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411 Interview Podcast: Mike Kanellis on Going Public With His Addiction Issues, Being on 205 Live, AEW’s Launch, More

May 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mike Kanellis WWE 205 Live

Mike Kanellis talks about going public with his addiction issues, how he ended up on 205 Live and why he’s enjoying it so much, his Cruiserweight Championship goals, how AEW’s launch is good for business, his memories from The Kingdom and more.

Introduction (0:00)
On working with Akira Tozawa and their No DQ match (0:57)
On his WWE run stalling and how he ended up getting put on 205 Live (3:34)
On having more creative freedom on 205 Live (5:28)
On if he has Tony Nese and the Cruiserweight Title in his sights (6:30)
Whether he’s hoping to transition back to Raw or Smackdown (7:42)
On going public about his opioid addiction (9:55)
On whether he’d rather be on Raw or Smackdown (15:17)
On rumors that WWE is offering talent big money to keep them away from AEW and how AEW’s launch affects the business (16:25)
On his friendship with Adam Cole and Cole’s recent NXT run (19:50)
On his memories of being part of The Kingdom in ROH (21:27)
On his advice for people dealing with addiction (22:48)
On his hopes for a WWE action figure (25:25)

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