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100 Percent Fordified: CHIKARA Best of 2012

February 22, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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100 Percent Fordified: CHIKARA Best of 2012  

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Mike Quackenbush vs. Green Ant
“The Thirteenth Hat” – Easton, PA – 1.28.2012

This is third match these two have had. The other two were unscheduled (at “We Must Eat Michigan’s Brain” and “Clutch of Doom”) and Quack won both of those bouts. Green Ant takes Quack to the mat, but it is Quackenbush who is able to get control of Green Ant’s legs. Green Ant turns a full nelson into a crucifix pin. Quack pops his body up to avoid his shoulders being counted. Green Ant brings Quack back to the mat by twisting his elbow. Quack gets the ropes to break free. Green Ant O’Conner rolls Quack into a German supelx attempt. Quack is able to stop it and armdrag Green Ant into a rear choke. Green Ant puts his foot on the ropes to break. Green Ant traps Quack’s arm with his leg and grabs Quack’s leg in a half crab. Quack again goes to the ropes to escape. Green Ant snapmares Quack out of a cravate. Quack rolls back up and puts Green Ant in an abdominal stretch. Green Ant and Quack each go for a submission on the others’ weak spot (Quack’s leg and Green Ant’s arm). Quack locks Green Ant’s legs together and pulls on his right knee. Green Ant transitions out for a submission. Quack roll Green Ant into a pin to block the attack and then gives Green Ant a spinning toe hold. Green Ant gets the ropes to break a leg capture half Crab. Quack continues to stretch Green Ant’s legs and abdomen. Green Ant tries for a couple quick pins but fails. Quack and Green Ant chop each other while Quack holds onto a leg submission. Green Ant positions himself for a triangle choke, but Quack puts him in a leg capture neck stretch submission. Green Ant kicks out Quack’s leg. Quack toreadors him to the ropes. Green Ant schoolboys Quack for two then puts on an armbar. Green Ant goes for the cloverleaf. Quack flips out and goes for the Quackendriver II. Green Ant holds on and puts Quack in the CHIKARA Special: Green. Quack taps out at 10:09 giving Green Ant the biggest win of his career. This was certainly the best of their three encounters and was a great display of just how much Green Ant has grown as a wrestler. The fact that Quackenbush seemingly had no counter to Green Ant’s submission makes the hold much more intriguing. I envision big things for this “young lion” in 2012, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. ***

Campeonatos de Parejas
F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Icarus) (Campeones) vs. 3.0. (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews)

“Green Ice” – Vaughn, ONT – 3.24.2012

Once again, Icarus is filling in for the injured Johnny Gargano. History is in 3.0.’s favor, since they won the last time these two teams met. Matthews breaks a lock up in the corner. Matthews shoulder blocks Taylor and goes for the Boston Crab. Taylor gets the ropes. Icarus runs in and the same thing happens to him. Jagged tags in. The fans recoil as Icarus takes off his jacket. Even Bryce Remsburg begs him to keep it on but to no avail. Jagged elbow drops his jacket for good measure. Icarus wants a test of strength. Jagged wins it, then armdrags Icarus. Icarus is very upset about it. Jagged breaks his waistlock and grabs a side headlock. Icarus celebrates escaping for a moment then is taken to the mat in a headlock. Jagged grabs Icarus’ mustache to add insult to injury. Icarus pokes him in the eyes. Jagged shoves him to the floor and backdrops Taylor. Matthews trips Taylor and Jagged elbow drops him off Matthews’ back. Icarus suffers the same fate. Taylor knees Jagged in the back from the apron. He turns into a spear from Icarus. F.I.S.T. team up on Jagged in the corner, even using a shoe illegally when able. Jagged manages to flapjack Taylor and tag in Matthews eventually. Behind Bryce’s back, Icarus tosses powder into Matthews’ eyes to pick up a cheap pin at 10:48. The second fall is quite short, as Jagged rolls up and pins Taylor at 10:54. Jagged leg lariats Taylor to start the third fall. Jagged elbows Icarus and clotheslines Taylor. Matthews headscissors Icarus to the floor. He sends Taylor to the corner with a headscissors too. Matthews takes over both F.I.S.T. members with a tandem headscissors. Jagged knees Icarus after Matthews gives him a backbreaker. 3.0. hit the Hart Attack on Taylor. Icarus throws Matthews to the floor and chokes Jagged in the corner. Matthews saves Jagged and 3.0. hit the Doomsday Device. Taylor breaks the pin. Taylor superkicks Matthews and gives Jagged the Sole Food. Jagged tags Taylor with a rolling elbow. Icarus delivers the Blu-Ray to Jagged for two. Icarus gets two with the Wings of Icarus also. Taylor knees Matthews in the corner. He boots Matthews into a back cracker from Icarus for two. Icarus pulls a chain out of his boot while Bryce is pre-occupied with Matthews and Taylor. Icarus clobbers Matthews with the chain, yet somehow Matthews is able to kick out at two! Icarus grabs one of the title belts. Matthews ducks the belt shot and puts Icarus in the Boston Crab. Icarus taps out at 15:04, giving us NEW Campeones de Parejas! I was surprised by how much of the usual 3.0. and F.I.S.T. shtick we saw early on in the match, but I think it works because that’s exactly what brought 3.0. to the dance in the first place. I like how all of the cheap tactics F.I.S.T. used in their other defenses ended up backfiring in their final match at Campeones. It’s a shame that the crowd wasn’t as vocal during the match as I had hoped, because it would have made their hometown win that much more special. Still, the post match celebration is quite the spectacle and you truly get the feeling that this title change meant a lot to Parker and Matthews personally. ***1/4

Archibald Peck vs. Chuck Taylor
“It’s How You Play The Game” – Ottawa, ONT – 3.25.2012

Taylor has wacky country music for his theme now. Lord do I miss “Hey Sandy” right now. Taylor gives Icarus a hug (Icarus is the bell ringer for the evening. He’s shirtless too.) Peck’s heart is not into wrestling for the second night going. His shoulder blocks don’t have anything behind them. Taylor plays like he’s hurt to make Peck feel better. Even so, Peck begins to cry whilst hugging Taylor. Taylor empathizes but says they have to wrestle. Taylor pretends like Peck is killing him in a test of strength. This does make Peck feel better. Taylor stomps down Peck in the corner after revealing he was faking. Peck then stomps Taylor down. Peck backs up and feels behind him to see who it is. Peck then suprises Taylor with a Stone Cold Stunner. Peck even gives him the Thesz Press. He throws Taylor to the floor. Taylor and Peck fight up the stage by the commentary table. Taylor says he’s going to drown Peck and throws him into a picture of a lake. Peck takes the idea to pose in front of the portraits. Taylor shoves him aside to get some pictures of his own. They take some pictures in front of a garden portrait as well. If you want to see those pictures (AND YOU SHOULD), you can view them here. Taylor ends up shoving Peck into some stacks of chairs. Icarus chokes Peck under the heap of chairs as well. Peck is able to take control before they get back in the ring. Peck wants to go for a springboard. He ends up climbing the ropes and falling on his face. Taylor rakes his face and throws some karate chops. Taylor slams Peck and pulls out his invisible grenade. Peck catches it and tosses it around with Taylor and Bryce Remsburg. Peck sends Taylor into Bryce which explodes it. Peck counts while Taylor and Bryce are down. Both of them make it up by the ten count. Confused, Taylor goes after Bryce. Peck throws some punches and uses Bryce to help out with a clothesline. Bryce ends up bodyslamming Taylor. Bryce pins him (with Peck counting the cover) for two. Taylor ends up shoving Peck off the very small ring apron. Peck successfully hits a springboard forearm which gets the crowd going. Peck sets up for the Cranial Crescendo. Peck is too tall for the building and gets his head stuck in the ceiling tile. Bryce tries to help but. Taylor sends Bryce into the ropes to crotch Peck on the top rope. Taylor brings him down with a Super Sole Food for the pin at 15:24. What do you get when you put the two most goofily entertaining men in the ring together? Magic; that’s what. I don’t even know what to say. This was pure enjoyment from bell to bell. How to even put a star rating on this…well, I’ll say from a pure entertainment level it was ***** and in terms of wrestling it was like **1/2, maybe. You figure it out.

CHIKARA Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Brodie Lee

“It’s How You Play The Game” – Ottawa, ONT – 3.25.2012

Brodie boots Gavin Loudspeaker in the side after his ring announcements. Closure! Kingston brings Lee to the corner with punches. He overhead suplexes Lee who rolls to the floor. Kingston suicide dives after him. Back in the ring Kingston suplexes Lee for a one count. Lee gets referee Bryce Remsburg in the way so he can deliver a cheap shot. Lee’s dropkick and rolling clothesline send Kingston out. Lee gets some payback with a suicide dive of his own. Kingston and Lee trade blows. Lee goes to the eyes. Kingston headbutts Lee in the stomach. Lee responds with a shot to the face. He stomps on Kingston’s wrist. Lee chokes him on the second rope. Lee tries suplexing Kingston in from the apron. Kingston slips out. He gives Lee a German suplex but can’t hold a bridge because his head hit the mat as well. Kingston smacks Lee in response to his chops. They begin to slap each other and again Lee goes to the eyes. Kingston calls Lee an entertainer as he is getting kicked on the mat. Lee finally slaps Kingston so hard that he gets a two count from it. Lee slams Kingston chest first into the mat. Lee chops him in the corner. Kingston comes back with a headbutt. Kingston back elbows Lee and hits an enzuigiri. Kingston comes off the second rope with a bulldog for two. Kingston goes for a headscissors, but it brings down Lee in such a manner that Lee’s jaw hits Kingston’s knee. Lee smacks Kingston as Kingston climbs the ropes. Lee butterfly superplexes him off the top for two. Lee sets up for a big boot. Kingston moves but is met with the Truck Stop for two. Lee tells Kingston that someday he will buy a ticket to see him. Kingston counters the powerbomb with a huracana. He hits an American D for two. It’s like the Sliding D, but not Sliding. Lee blocks the Backfist and dumps Kingston in a half-nelson suplex for another two count. Kingston uranage suplexes Lee. Lee has his foot on the ropes to prevent being pinned. Kingston and Lee smack each other as they get back to their feet. Kingston lays in some elbows and chops. Lee kicks Kingston to the corner. He hits the big boot and sets Kingston on the top rope. Kingston manages to powerbomb Lee off the top rope for two. Lee moves Bryce in the way to avoid a kick. Kingston avoids it but accidentally kicks Lee into Bryce. Behind Bryce’s back, Lee kicks Kingston in the groin. Lee hits the Liger Bomb. Kingston manages to kick out. Lee looks for a second powerbomb. Kingston counters with a Saito suplex. Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future. He knocks Lee to the mat. Kingston delivers the Sliding D to the back of Lee’s head for the pin at 15:04. These two beat the snot out of each other, just like I hoped they would. This match was a long time coming and did not disappoint. This is pretty much exactly what you want from these two. I love that this is way Lee is leaving CHIKARA; fulfilling his 12 Large: Summit obligations and losing to the Grand Champion. Brodie, you will be missed. ***3/4

Sara Del Rey vs. El Generico
“Hot Off The Griddle” – Chicago Ridge, IL – 4.28.2012

We get a handshake between the participants. Generico breaks a lock-up cleanly against the ropes. Sara brings him to the mat in a wristlock. She also breaks a lock-up against the ropes with no trouble. Sara wrenches on a wristlock again. She palm strikes Generico’s chest when he takes the corner. Generico escapes a headscissors and puts on a headlock. Generico resists chopping Sara against the ropes. Sara shoves Generico and slaps him across the face in the hopes of picking things up. She gets her wish as Generico chops her twice and nails a leg lariat. Sara dishes out kicks to his chest. Generico chops Sara after she lays one in. She kicks Generico in the chest some more after locking his arms in the ropes. Generico nails a yakuza kick as Sara comes back in from the apron. She rolls to the floor to create some distance. Generico is weary of taking advantage, but throws her back in the ring anyways for a two count. Generico gets two with a scoop slam as well. This leads to a forearm exchange. Generico chops her in the corner. Sara comes out of the corner with a boot. Generico kicks her when she goes for a backdrop. She sends Generico to the floor and follows with a rolling senton off the apron. Back in the ring, Sara blocks Generico’s tornado DDT with a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two. Sara lays in some knees to Generico’s face. Generico blocks a kick to the head. He gets two with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Generico nails a crossbody, but Sara rolls through for a two count. She German suplexes him for another two count. Sara boots Generico in the chest some more. Generico catches her with a Michinoku driver for two. Sara kicks Generico as he picks her up off the apron. Generico trips her and picks her up. He puts Sara in the Royal Butterfly! He suplexes her out of it for two. Generico nails a yakuza kick. Sara blocks a brainbuster by putting on the Yes Lock! Generico manages to fight his way to the ropes. Sara runs at Generico. He catches her with an exploder suplex into the corner. Sara ducks a yakuza kick. An axe kick and enzuigiri from Sara lead to a piledriver for the pin at 14:18. When this took place, this was the best match CHIKARA had put on in 2012. It’s fitting that two people ROH has all but shunned main evented CHIKARA’s portion of the Synergy double header and lived up to its high expectations. Tremendous back and forth action, a great story of respect and perseverance, and it made Sara the unquestionable number one contender to the Grand Championship. How had this match never been done before? ****

Sara Del Rey vs. Meiko Satomura
“Aniversario: The Ogg and I” – New York, NY – 5.20.2012

This was originally set for “Joshimania” weekend, but Satomura was unable to make the weekend. Satomura throws out some kicks which Sara is able to evade. Sara snapmares Satomura out of a knuckle lock and kicks her in the back. Sara locks Satomura’s shoulders on the mat. Satomura tries to kick her way free, so Sara stomps on her arm. Satomura goes for a rear-naked choke. Satomura turns it into a headlock when Sara tries to power out. Sara does more damage to Satomura’s arm after bringing her to mat in a top wristlock. Satomura puts on a hammerlock. Sara grabs the ropes quickly, but Satomura then puts on an STF mid-ring. She then kicks out the inside of Sara’s leg. Satomura continues to stretch out Sara’s legs in a few different submissions. Sara rolls out and takes a short break to stretch out. Sara knees Satomura in the side of the head when Satomura goes for her hair. Satomura comes off the second rope with a flying forearm. Satomura kicks her twice in the side of the head. Sara catches Satomura going up top and delivers a superplex for two. Sara axe kicks Satomura in the head and goes for the Royal Butterfly. Satomura backs her to the corner but gets booted for her troubles. Sara wins a kick battle. Satomura pops up with an uppercut. Sara gets her knees up to block a frog splash. Sara gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. She transitions right into a cross armbreaker. Satomura gets the ropes. Sara takes Satomura’s left arm and wrenches it across her shoulder. Sara tries again but Satomura turns it into a sleeper. Sara scrambles to the ropes. Sara boots Satomura three times for a two count. Satomura slides out of a powerbomb. Sara kicks her in the side of the head and successfully powerbombs her for two. Satomura hits a Pele kick to block a German suplex. She cartwheels into a knee strike across the back of Sara’s head. She hits the frog splash for two. Satomura picks up Sara. Sara blocks a suplex and hits a Koppu Kick. Satomura puts on a standing Fujiawara and kicks Sara in the forehead. Satomura spinwheel kicks her. Sara comes back with her own series of kicks. Sara locks her in the Royal Butterfly. Sara suplexes her out of it and only gets a two count. Sara hits the Royal Butterfly suplex a second time for the pin at 16:25. I come out of a little disappointed. The crowd was not nearly as vocal as I expected, and that’s probably because they mostly stuck to mat wrestling instead of striking. While the wrestling was good I don’t think it was the kind of the match the crowd expected or wanted. The final few moments helped pick up the energy and finished the match on a good note. ***

Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Jigsaw

“Aniversario: The Ogg and I” – New York, NY – 5.20.2012

We start off with them trading arm holds. Kingston contemplates going for the leg but puts on a side headlock instead. Jigsaw reverses. Kingston forearms Jigsaw in the face. That brings upon a forearm exchange. Jigsaw kicks out Kingston’s bad knee, one that’s been worked over for over a year now. Jigsaw single leg grapevines the leg. Kingston puts on a chinlock, so Jigsaw drops an elbow on the leg. Jigsaw kicks out the leg once again when Kingston tries to get up. Jigsaw slams the leg against the edge of the ring. Jigsaw boots the leg as it’s trapped in the second rope. Kingston throws Jigsaw stomach first to the mat. Jigsaw dodges a corner attack and calls for the super brainbuster. Kingston sets Jigsaw on the apron and delivers a diving clothesline to send Jigsaw to the floor. He follows with a suicide dive. Kingston snaps Jigsaw’s neck across the top rope. This gives Kingston more time to recover. Kingston drives Jigsaw’s neck into the back of his skull for two. Another neckbreaker gets Kingston two. Kingston throws a few headbutts in the corner. Kingston’s suplex only gets him two, because his leg is too hurt to keep a bridge. Kingston and Jigsaw slap each other until Kingston becomes angry and throws more headbutts. Jigsaw sends Kingston to the apron and sends him out with a fallaway enzuigiri. A baseball slide sends Kingston into the front row. Jigsaw flies onto him with somersault senton! Chops are dished out by Kingston in the crowd. Jigsaw and Kingston exchange strikes back by the bar area. That seems appropriate. Back in the ring Jigsaw nails a missile dropkick. Kingston kicks out. Jigsaw ducks the Backfist. Jigsaw kicks Kingston in the head and German suplexes him for two. Jigsaw sets Kingston up for the super brainbuster again. Kingston fights it off with a tornado DDT. Kingston Tiger suplexes him and nails a shotgun lariat. Jigsaw kicks out. Jigsaw superkicks Kingston to block a yakuza kick. He puts Kingston in the tree of woe and nails a coast-to-coast springboard dropkick. Jigsaw can’t believe Kingston kicked out. Jigsaw calls for the brainbuster. Kingston slaps him and hits the Backdrop Driver. Jigsaw kicks out of the Sliding D, surprising Kingston and also tiring him out. Kingston goes for a Saito suplex. Jigsaw grabs the ropes to block. He kicks Kingston in the head a few times before delivering the double stomp. Kingston kicks out, but just barely. Jigsaw runs at Kingston. Kingston catches him with a rolling elbow. He drops Jigsaw neck first on the top rope and hits a Sliding D to the back of Jigsaw’s head. Jigsaw kicks out, causing Kingston to cry out in frustration. They rapidly trade blows, tiring themselves out in the process. Kingston’s leaping enzuigiri sends Jigsaw to the corner. Jigsaw hops over Kingston, superkicks him and goes for the super brainbuster. Jigsaw hits it and Kingston still kicks out! Jigsaw tries for the Jig N’ Tonic but cannot muster the strength. Kingston goes for the Backfist. Jigsaw ducks it and schoolboys Kingston for two. Kingston finally hits the Backfist to the Future twice. He hits it a third time to the back of Jigsaw’s head for the pin at 21:47.

I adored this from bell to bell. They each had a strategy and kept it for the majority of the match. Kingston was just a little more persistent in targeting Jigsaw’s head than Jigsaw was. He was splitting his attention between Kingston’s head and knee and it ended up costing him the bout. The false finishes made the crowd come alive and you felt Jigsaw could have taken the belt on multiple occasions. Not to mention Jigsaw’s super brainbuster being built up only for Kingston to finally kick out of it. The emotion was through the roof. There’s so much here to love and enjoy. There is no better way for CHIKARA to end their Aniversario weekend in Manhattan than with this match. ****1/4

Ladder Match for Gran Akuma’s Contract
Gran Akuma vs. Icarus
Special Guest Referee: Gregory Iron

“Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur” – Philadelphia, PA – 6.2.2012

If Akuma grabs the contract, he will be re-instated into CHIKARA officially. If Icarus wins, he will tear up the contract and Akuma will be gone from CHIKARA for good. Special referee Gregory Iron of course has a sordid past with both men, though seemed to have made peace with Akuma in Chicago Ridge.

Akuma attacks Icarus before he can peel off his jacket. Akuma snapmares him into a back kick. A knee strike leads to the Cheetah Swipe. Akuma grabs a ladder on the stage. Icarus is busy bad mouthing a fan. Akuma sets the ladder on Icarus’ chest. Icarus slams it into Akuma’s face to block a charge. Icarus goes for a pin and yells at Iron when he goes for a count. Funny. Icarus chokes Akuma on the middle rope. Icarus drops the ladder across his back. He slingshot sentons the ladder onto Akuma, but absorbs some of the pain himself. Icarus legdrops Akuma onto the ladder, hurting Icarus’ own legs as well. Icarus drops the ladder onto Akuma’s back again. Icarus hangs Akuma on the top rope and dropkicks the ladder into him. The ladder falls down onto Icarus’ back, making the ladder the most over thing in this match. Akuma blocks Icarus from whipping him into ladder. Icarus goes for a Shiranui. Akuma blocks it with the Tenchi Crash. Akuma powerbombs him onto the ladder. Icarus stops Akuma from climbing the ladder and delivers a German suplex. Akuma goes for a powerbomb. Icarus counters with a huracanrana, following it up with a spear. Icarus calls for the Jon Woo (must have been watching his SUWA or Yasushi Kanda tapes). Akuma blocks it and catapults Icarus into a ladder in the corner. Akuma gives Icarus a German suplex of his own. Akuma brings out a taller ladder from backstage. As Akuma is trying to bring it in, Icarus catapults it into Akuma’s face! Icarus gives him the Blu-Ray onto a ladder in the corner. Again, the ladder falls down onto Icarus’ back. Akuma grabs the ladder from under Icarus to stop him from grabbing the contract. Icarus grabs a chain from under the ring. Akuma spins with a ladder across his neck. Icarus kicks him so that the ladder would fall off. Akuma ducks a chain-assisted punch. He gives Icarus his rolling Death Valley Driver onto the ladder. Akuma climbs the tall ladder and connects with a frog splash. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano run out and attack Gregory Iron. They bring a table out and set it up next to the large ladder, which is now positioned under the contract. Icarus climbs the ladder as Taylor and Gargano put Akuma on the table. Iron grabs Icarus’ chain and chases Gargano and Taylor to the back. Akuma manages to catch Icarus and powerbomb him through the table! Akuma climbs up and retrieves the contract at 16:07. Once again Icarus delivers in a big match situation. While I wasn’t in love with this feud every step along the way, this was an excellent way to pay it off. Whether intentional or not, the fact that all of Icarus’ offense onto a ladder ended up backfiring was brilliant; it really added to the overall enjoyment of the match. This isn’t the craziest ladder match you will ever see, but a smartly orchestrated one. ***1/2

Campeonatos de Parejas
F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson)

“Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur” – Philadelphia, PA – 6.2.2012

Matt and Gargano start off. Matt dropkicks Gargano on the floor through the ropes. Taylor flips over Nick and gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. Taylor goes crazy with some stomps in the corner. Nick dropkicks Taylor to the apron. Matt traps him so Nick can deliver a dropkick. Nick knocks Gargano off the apron so he and Matt can do some damage to his partner. Taylor drives Matt to the corner to tag in Gargano. He gets in one punch before Matt brings him to his corner. Nick gives Gargano a backbreaker, and Matt delivers a neckbreaker across Nick’s knee. Gargano gets his knees up to block Nick’s slingshot senton. He rolls Matt into a low shoulder kick. Taylor’s beautiful dropkick gets a one count. F.I.S.T. delivers the Boogie Boots. Taylor boots Matt into Gargano’s back cracker for two. Matt ducks a double elbow and throws Taylor into Gargano. Matt rolls up Taylor and grabs his tights to win the first fall at 7:17. F.I.S.T. is not pleased with this. Matt slides to the floor to bring Nick in with a double crossbody to F.I.S.T. Nick takes them out with a bulldog/clothesline combo. Nick gets a two count after raking his boots on Gargano’s eyes. He chokes Gargano with his shirt behind Bryce Remsburg’s back. Matt does some nefarious things from the apron while Nick distracts Bryce. Gargano hip tosses his way out of Matt’s abdominal stretch. Nick however trips him and turns him into an enzuigiri. Matt only gets a two count from it. Gargano evades a gamengiri from Nick which accidentally hits Matt in the face. Gargano ends up dropping the Bucks simultaneously in a DDT/Complete Shot combo. Taylor tags in. He sends both Bucks to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Taylor rams Matt into Nick. Taylor rolls Matt up and hooks his tights to score the second fall at 12:41. Got to love that payback!

The Bucks stomp F.I.S.T. down to start the second fall. Taylor elbows Nick to the floor. Gargano slingshot spears Matt and dives onto Nick. Taylor gets two with a lionsault. Matt eats F.I.S.T. kicks in the corner. Nick trips Gargano and knee strikes Taylor in the corner. An assisted Shiranui from the Bucks fails, and Taylor tosses Matt into an Ace Crusher from Gargano for two. Matt catches Taylor coming off the top rope. He powerbombs him into the corner onto Gargano while Nick hits an enzuigiri. Matt German suplexes Gargano for two while Nick moonsaults off the apron onto Taylor on the floor. Matt and Gargano trade forearms. A series of moves knocks all four men down. Nick and Gargano fight it out on the ring apron. Taylor gives Nick Sole Food. Matt gives Gargano a jumping DDT on the apron! That looked nasty. Taylor and Matt throw forearms back in the ring. Matt rakes the eyes. Taylor rolls Matt into the Cross Crab. Nick roundhouse kicks Taylor to save his brother. Taylor fights off More Bang For Your Buck. Matt is trapped in a tree of woe and Gargano lawn darts Nick into him. Taylor DDT’s Nick into Gargano’s Hurts Donut. When Nick kicks out, Gargano brings him out to the stage. Nick elbows Gargano back into the ring. Gargano misses a slingshot spear and lands with a thud on the stage. While Bryce is checking on him, Matt nails Taylor with a title belt. Taylor kicks out at two, much to the fans delight. Nick springboards in for a tandem Spike Tombstone Piledriver. Gargano valiantly breaks the count at the last second. Gargano courageously fights off the Bucks by himself. He eats two superkicks when hitting the ropes. Matt and Nick successfully hit More Bang For Your Buck for the third fall and the belts at 22:51. I’m honestly surprised they pulled the trigger on the title switch here, especially since that makes two teams that lost in their first defense in a row. This match was as awesome as you would expect. The Bucks didn’t hit the law of diminishing returns in their offense and genuinely outsmarted and outworked F.I.S.T. (in the story of the match). Now there seems to be a hint of desperation for a CHIKARA team to take the belts back to their home turf which adds more excitement to the belts themselves. Hopefully this will lead to many excellent Young Bucks title defenses. ****

CHIKARA Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Sara Del Rey

“The Great Escape” – Portland, ME – 7.28.2012

They trade wristlocks, with one another keeping each other on the mat. Kingston rolls up Sara for two. Kingston sets up for a knuckle lock, but Sara kicks Kingston in his bad leg instead. Kingston rolls to the floor in a huff. She kicks at his leg when he gets back in the ring. Kingston eggs Sara on when she starts stomping his chest. He gets up to his feet while she keeps kicking his back. She kicks his leg until he is back on the mat. She lights up Kingston’s chest with kicks as he’s tied up in the ropes. She brings up the intensity when Kingston spits at her. Sara slaps him in the back of the head and drives her knee into his back. She kicks him in the face for a one count. Sara gives Kingston a little smack talk after choking him. Of course, she goes after the leg again. Kingston grabs her by the hair and headbutts his way out of a modified Indian Death Lock. Sara kicks him in the chest. She goes after his arm, likely to weaken Kingston’s Backfist. Kingston rakes her eyes. He drops a knee from the second rope to Sara’s neck. He snapmares her into a back kick for two. Sara starts throwing some strikes and kicks, so Kingston pokes her in the eyes. He puts on a cravate and throws Sara by her hair to the canvas. Sara gets her feet up to avoid a yakuza kick. She kicks Kingston in the arm, which causes Kingston to throw Sara by her throat to the floor. Sara drives Kingston’s arm into the ring post. She comes off the ring apron with a somersault senton. In the ring she puts on a cross armbreaker. Kingston desparately gets to the bottom rope to break it. Sara kicks Kingston as he goes to the second rope. She pulls off a superplex which gets her a standing ovation. When she recovers, Sara gets a two count. She kicks Kingston’s arm. Kingston side steps a kick and hits an Ace Crusher. He picks her up for an Emerald Frosion for two. Sara gives Kingston some kicks to the head. She backfists Kingston before delivering a Koppu Kick. Kingston grabs the bottom rope to stop the count. She sets him up for a piledriver. Kingston escapes, but Sara gets two with a sunset flip anyways. She puts on the Yes Lock. Kingston’s arm drops twice, but crawls to the ropes before it drops a third time. Sara picks him up. Kingston gives her two weak Backfists for two. Sara kicks Kingston a few times before cradling him. Sara becomes frustrated when she only gets a two count. She pulls off a piledriver! She only gets two again! She goes for another piledriver. Kingston counters it with a Saito suplex. That only gets him two. Kingston balls his fist and gets back to his feet. He gives her the Backfist to the Future. He polishes Sara off with the American D for the pin at 23:22. This was great for so many reasons. The story telling was great. The emotion pouring out of Sara as she had Kingston in the Yes Lock and how desperate Kingston become during the course of the match was a sight to behold. The fans going absolutely bonkers for many of Sara’s nearfalls added to the drama and made this come off as something special. Kingston has done a tremendous job as champion and has yet to have a bad defense. Rumor has it that this is likely one of Sara’s final matches in CHIKARA, and if so, she should be very happy with her penultimate performance. ****

Young Lions Cup X Tournament Finals
ACH vs. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti

“The Ring of Wax” – Indianapolis, IN – 8.18.2012

Veronica Ticklefeather and Dasher Hatfield are in Angelosetti’s corner. Angelosetti not only refuses to shake ACH’s hand, but calls him a nerd as well. After they each snap off an armdrag, ACH grabs his hand and shakes it. Angelosetti slaps him in the face. ACH takes control of the arm. He clamps on a headscissors. When ACH fails at backsliding Angelosetti, he puts on a side headlock. His shoulder block backfires. ACH headscissors him to the corner. Angelosetti brings his football into play and plays hot potato with ACH and Bryce. In the end Angelosetti puts his hand up to knock ACH down. ACH tells Angelosetti to “go long.” He runs deep into the crowd and misses the catch. Both Hatfield and Veronica are disappointed. Hatfield gives him a pep talk. Angelosetti blocks ACH’s pescado. He slams his back against the ring apron. Angelosetti tackles him in the corner for two. ACH chops him in multiple corners. He flies out of the ring after giving Angelosetti a corner clothesline. Angelosetti rolls through his crossbody and picks him up for a pair of backbreakers. ACH cradles him to counter a suplex, then takes a single leg dropkick. ACH scissor kicks Angelosetti in the ropes. Angelosetti pulls him down to the floor stop his springboard attempt. He drops a knee after a bodyslam for two. A clothesline gives him the same result. ACH comes off the second rope with a huracanrana. He enzuigiri’s Angelosetti from the floor, then slingshots in with an Ace Crusher for two. He hits a split-legged moonsault to the floor. They fight into the crowd. Angelosetti throws him face first into a wall. ACH manages to crawl back to the ring just in time to beat the twenty count. ACH flips over Angelosetti to avoid a tackle, then huracanrana’s him for two. Angelosetti pops him up for a backdrop and gets two. ACH stomps Angelosetti into the mat. Angelosetti avoids a cradle DDT and suplexes ACH into the Ace Crusher. ACH kicks out which Angelosetti cannot believe. ACH gives him a Stunner. A running knee strike gets him two. After he hits a 450 splash on the second rope, Veronica jumps on the apron to distract Bryce. Hatfield brings her down and carries her away. This distraction allows Angelosetti to suplex ACH into the Ace Crusher again. ACH kicks out of that one as well. ACH slides out of a slam. He Crams for the Exam and it only gets him two on Angelosetti. Angelosetti stands firm as ACH throws strikes. Angelosetti pops him up for a spinebuster. ACH kicks out at one! Forearms and chops are thrown by both men. ACH throws in some kicks to get control. A swift kick to the head and another Cram for the Exam still only get him two. Angelosetti throws a charging ACH into the corner. ACH backflip kicks Angelosetti on the top rope. Angelosetti counters his super huracanrana attempt with a super spinebuster to pick up the pin and the Young Lions Cup at 26:14. The biggest negative of this match came with its length and overkill in the pins. The fans were already numb to the bigger moves by the time the finish came which took some of the wind out of their sails. That being said, these two worked super hard and their efforts helped re-emphasize that the Cup is something to be sought after. After it’s been absent for a year, this was needed. I knew Angelosetti had the skills to go far in CHIKARA and he proved it in this match. CHIKARA would also be foolish to not bring ACH back at some point. ***3/4

King of Trios 2012 Semi-Final Round
Team SENDAI Girls (Meiko Satomura, Sendai Sachiko & DASH Chisako) vs. Team Ring of Honor (The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) & Mike Bennett

“King of Trios 2012, Night 3” – Easton, PA – 9.16.2012

Maria Kanellis is in Team ROH’s corner. Matt shoves Chisako down. She throws a flurry of forearms and sunset flips him for two. A headlock takedown and dropkick cause him to tag in Nick. He and Sachiko engage in a Lucha sequence, ending with Nick being sent out via headscissors. Satomura and Bennett tag in. He drops to his knees to spite Satomura. She throws some kicks at his chest until Bennett slaps her in the face! Satomura dropkicks his leg out. She uppercuts Nick before leaving him to the Maraha Isappa inspired tandem offense from Sachiko and Chisako. Matt also falls victim to their attack. Bennett gets attacked by all three SENDAI Girls. Nick knees Sachiko from the apron. She knocks him and Bennett down, only to be cut off by a spear from Matt. She gets bullied by the ROH team. When Bennett has her up for a delayed vertical suplex, Satomura and Chisako run in. The Bucks cut them off. The SENDAI Girls triple suplex all three ROH teammates! After that the ROH team goes back to bullying Sachiko, including them forming an air band while having her legs tied up. Satomura dropkicks Bennett into the Bucks. Maria bails from her lead singer spot. Chisako sends Bennett to the floor. Sachiko dives after her while Chisako dives onto Matt. In the ring Nick back elbows Satomura. She Pele kicks him and gives him a Death Valley Driver for two. Nick kicks her in the face and then gets kicked to the floor. Matt superkicks Satomura. Chisako and Sachiko put Matt and Bennett in stero submissions. They both tap, but Maria has referee Jon Barber distracted. Nick superkicks both girls to break the submissions. Satomura fights off all three ROH members by herself. That is until she eats triple superkicks! More Bang For Your Buck takes her down at 10:16. My God what an opening match this was. Non-stop action with palpable love for the Tecnicos and hatred for the Rudos. The SENDAI Girls get my vote for team of the tournament, ending on an extremely high note in this match. Maria’s interference was terrific foreshadowing and a way to get just about everyone against the ROH team heading into the finals. One of the best opening matches CHIKARA has ever had. ***3/4

Manami Toyota &; Kaori Yoneyama vs. Commando Bolshoi & Tsubasa Kuragaki
“King of Trios 2012, Night 3” – Easton, PA – 9.16.2012

Bolshoi and Yoneyama fight for control. Kuragaki helps Bolshoi out with a double boot to Yoneyama’s chest. Yoneyama however uses the top rope to armdrag them both. Toyota and Yoneyama put their opponents in Muta Locks. Toyota locks Kuragaki’s arm s in the ropes and dropkicks her in the back. Yoneyama splashes onto Kuragaki thrice while Toyota has her in a figure seven. Toyota puts her in a standing Octopus. Yoneyama tags in. She’s too weak for an Irish whip, but does get in a toreador and a body press for two. Kuragaki military press slams her onto her stomach. Bolshoi stomps on Yoneyama’s back and puts her in a modified Tarantula. Yoneyama fires back with some forearms. She gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Kuragaki splashes her and Toyota together in the corner. She puts Bolshoi on her back and splashes them again. Bolshoi uses La Mistica to take Yoneyama down. Toyota breaks the armbar. Bolshoi walks the ropes into an armdrag. Yoneyama grabs her from the apron. Toyota accidentally boots. Toyota then rolls Bolshoi around in a cradle. She calls for the Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Bolshoi victory rolls through for a two count. She jabs Toyota in the throat. Kuragaki clotheslines both her and Yoneyama. Toyota kicks her to the floor and crossbody’s onto her. She hits two missile dropkicks back in the ring. Kuragaki kicks out. They trade waistlocks. Kuragaki flips Toyota over by her arms. Kuragaki clotheslines her. Toyota gives her a boot! Kuragaki clotheslines her again, and this time Bolshoi delivers a 619. Kuragaki only gets a two count. Kuragaki missile dropkicks Toyota. Toyota German suplexes her for two. Same goes for a moonsault, thanks to Bolshoi making the save. Yoneyama comes off the top with a senton onto Kuragaki. Kuragaki kicks out. Yoneyama spin kicks her in the head. Kuragaki puts her in the Argentine Backbreaker! Yoneyama crucifix pins Kuragaki for two. Yoneyama gives her the Chaos Theory! Bolshoi breaks that pin. Yoneyama knees Kuragaki in the side of the head, leaving Bolshoi to break the pin again. Kuragaki clotheslines both Toyota and Yoneyama. Toyota and Yoneyama both get put up for a double Argentine Backbreaker! She has to let go, but clothesline them both. She gives Yoneyama the Night Ride for the pin at 14:33. This was the surprise hit of the whole weekend. Every Joshi wrestler impressed over the course of the weekend and created some top shelf matches. I was about to say who stood out amongst the pack, but to be honest all four of them did an incredible job. After this years’ King of Trios I am so down with another Joshimania weekend. ***3/4

King of Trios 2012 Tournament Finals
The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked & Frightmare) vs. Team Ring of Honor (The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) & Mike Bennett

“King of Trios 2012, Night 3” – Easton, PA – 9.16.2012

Maria Kanellis is in Team ROH’s corner. The Envoy throw forearms at Team ROH right off the bat. The Bucks get sent to the floor. Bennett wipes out everyone with clotheslines. Mantis gets choked by Nick in the ROH corner. They cheat to get in a few cheap shots. Mantis rolls under Matt so that he accidentally splashes Nick in the corner. Frightmare tags in and crossbody’s Bennett and Nick. He armdrags Matt and shoves Bennett into Nick. Frightmare walks off their backs so he can DDT Matt. Maria crotches Frightmare on the top rope allowing Bennett attacks his hurt knee. The Bucks and Bennett work over his knee in their half of the ring. Frightmare manages to have Nick accidentally enzuigiri Matt. Bennett holds onto his arms but ends up being accidentally attacked too. Nick and Bennett pull Hallowicked and Mantis to the floor while Matt spears Frightmare. Back to work on the leg ROH goes. Matt and Nick both miss attacks from the top rope. Frightmare gets to this corner and makes a tag even with Bennett holding onto his leg. Hallowicked and Mantis give Bennett the Sidewinder. They drop Nick with a tandem Complete Shot. Hallowicked Rydeen Bombs Matt. Mantis gives him a Regalplex for two. The Cosmic Doom also gets him a two count. He sets up for the Praying Mantis Bomb but Bennett attacks. Nick and Bennett superkick Mantis and Hallowicked. Nick follows Hallowicked to the floor with a springboard swanton. Bennett hits Mantis with the Box Office Smash for two. He powerbombs Mantis into stereo enzuigiri’s from the Bucks. He gives Mantis a spinebuster for two. Mantis fights off all three members of ROH, sending the Bucks to the floor. Bennett sends Mantis to the entrance. The Bucks give him their tandem spike tombstone piledriver onto the entrance ramp! Bennett gives him a TKO. Nick follows with a 450 splash. Mantis kicks out! The ROH team is very frustrated. Hallowicked stops them from hitting More Bang For Your Buck. Matt Goes 2 Sleepy Hollow. Matt then takes the Catacombs of Abbadon twice. Matt kicks out. The Batiri, Ophidian and Delirious all make their way out. To their dismay, so does Crossbones! He shoves Delirious head first into the ring post, knocking him out indefinitely. He helps the Envoy attack the Batiri and Ophidian ringside. Mantis and Bennett fight on the top rope. Mantis knocks him down but Matt climbs up with him. Mantis superplexes Matt onto everyone who is on the floor! In the ring, Hallowicked big boots Bennett. He puts on the CHIKARA Special! He’s tapping out but Maria is distracting Bryce Remsburg. Nick superkicks Hallowicked to break the hold. He goes to superkick Frightmare but hits Maria instead! Bennett lifts up Hallowicked for a TKO. He slips out and delivers a big boot. Hallowicked reapplies the CHIKARA Special on Bennett. Bennett taps out at 20:28! The Spectral Envoy are the 2012 King of Trios champions! What an incredibly emotional main event this was. The entire tournament built to this very moment. The Envoy defied the odds, fought off five other men (with some help from Crossbones) and gave Mantis his first ever “accomplishment” in CHIKARA. The ROH team was able to knock off two teams of legends and Joshi team, but when it came to a group of CHIKARA’s finest, they befell them in a grand fashion. Huge credit to Team ROH for playing their roles perfectly all weekend long and being the best possible foils for the Envoy. CHIKARA told an incredible three day story and it all culminated in what I think is the best King of Trios tournament final ever. ****1/4

Gran Akuma vs. The Shard
“Deep Freeze” – Piedmont, AL – 10.6.2012

A wristlock exchange sees Akuma drop toe hold The Shard to the mat. He puts Shard in the Romero Special. Akuma suplexes him for two. Shard blocks Akuma’s headscissors with a waterwheel slam. He stomps on his chest for a two count. He chokes Akuma on the middle rope but misses a charge that crotches him on that rope. Shard kicks Akuma’s thigh and drops a diving forearm across his neck. He gets two with a neckbreaker. Shard spins and drops Akuma in a reverse flapjack. A low bicycle kick gets him two again. Akuma absorbs Shard’s chest kicks. He throws some of his own. A fallaway kick to the face sends Shard to the floor. Shard catches Akuma with a kick to stop his suicide dive. Shard goes for his own, but Akuma moves and he crashes to the floor. Akuma NAILS him with a kick to the side of the head. He nails a missile dropkick back in the ring. He enzuigiri’s Shard from the apron and slingshots in with a huracanrana. He catches Shard with a backbreaker for two. Shard hits an enzuigiri. Akuma shoots him off the ropes for a German suplex. He swiftly kicks Shard in the side of the head before getting two with a Michinoku Driver. Shard blocks a clothesline with a backslide. He turns that into a Gory Catapult. Akuma blocks a superkick and trips Shard into a crucifix pin. Shard kicks out and hits his superkick. He drops Akuma with the torture rack bomb for two. He then puts on a Dragon Sleeper. Akuma picks him up for a tombstone and the Tenchi Crash to his face. Shard kicks out! They trade some quick pins with neither guy being successful. Akuma goes for the Yoshi Tonic. Shard blocks it with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 14:08. That was unexpectedly great. Outside of his match with Icarus at CRex, this is Akuma’s best singles match since his return and the Shard’s best singles showing period. They beat the heck out of each other and showed a lot more proficiency. They had the crowd buying into their nearfalls which picked up the heat. This was a show stealer. ***1/2

Mike Quackenbush vs. Colt Cabana
“Zelda The Great” – Chicago, IL – 11.10.2012

This is a rematch from “Shoot A Crooked Arrow” which Quackenbush won. Cabana takes him to the mat in a side headlock. Quackenbush wiggles his way out. He puts on his own headlock which Cabana cleverly works his way out of. Quackenbush puts on a modified headscissors. Cabana pops out and smacks Quackenbush’s ears. He applies his own headscissors. Quackenbush flips out of it, landing on his feet. He offers Cabana few body parts, then takes them away. When Cabana goes for a headlock, Quackenbush throws him away. He holds onto Cabana’s wrist. Cabana manages to escape and kicks Quackenbush away. When he comes back, Cabana puts him in a neck-tie headscissors. Quackenbush moves to the mat and crawls back to the corner in order to free himself. Quackenbush flips Cabana over by his arms. Cabana crawls through his legs to the corner. Quackenbush wraps himself around Cabana’s legs and torsos. He turns that into a prawn hold for two. He twists Cabana’s ankle in a spinning toe hold. Quackenbush locks the leg and leans back to add pressure. Cabana holds onto his own foot to alleviate some of it. Cabana gets to the corner and pulls himself up by the ropes. He rolls Quackenbush into a Gedo Clutch for two. Quackenbush’s suplex and cradle attempts go unfulfilled. He ends up hopping off Cabana’s shoulders and rolling him into a Skayde schoolboy for two. Cabana catches him in a double arm stretch cradle for the pin at 9:16. I actually think this went an appropriate amount of time. It didn’t overstay its welcome, which I thought the tag match with the British John’s last year did. No one does this type of wrestling on the Independents like these two. ***

3.0. (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews), El Generico & Gran Akuma vs. The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) & The Bravado Bros. (Harlem Bravado & Lancelot Bravado)
“A Piece of the Action” – Cleveland, OH – 11.11.2012

Everyone in this match (Generico aside) will be in next week’s Cibernetico on the same sides they are in this match. Matthews become fired up when Matt throws him to the mat by his hair. Jagged and Lancelot exchange wristlocks. Lancelot throws him to the mat by his hair as well. Nick cheers on the top rope and ends up crotching himself. Generico armdrags Harlem to win a wristlock exchange. He follows his partners examples by throwing Generico to the mat by his mask. Nick and Akuma have the same sequence, except Akuma has no hair so he can’t be thrown down. Nick however can and is. Same with Matt, Harlem and Lancelot in that order. Jagged boots Matt after Matthews gives him an Atomic drop. Jagged knees Matt in the side of the head for two. Matt gives him a neckbreaker and brings him to the Rudo corner. He takes some strikes from the Bravados and Nick, but is able to get his boot up to block Nick’s corner attack. Generico tags in. Nick runs the ropes and takes him down with an armdrag. He hits a dropkick for two. Generico nails a leg lariat for two. Akuma gives Nick a backbreaker. The Bravados clear the apron as Nick escapes Akuma’s abdominal stretch. The Rudos take turns bullying Akuma, including obnoxious back rakes. Akuma rolls up Harlem for a pin. When he kicks out, it sends Akuma to his corner where he tags in 3.0. They take out the Bravados with stereo Flip, Flop and Flies and drop toe hold/elbow drop combos. Both Young Bucks take those combos also. Akuma and Generico each drop an elbow on Matt’s worn down back too. More damage to Matt’s back is done with a Samoan Drop/neckbreaker combo. Nick superkicks Jagged to stop the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Matt drops Matthews with a standing Shiranui. Jagged gets superkicked for two. He then gets beaten down by the Bucks and Bravados who are taking the match more seriously than they were earlier on. Jagged furiously throws punches to get out of the corner. He ducks Nick’s enzuigiri and it ends up hitting Matt. Generico tags in and yakuza kicks Matt to the floor. He runs the ropes for a tornado DDT to Lancelot. Harlem forearms him down. Matthews headscissors Harlem to the floor. Akuma moonsaults onto the Bravados and Nick on the floor! Generico gives Matt the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Matt hits the Worst Case Scenario and Akuma breaks the pin. Nick comes in with a slingshot X-Factor for two. Akuma comes back with a Falcon Arrow. Jagged pops up Nick for Matthews’ spear. Nick kicks out of that. Harlem bicycle kicks Matthews out. Jagged gives him a forearm. Lancelot clotheslines him. Generico suplexes Lancelot into the corner. Nick superkicks Generico to stop his yakuza kick. Matthews blocks a superkick and puts Matt in a Boston Crab. The other three Rudos are locked into Boston Crabs also. They all get the ropes to escape. Lancelot clotheslines Matthews in the corner. Matt drops him with a Tumbleweed Ace Crusher for two. The Bravados give him the Gentleman’s Agreement. The Bucks superkick him into Lancelot’s German suplex. Matthews partners make the save. The Bravados fight the others on the floor while Bucks set up Matthews for More Bang For Your Buck. Matthews slips off Matt’s back and Generico yakuza kicks Nick to the floor. He then dives onto the Bravados. Akuma delivers the Tenchi Crash to Matt. Matt also takes the Sweet Taste of Professionalism, and Matthews pins him at 24:13. It’s always a pleasure to watch these types of matches, especially with the immense quality the participants involved usually provide. This was just as good as the Atomico from last year’s Atomico main event in Cleveland, though this one had more of a story element with 3.0 pinning one half of the current tag champs. The one flaw was the apathetic crowd, which given their behavior on AIW shows, I’m not surprised. ***3/4

Mike Quackenbush & The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant & assailANT) vs. Jigsaw, The Shard, & The Swarm (Soldier Ant & deviANT)
“Under the Hood” – Philadelphia, PA – 12.2.2012

Wink Vavasseur is watching on next to the Commentation Station. assailANT convinces his team that he should start off with Soldier Ant, who has a bandage where his one antennae used to be (Mr. Touchdown ripped it off at “The Cibernetico Rises”). He snaps off an armdrag, but Soldier Ant knocks him down with a dropkick and rolling, saluting forearm. Fire Ant is tagged in. He and Soldier Ant hesitantly trade holds. No strikes are thrown, though they do go through some Lucha. They almost shake hands when they reach a stalemate, but deviANT tosses both of them out before that can happen. Green Ant chops him in the corner. Fire Ant dropkicks deviANT to the second rope where Green Ant dropkicks him in the head. He gets two with a top rope splash thanks to the Shard breaking the count. Green Ant puts him in an STF. deviANT saves his partner. Quackenbush fights off deviANT and Shard by himself. Thing sbreak down with all eight participants. The classic Colony and Quackenbush are left standing. All four men dive onto Jigsaw, the GEKIDO and assailANT. In the ring, Jigsaw tells The Colony he has no problem with them and wants to face Quackenbush. Then he kicks out Fire Ant’s injured leg! Soldier Ant is not happy with this, but is forced to watch Jigsaw, the Shard and deviANT do considerable damage to Fire Ant’s leg. Jigsaw looks at Quackenbush as he goes for a brainbuster. Fire Ant escapes it by Burning Down the House. Green Ant tags in. He gives Shard a Michinoku Driver. deviANT runs in and takes an Ace Crusher. He and Fire Ant invite assailANT in to hit the Ants Marching dropkick on deviANT! They set up for the Ant Hill. Soldier Ant wants to join, but Jigsaw knocks them all down to stop it. Soldier Ant knocks down Jigsaw. assailANT gives Soldier Ant assailANT’s Cross (a Death Valley Driver). deviANT gives him an enzuigiri. Fire Ant knocks deviANT down and nails the Yahtzee Kick. Shard drops him with a modified EVO. Green Ant gives him a Gord Buster. Jigsaw lifts him up for a German suplex. Quackenbush comes in but can’t bring himself to palm strike Jigsaw. Jigsaw however has no problem giving him a sole butt. He drops him with a brainbuster for two. Soldier Ant shoves Jigsaw off the top rope to stop a double stomp. The new Colony pulls off the Ant Hill. Shard breaks their cover. Jigsaw sets up for a superkick on Quackenbush. assailANT dives in the way and takes the kick for him! Quackenbush blocks a second superkick and palm strikes Jigsaw. deviANT drags Quackenbush to the floor. The Shard gives assailANT the Gory Special and a top rope double stomp. Quackenbush breaks the pin! deviANT dropkicks him out. He then pins assailANT at 16:49. This was a brilliantly woven tapestry of everything going on between these teams. I am really impressed at how well they were able to blend all the allegiances together. Jigsaw is now firmly in the Rudo/GEKIDO camp while assailANT was not only accepted by the Colony (Fire Ant and Green Ant anyways) but the CHIKARMY as well. I am really anxious to see how things shake out going into the new year. All eight people in this match deserve huge props for putting in a great effort and making lemonade out of lemons. assailANT especially deserves props for his work. ***1/2

The 411: Welp, this sure encompasses much of the best stuff CHIKARA had to offer in 2012. There's a few matches that could have been put on here, but by and large you get a showcase of all the best matches from an in-ring work standpoint they had this past year. Highly recommended for new and old CHIKARA fans alike. You can buy this show on DVD at Smart Mark Video.Be sure to check out all of my CHIKARA reviews at my CHIKARA blog; "The CHIKARA Special" and all the CHIKARA news over at "The CHIKARA Special" Tumblr. In addition to that, you can check out a lot of promos from CHIKARA DVDs over at the CHIKARA Special YouTube Page.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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