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411 on Wrestling Podcast: Dark Side of the Ring: Brian Pillman, Biography: Randy Savage Review

May 13, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Brian Pillman Dark Side of the Ring

In this episode of the 411 On Wrestling Podcast, 411’s Blake Lovell is joined by 411’s Steve Cook to discuss the Dark Side of the Ring season three premiere on Brian Pillman, the journey of Brian Pillman Jr., reaction to the criticism surrounding the Randy Savage A&E Biography, and much more.

*0:40 Reaction to Brian Pillman episode of Dark Side of the Ring
*3:24 Pillman’s “Loose Cannon” gimmick
*6:31 Kim Wood on Eric Bischoff
*10:44 WWE’s 2006 DVD on Pillman
*13:51 Pillman’s creative genius
*16:57 Melanie Pillman
*20:14 How others portrayed Pillman
*25:28 Vince McMahon’s interview with Melanie
*28:08 The gun angle
*32:17 Brian Pillman Jr.’s journey
*34:25 The awesomeness of Linda Pillman
*37:15 Expectations for Nick Gage episode
*41:20 Randy Savage A&E Biography

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