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Travis Scott Spoke with Colin Kaepernick Before Agreeing to Do Super Bowl Halftime Show

January 16, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Travis Scott

While they didn’t come to an agreement, Travis Scott did reportedly speak with Colin Kaepernick before he signed onto to the Super Bowl Halftime show. TMZ reports that Scott spoke with Kaepernick over the phone after the report broke last month that Scott would be performing at the event. While Scott had agreed to perform, the contract had not been signed.

The new report says that Scott reached out to Kaepernick not to get his permission, but to get him on board wioth the idea. Kaepernick didn’t support the idea and the two men ended up disagreeing in a conversation that was described as “cordial but not hostile” by multiple sources.

The actual contract to perform was only signed a few days ago, after the two spoke. It includes a $500,000 donation to Van Jones’ Dream Corps charity, which works toward a variety of social justice initiatives.

A source close to Scott told the site that while Scott respects Kaepernick, “Colin doesn’t tell Travis what he can and can’t do. That’s Travis’ decision.”