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411 PPV Roundtable Preview – TNA Final Resolution

December 8, 2012 | Posted by Greg De Marco

Welcome to 411Mania’s TNA Pay-Per-View Roundtable. This month TNA presents Final Resolution, live from the world famous Impact Zone at Universal Studios in sunny Orlando, Florida! Bobby Roode cashes in on his manipulation of James Storm and challenges Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship. Plus Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles do battle in “One Final Match.”

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Tha Crew!

We kick things off with the author of Shining a Spotlight, Michael Weyer!
Don’t forget the man behind The Heel Report, James Wright!
The guy who runs this city, Larry Csonka!
And finally…your’s truly, Greg DeMarco!

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Staff Picks and Analysis!

Knockouts Championship
Tara (champion) vs. Mickie James

Michael Weyer: Welcome back, Mickie, been too long since we saw you on TV. Sadly, I don’t see her victory for the belt here as TNA is intent on pushing Tara and her boyfriend for a whlie yet so she manages to retain and even a big mark for her like me is annoyed at this angle. But nice to see some love for the Knockouts in a good match.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion: Tara

Larry Csonka: Tara and Mickie have good chemistry and have all of the experience in the world to work from, but I think most fear for the worst because the Divas and Knockouts haven’t had the best year as far as match quality goes. They will work hard, but I just have the fear that Jesse From Big Brother will be out there, which will end up hurting the match.

Winner: Tara

Robert S. Leighty Jr: Mickie wins here to complete her journey back.

Winner: Mickie James

Greg DeMarco: I must admit, Mickie James has returned looking better than ever. Not just in her ring gear either, but in the ring itself! Tara is at her heel best, and Mickie is going to have all of the fan support (deservedly so).The fact that TNA chose to re-debut Velvet Sky during the promo for this PPV match should tell it all, though. This is about building Sky-Tara for 2013.

Winner: Tara (still TNA Knockouts Champion)

411Mania Staff Pick: Tara (3-1-0)

X Division Championship
Rob Van Dam(champion) vs. Kenny King

Larry Csonka: The poor booking of the X-Division continues, as they once again wait until the show before the PPV to make the match. I don’t think that there is any middle ground here, it will either be very ugly, or it will be good. RVD is a guy that lacks motivation sometimes, and King gets flustered when things don’t go smoothly, which makes for a dangerous combination. I hate to be that guy, but this just doesn’t matter because TNA is not putting any time into booking the division, making the choice to give RVD the title even more questionable. I hope King wins, but I see RVD retaining.

Winner: RVD

Robert S. Leighty Jr: This should be fun if RVD is motivated and I am hoping for a breakout performance from King. RVD should retain though.

Winner: RVD

Greg DeMarco: Welcome back, Kenny! Kenny should have a huge future in TNA, but not yet. RVD rarely loses on PPV, and it isn’t starting here. Rob Van Dam retains, but King has a great showing and gets respect from Van Dam.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (still TNA X-Division Champion)

411Mania Staff Pick: Rob Van Dam (3-0)

World Tag Team Championship
Chavo Guerrero, Jr and Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Larry Csonka: I have to be completely honest, I have no desire to watch this match, at all. Chavo and Hernandez have not been setting the world on fire with the belts, and Morgan and Ryan are channel-changing material for me. I do not have high hopes for this.


Robert S. Leighty Jr: I wasn’t a fan of giving Chavo and Hernandez the titles, so I would be happy to see the titles moved to Morgan and Ryan. The match should be decent and I am intrigued to see Hernandez and Morgan come to blows.

Winner: Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

Michael Weyer: The setup has been okay but not sold on Morgan and Ryan just yet. I see this as them doing a fair job with the challenge but the champs end up retaining in the end to set up further rematches. Chavo and Hernandez still have a push for them so holding off the heels here will be good to keep a new feud going.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Chavo and Hernandez

GREG DEMARCO: Chavo and Hernandez haven’t exactly set the world on fire as champions. But they’re becoming a solid team—one that should just now be hitting top contender status, not holding the straps.

My prediction is based on the fact that TNA seems to be throwing some weight behind Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. No real opportunity in the other divisions, why not make them the tag champs?

Winners: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan (and NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions)

411Mania: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan (2-1-1)

Aces and Eight Man Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle, Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco and Samoa Joe vs. Aces and Eights

Larry Csonka: I think we can count on DOC and Devon being two of the Aces and 8s members in the match. The big question here is will Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe turn and be revealed as members of Aces and 8s as rumored. If it is me, this is coming too soon for that, but wrestling is reflective of our ADD society, and I could see them doing that here. Aces and 8s SHOULD win here, because it makes the most sense for the story.

Winner: Aces and 8s

Robert S. Leighty Jr: I am tired of the slow burn with the Aces and 8s, and really have no reason to care about this story at this point. I am sure A&8 will win here with someone turning on the face side.

Winner: Aces and 8s

Greg DeMarco: I’ve been waiting for a big Aces & Eight Man Tag Match since they arrived, and now I finally get it! I think we get a turn in this match, but not the Briscoe one that everyone expects. Garett Bischoff turns, Aces & Eights wins.

Winners: Aces & Eights

411Mania Staff Pick: Aces & Eights (3-0)

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Larry Csonka: They had a really good PPV match the last time out, and both guys are great, so I expect more of the same here. This reminds me of the Claire Lynch angle, which is that I hate the story, but at least we should get a good match out of it. I think Brooke accidentally costs Ray the match, she comes to the ring, twists an ankle, Aries gets the sneaky victory.

Winner: Austin Aries

Robert S. Leighty Jr: I am looking forward to this match more than any on the card. You can make the case that these two are the 2 break out stars of the year for TNA and I could see this match going either way. The Brooke Hogan stuff is kind of lame and not needed, but I am sure something will happen in that regard. Aries seems on his way back down the card some and Bully seems to be moving on up, so I will go with him this time.

Winner: Bully Ray

Greg DeMarco: After a very different build, I am excited for this match. I think they can be very entertaining in the ring together, and I think the newer face-heel dynamic will really play well in the Impact Zone. Ray ad Aries delivered big time in their feud earlier this year, and now they’re being given a bigger stage on which to perform. I think they deliver big time once again—same result, different reason (Brooke inadvertently costs Bully the match).

Winner: Austin Aries

411Mania Staff Pick: Austin Aries (2-1)

One Final Time
Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Larry Csonka: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels is always a good match, with chances of greatness. The angle with AJ is an interesting one, as we know he is a great in ring performer, but you truly have to be gifted to make it look like your botching things and not getting hurt doing so. I expect them to have a good match, maybe not great due to the angle and what AJ will be doing, but it will certainly be entertaining.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Will this really be One Final Time?: Never say never in wrestling…

Robert S. Leighty Jr: When these two meet it is always a good time. I am getting kind of annoyed with them constantly teasing it being the last meeting. This is pro-wrestling so most people won’t buy the stipulation. The final encounter should see the face go over, but I will go with Daniels on this one to continue AJ’s run of bad luck.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Will this really be One Final Time?: No chance!

Michael Weyer: Ah, these two can’t put on a bad match if they tried. Expect the usual mix of insane action and spots and they’ll do their best to top themselves with the buzz over it. I see AJ winning it, he always had the upper hand in their feud and Daniels would want to give his old buddy a big send-off. I doubt it’s the last time, of course but sure to be as great as their previous battles.

Winner: The Phenomenal One

Will this really be One Final Time?: You’re kidding, right?

GREG DEMARCO: I really don’t see this being “One Final Time,” but I do think it’ll be the last for a while. Daniels, at over 40-years old, is as good as he’s ever been. In his new douchebag heel role, he’s been nothing short of amazing. And AJ is AJ, one of the best in the world. I can count on one finger the number of bad matches these two have had together. My initial inclination was that AJ Styles would win—he always beats Christopher Daniels on PPV. But given the story they’re telling, I see it differently.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Will this really be One Final Time?: Nope

411Mania Staff Pick: Christopher Daniels (3-1)

World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy (champion) vs. Bobby Roode

Larry Csonka: Hardy and Roode have had some very good PPV matches in 2012, and there is really no reason that they shouldn’t be able to have a good match here. Hardy is the champion right now, and I really do not see them taking the title off of him. Roode is a great heel and is a viable threat story wise, coming off of his record run with the title. This should be a good PPV main event at the very least, but it has a ton of upside.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Michael Weyer: Well, to me, the answer is obvious. Having Aries as the champ was great but Hardy isn’t quite as on fire. So this seems to be TNA’s big chance to put things back to the plan most thought with Roode winning the belt and back to the arrogant heel champ he excelled at while setting up the inevitable title bout with Storm. Hardy does his best but Roode cheats a win to get back the belt and end 2012 as he began it, on top in a great style.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

Robert S. Leighty Jr: Should be a very solid to great match here, but can’t see Hardy dropping the title yet. TNA is going to keep that thing on him until they know whether he is staying or going I think.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Greg DeMarco: What I expect to see here is another strong working a great match with Jeff Hardy. The formula worked for Bound For Glory, and it worked for Turning Point. Bobby Roode isn’t Austin Aries, but that’s good here. Aries and Hardy were about non-stop action, this will be different. Roode is a ring general, and he’ll take the lead in what is going to be an entertaining defense for Hardy. And it will be a successful one at that.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (still TNA World Heavyweight Champion)

411Mania Staff Pick: Jeff Hardy (3-1)

Get prepared for the PPV with an exclusive interview from Christopher Daniels! The Fallen Angel discussed his match with AJ Styles on the most recent edition of The Greg DeMarco Show! Plus Andy Critchell joins Greg and Patrick O’Dowd for an official Final Resolution preview!

Overall Impression

Larry Csonka: Keeping it short here, I am recapping the show for the site.

Buy or No Buy: Buy

Michael Weyer: At the moment, still a lot of the card not announced, which is rarely a good sign. AJ/Daniels is worth checking out and if Roode gets the belt, that’ll be a huge deal but otherwise, not quite a “must-get” show like others. That might change with more bouts announced but at the moment, more of a pass for me.

Buy or No Buy: No Buy

Robert S. Leighty Jr: The Main Event, Styles/Daniels, and Ray vs Aries should all deliver. That should be enough to make this a good PPV.

Buy or No Buy: No (Though I never buy any PPV unless it is WrestleMania at this point)

Greg DeMarco: Now that the card is built, it’s another strong showing for TNA. James Storm is absent on this one, even though he earned a title shot on the last PPV. Thems the breaks, I guess! I’d love to see Storm vs. Kazarian get added on Sunday, though. That said, this card has potential for greatness, and I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.

Buy or No Buy: Buy

411Mania Staff Pick: PUSH (2-2)

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