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411 Interviews: Leon St. Giovanni of Beyond Wrestling

December 2, 2011 | Posted by TJ Hawke

Leon St. Giovanni is an indepenent wrestler who is competing in Beyond Wrestling, among other promotions. Currently, he has aligned himself with JT Dunn and manager, Jon Harder, and they are leading a “Professional Revolution” against Beyond Wrestling.

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TJ Hawke: You’ve told me that you “are in the midst of bringing about a “professional revolution” against Denver Colorado and his brainchild.” A lot of wrestlers and fans really enjoy Beyond Wrestling because of its uniqueness and for how fun it is. What exactly is your problem with the concept of Beyond Wrestling? What actions are you planning on taking to enact your “professional revolution”?

Leon St. Giovanni: I definitely have an issue with the fact that there are no fans at our shows. I know Drew Cordeiro, excuse me… Denver isn’t the sharpest guy around but it doesn’t take a ton of common sense to figure out that fans equal money. Beyond doesn’t value money. It values “fun”. The ultimate goal in this stage of my career isn’t to have fun. I am in this to gain experience, win matches, get noticed, and down the line make some serious money. Don’t let the name fool you. The only thing ‘beyond’ about this organization is Colorado’s ego. He doesn’t know how to take criticism or business tips.The official website is called LookMaNoFans.com… Is that supposed to be funny or something? I wouldn’t take it seriously if I were a fan. By the way, Dan Barry isn’t funny either.

With the guidance of Jon Harder, JT Dunn and I are going to shoot to the top of the leader boards demand change. This revolution entails that we only run live shows like a real professional wrestling organization. It also means there must be an end to the false equality between fans and wrestlers. Fans and wrestlers sitting together during a show? That’s bush league. This organization needs to be led by people with a clear vision in mind and by those who are willing to do whatever it takes to make money.

TJ: You wrote in a Beyond Wrestling blog about how at “About Time,” that “With proper guidance from ‘The Voice of Professionalism’ Jon Harder, I embarrassed JT Dunn, a favorite amongst the locker room.” Despite being the victim of this described embarrassment, JT Dunn has since aligned himself with you and Jon Harder. What caused Dunn to join your “professional revolution?”

LSG: At the end of the day winning is what matters and aligning himself with us was his best option. Like me, Dunn cares more about improving himself and expanding his horizons than making the boys orgasm by doing risky moves and getting dropped on his head in front of 5 people. Look him up. He’s young, passionate, and he’s got so much potential. Why waste that? If you’ve been listening to Jon Harder’s “The Hardway” podcast, you’d know that he’s been adamant about showing people why Beyond is so unprofessional. Dunn was definitely listening to him.

TJ: You’ve said that “Our stable is going to keep growing and we’re going after whoever sticks up for the Beyond concept.” Have any other wrestlers reached out to you about joining your “professional revolution”? Is there someone you specifically have in mind for your stable?

LSG: Yes, others have reached out, but I’m not naming names. When they’re ready to come forward they will. There are guys out there that agree with us but are just scared to admit it. If you watch Beyond Wrestling it’s obvious that there are gems in that locker room that are destined for great things. Those are the ones we want to persuade. Guys like Aaron Epic, Pinkie Sanchez, and Sugar Dunkerton come to mind. It’s too bad they’re wasting time having “fun”.

TJ: When and Where did you first get your training as a professional wrestler? I’ve read a lot of horror stories about trainers ripping off their students. How did your experience go?

LSG: I began training during the summer of 2010 by Corvis Fear, one half of Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s “Garden State Gods”. Despite his negative reputation within the independent scene, the man is a hell of a trainer. The guy taught me from scratch and I owe a majority of what I’ve learned to him. If you live in New Jersey, I suggest you get in contact with him. You’ll get what you put in, and he honestly won’t rip you off. He’s just not that kind of guy. Yeah, promoters roll their eyes when they hear his name but it’s okay. He didn’t have it in him to compete in the ring anymore so he’ll be forgotten shortly. Besides learning from him I’ve done some additional training at ACE (American Championship Entertainment) in Union City, NJand BWO (Bodyslam Wrestling Organization) in Elmwood Park, NJ. I’m always continuing to learn so if you’re an aspiring wrestler you will probably see me training at various schools in Jersey.

TJ: A lot of people out there want to become professional wrestlers. Based on your experiences so far, what would be the most important things you want to tell an aspiring pro wrestler about the profession?

LSG: The best advice I could give is to never settle for mediocrity. In one year in the business I’ve seen so many guys who’ve let their aspirations die. They’re content with the norm and I think it’s because they’re afraid to test themselves. And this applies to life in general, not just professional wrestling. I’m not saying that you have to get a PhD or a job with a six figure salary but you should always be on a mission to improve yourself. But always remember, there’s nothing debonair about working at Wawa.

I also suggest that anyone wishing to get noticed needs to make their image a top priority. From physique to gear to persona, uniqueness is vital. I’m in the process of doing this now and it’s worth the time. I’m always brainstorming ways to make myself stand out. This advice pertains to your online image too. I see wrestlers bad mouthing other wrestlers and organizations on Facebook and Twitter all the time. You never know who’s watching your every move. Your words could come back to haunt you later in life. Be conscientious of the way you conduct yourself because for all you know, you could be jeopardizing valuable opportunities. Be professional.

TJ: Besides Beyond Wrestling, where else are you working right now? What have been some of your favorite moments/matches so far in your career?

LSG: Besides Beyond I’ve worked some for some local promotions. If you’re a wrestler from Jersey you’ve probably crossed paths with NWS. I’ve also worked for MVW at the now defunct ACE Arena. 2012 will be much different as many more options are opening up for me. If there’s one thing Beyond has been good for, it’s been my ability to use it as a way to get noticed.

TJ: What are your goals for your professional wrestling career? Is WWE the ultimate goal?

LSG: I definitely aspire to make it to the big leagues. I want to wrestle on television every week, win championships and make money. WWE, TNA, and organizations overseas provide that. But before I get too ahead of myself I’d love a chance to work for Ring of Honor. After all, ROH is what got me hooked in the first place.

TJ: Thanks Leon for taking the time to do the interview. Is there anything you would like to plug (Facebook, Twitter, merch, youtube page, how to be booked, etc)?

LSG: Thanks for having me T.J. People need to know the truth about Beyond and what the Professional Revolution stands for. Like “Leon St. Giovanni” on Facebook and follow me on Twitter: @LeonStGiovanni . For booking info you can email me at [email protected] You can also check out The Hardway at thehardway.podomatic.com. Follow Jon Harder @eraofhardercore and JT Dunn @TheJuiceee .

Keep the fire alive.

Leon also recently appeared on The Hardway Podcast . So check that out too.

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