and Waka Flocka. apparently these guys were unaware that once you sign a contract you’re liable to what that contract states. The issue began when all three rappers failed to promote the event through social media like promised. Now I know that the life of a Hip-Hop star gets hectic. With all the weed smoking, banging hot bitches, and spitting corny metaphors on a track. But shouldn’t there be a college intern sat aside to handle simple social media activities? So if that first offense didn’t upset the promoters now you have Rick Ross who was scheduled for an hour show walk off the stage after only a 15 minute set. In my personal opinion if you’ve heard one Ross track you’ve heard them all so I can see where there may have not been many songs to perform, but give the people what they paid for! I want to seriously not give this honor of douche of the week to Rick Ross on the account that it must be a struggle for a man of that size to even stand for 15 minutes, but showing up to an event where people paid their hard earn money to see you and leaving right in the middle of the chorus of “BMF” deserves a $226k lawsuit.

That’s it for this week! See y’all in seven!


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