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411 Interviews: The League (Tripp Cassidy, Reed Bentley, & Sue Jackson) of Resistance Pro & Class Wars

March 19, 2012 | Posted by TJ Hawke

On the web series, Class Wars, Tripp Cassidy, Reed Bentley, and “Big” Sue Jackson came together to form The League. They became some of the breakout stars of the show, and this weekend they will be debuting in Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro at the show called “Obssession.” Tripp Cassidy and “Big” Sue Jackson will be taking on Matt Cross & his mystery partner in the final quarterfinal match of the Resistance Pro Tag Title tournament. You can buy tickets for Obsession here. Also, makes sure you check out all of The League’s work on Class Wars by watching every single episode.

TJ Hawke: Tripp and Sue, you two were both just announced to be competing in the Resistance Pro tag team title tournament. How did you guys get booked in this promotion? What are your thoughts on the match that you have?

Tripp Cassidy: Ever since The League made their first impact on the internet there have been promotions all over the midwest, the country, and even the world asking for us. Resistance Pro caught all of our eyes from the get go and we knew it was only a matter of time before we’d get our shot. Now that we have that opportunity against the high flying international superstar Matt Cross and his mystery partner we plan to take full advantage of it. I’m fully aware of what Matt Cross can do but he has no clue what he’s in for mystery partner or not!

Sue Jackson: As well connected as The League is, when you know people who know people, opportunities just tend to fall into our laps. As far as our opponents, we stand across the ring from “M-Dogg” Matt Cross and a partner to be announced. As someone who follows wrestling very closely, I’ve watched Matt Cross for a long time and know what he brings to the table. As fast as he is, when I get my hands on him, he’s in for a beating. As his partner goes, the unknown suits me well, keeps me on my toes. All that you need to remember is that The League will definitely make its mark on Resistance, and be around for a long time to come.

Tripp also discusses his R-Pro debut here

TJ Hawke: The first time I saw anyone from The League was at DGUSA’s debut show in Indianapolis, Chasing the Dragon. Tripp, you teamed with yourrival, Remi Wilkins, to take on The Scene (Scott Reed and Caleb Konley) in what was billed as a Tag Team Discovery match. Unfortunately you guys lost. What was the experience of working a DGUSA show like? Do you blame Remi Wilkins for losing the match?

Tripp Cassidy: Dragon Gate USA was an amazing opportunity. Between the School of Roc and Insanity Pro Wrestling alot of doors started opening and DGUSA was one of the biggest. Stepping into the match Remi and I shared the family bond that many SOR students share. However there was still some built up competitive nature between us. Other than a few brief singles matches The Scene were entirely foreign to us. I’d like to say we fought the good fight but the size difference really caught up with me and yes, mysteriously Remi wasn’t too eager to come to my aid. I wonder why? Regardless. I’d love another shot to make my impression. Hopefully next time I’ll have real friends on my side.

TJ Hawke: Obviously, the big project that has brought the three of you together is The School of Roc Class Wars Show. Overall, what has it been like to film and work on the show?

Reed Bentley: Class Wars has really been a platform to show people what I’m about in wrestling. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do so with my faction mates, Tripp and Sue. Everyone behind the scenes at Class Wars are, no pun intended, class acts. Despite the smells emanating from where Nate Stone and Trash stand, it’s not a bad time.

Sue Jackson: It’s really an opportunity to get ourselves seen, and what better way to be seen than to steamroll the competition. Class Wars has been a bit of an eye opening experience as far as exposure goes, plus I get to destroy people, which is always high on my list of favorite things to do.

Tripp Cassidy: Class Wars was just a gateway. It opened up the internet community to what The League is really made of. We dominated that show and with the exceptional win from Remi Wilkins, we are the only force to be reckoned with. None of the students have made half the impact we do no matter how much of a fight they put up or lack thereof in the case of Nate Stone for the duration of the season.

TJ Hawke: All three of you received an episode of Class Wars where you were introduced. Reed, you debuted against Remi Wilkins and you guys wrestled to a 10 minute draw. What did you think of your performance? Why do you dislike Remi Wilkins so much?

Reed Bentley: I’m very happy with the way the match turned out. It showed that Remi Wilkins isn’t an unstoppable force by any means and was the start of The League chipping away at the links in his armor. I don’t like Remi. He’s a show-off, not a wrestler. This is an athletic competition, not MTV so you better have something to back up those loud words you’re using.

TJ Hawke: Sue, you debuted in dominating fashion as you rather easily defeated Nate Stone in your debut match. Billy Roc said on the show that you like hurting people that are smaller than you (on Class Wars, everyone is smaller than you). Why do you take pleasure from inflicting pain on people who are not as big as you?

Sue Jackson: That’s a bit of a misconception, it’s not just people who are smaller than me I have issues with. I go out there and do what I do no matter the size of the opponent. I don’t change my gameplan. Taking pleasure in it though, you could definitely say that, as I take pleasure in knowing that people can’t handle what I bring to the table. If I dominate, it shows me that you had no business being in the ring with me in the first place. Just look at Nate Stone, he’s not a small guy by any means, and I enjoyed just as much taking him out as I will taking out everyone else I step in the ring with, both in Class Wars, and in the world of wrestling at large.

TJ Hawke: Tripp, you started out hot, defeating Dale Patricks in the very first episode of Class Wars. However, during the course of the series, you injured yourself to the point where the doctors have no longer cleared you to compete. Why did you decide to get your Manager’s License and then manage your fellow League members the rest of the way?

Tripp Cassidy: When the show began my only goal was to prove that no one could hold a candle to what I could do at the School of Roc. I did more than prove that against Dale Patricks. However during the filming I did receive a shattered 5th metacarpal bone and had to have it re-positioned and pinned together in surgery. The only option I had after the injury was to get my managers license and help my partners accomplish what I couldn’t.

TJ Hawke: Tripp’s injury caused Billy Roc to throw the format of the show out the window. Roc created a new match called The Summit. Sue Jackson pretty much dominated this Elimination match and became the number 1 seed for the tournament. As a result of the elimination order, Reed, you and Remi Wilkins met for the second time in Class Wars in the Quarterfinals of the tournament. What did you think of your performance in the rematch? What are your plans for Class Wars now that you have been eliminated from the tournament?

Reed Bentley: Myself and Tripp Cassidy will obviously be right there, watching Big Sue Jackson maim people. I really don’t respect Nate Stone and would prefer if he weren’t around. I enjoy “building his character”, so that’s certainly on my short list. There won’t be an episode that goes by that you don’t get to see my lovely facial features.

TJ Hawke: Besides Reed, all of the competitors are on Class Wars because they trained with Billy Roc. What was it like to train with Billy Roc? What is Billy offering at the School of Roc that other trainers in the area were failing to offer in the past?

Tripp Cassidy: When I was 14 years old I watched Billy Roc win Insanity Pro Wrestling’s Mid American Championship and I was not impressed. Billy Roc high fived, hugged, shook hands, kissed babies and said “Come on, BABY!” …not my thing… But I was amazed but the moves Billy Roc could perform and I wanted to emulate that. Everyone knows that if you want to be as successful and talented as someone you should learn from them. At 16 I asked Billy to train me and a phone conversation later the School of Roc was born. The school offers worlds of knowledge that could not be learned from anyone else. Billy works extremely close with every student he has and becomes everyone’s father more or less. The school is an environment unlike anything that can be explained other than as a family … like it or not.

Sue Jackson: I looked to Billy Roc as a man that has accomplished in this business the type of things I myself would like to accomplish: Ted Petty Invitational, Jeff Peterson Cup, Young Lion’s Cup and so much more. What better way to get to where you want to go than to be trained by a person who’s done those things. Training at the School of Roc for me was interesting, as I was treated no different than each and every other student, despite my size. I did each and every thing that they did, and I feel it’s made me more adaptable to any sort of situation I find myself in.

TJ Hawke: Reed, where did you get your training? Why did you decide to come to Class Wars?

Reed Bentley: I did my basic training with Cash Flo in late 2009/early 2010. I’ve been on the road basically ever since then. I go to a lot of seminars and camps, any that are remotely close. I saw Class Wars as almost an extension of that. A chance to learn, in a roundabout way, from Billy Roc. Despite his constant interjection in my matches and usual disapproval of my tactics when wrestling, I know Billy respects what I can do.

TJ Hawke: Reed, one place where you have been very active besides Class Wars is at IWA: Unlimited. What’s it like to compete for that promotion? Do you have a favorite match from your time there so far?

Reed Bentley: This question comes up a LOT here lately. IWAU is a place I have nothing but positive things to say about. Quality locker room, smart people in control and other than some rather unappreciative fans I enjoy every trip I’ve made there so far. My match against Arik Cannon from February of this year is definitely my favorite one so far. It was billed as “Hard Hitter vs. Hard Hitter” which was something I took much pride in considering Arik Cannon’s rather well known strikes.

TJ Hawke: My last question for all of you is what are your goals for pro-wrestling? Where you all want to be long-term?

Tripp Cassidy: I ask myself the same question every day. Literally. I have an answer though. The answer is honestly it doesn’t matter. At 19 years old I have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of time to cover it. DGUSA, Chikara Pro, other countries, all goals that I want to reach. In the end I just want to rule the world with The League by my side.

Sue Jackson: Personally, I want to, and will be, one of the most dominant big men out there, there’s no doubt in my mind. I want The League to make a name for themselves, and through Class Wars, we’ve got a jumping off point to do that. And lastly, just continue to travel around, doing what I love and living my dream.

Reed Bentley: Wrestling for me is the only thing I’ve ever seen myself doing and the only thing I enjoy. I want to make a living from wrestling and make a name for myself in whatever way possible. You WILL see Reed Bentley on your television screen someday, have no doubts.

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