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411 on Wrestling Podcast: Dark Side of the Ring: Grizzly Smith, A&E Biography: Mick Foley Review

June 6, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Dark Side of the Ring Jake Roberts In The Shadow Of Grizzly Smith

In this episode of the 411 On Wrestling Podcast, 411’s Blake Lovell is joined by 411’s Steve Cook to discuss the Dark Side of the Ring episode on Grizzly Smith, the impact on Jake Roberts and other members of the family, WWE’s A&E Biography on Mick Foley, and much more.

*0:37 The disturbing story of Grizzly Smith
*4:58 Jake Roberts, Rockin’ Robin, and Sam Houston’s childhood
*10:32 JoLynn Smith’s kidnapping
*13:40 The impact of Grizzly Smith’s actions on his kids
*15:52 Pro wrestling offering an escape
*18:21 The importance of Jake’s message to others
*22:50 Expectations or The Dynamite Kid episode
*26:09 Thoughts on Mick Foley A&E Biography
*28:46 Ric Flair’s stance on Foley
*32:49 Foley discussing his struggle with retirement
*40:36 Paul Heyman telling stories
*42:22 The upcoming Bret Hart Biography

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