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411 on Wrestling Podcast: WWE Survivor Series & AEW Full Gear Cards, Who Shot John E. Bravo, More

October 30, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Randy Orton Hell in a Cell

In this episode of the 411 On Wrestling podcast, 411’s Blake Lovell is joined by 411’s Steve Cook to discuss potential suspects in the John E. Bravo shooting angle in Impact Wrestling, the best weddings in wrestling history, Thunder Rosa rumors, the stacked AEW Full Gear card, expectations for WWE Survivor Series, the ROH Pure Tournament finals, and much more.

*1:18 Who shot John E. Bravo?
*4:46 Thoughts on Bound for Glory
*9:47 The best weddings in wrestling history
*12:23 Thunder Rosa rumors
*20:03 AEW Full Gear card
*24:33 Survivor Series, brand supremacy, and NXT
*40:59 The Miz winning the Money in the Bank briefcase
*43:42 Ring of Honor Pure Tournament finals
*46:44 Vince McMahon docuseries on Netflix

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