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411 PPV Roundtable Preview – TNA Turning Point 2012

November 10, 2012 | Posted by Greg De Marco

Welcome to 411Mania’s TNA Pay-Per-View Roundtable. This month TNA presents Turning Point, live from the world famous Impact Zone at Universal Studios in sunny Orlando, Florida! Austin Aries enacts his rematch clause and challenges TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy in a ladder match. Plus, the stakes are high as Bobby Roode, AJ Styles and James Storm compete for the right to be named #1 Contender—and the loser of the fall won’t get another shot until (at minimum) Bound For Glory 2013.

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We kick things off with the author of Shining a Spotlight, Michael Weyer!
Our newest RAW recapper joins the fun this month… Ken Hill!
Don’t forget the man behind The Heel Report, James Wright!
Handicapping your News on a weekly basis, Gavin Napier!
The guy who runs this city, Larry Csonka!
And finally…your’s truly, Greg DeMarco!

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The Card!

Staff Picks and Analysis!

Television Championship – No Disqualification
Samoa Joe (champion) vs. Magnus

Greg DeMarco:Woah, a television title match with build! Joe has been motivated for all of 2012, and Magnus is a star in the making for TNA. Which leads me to the biggest problem with this match—picking a winner.

Joe has more to do with the TV title, but Magnus is ready to carry the gold. Much like Bound For Glory, Joe can go over but Magnus can still be kept strong. Maybe Joe wins with the Muscle Buster because Magnus keeps escaping his submission attempts. I do want to see Magnus unseat Joe, but I want him to do it in an Impact Wrestling main event, not a PPV undercard match.

Winner: Samoa Joe (still TV champion)

Michael Weyer: The feud has been going well, reminding you how great these guys are together. Tempting to say Joe retains again but they want the TV title to mean something again and a switch here would be good and set up more rematches that pushes both guys more. Plus, Magnus has been ignored way too long, be nice to see him spotlighted again.

Winner and NEW TV Champion: Magnus

Larry Csonka: These guys had a solid PPV outing last time out, but I think most know that they can do more. With the NO DQ stipulation, they will have all of the smoke and mirrors to add to their pretty heated feud at their disposal. I think Magnus should win, and he may, but with the win over Joe on Impact, I think Joe retains.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Gavin Napier: Magnus’ slow rise to the spotlight continues, but I don’t think he takes a big jump at Joe’s expense just yet. TNA finally seems to be getting back to “Joe’s gonna kill you” after far too long trying to reinvent the wheel. I expect an excellent match that sees Joe overcome shenanigans from Magnus to retain his title here.

Winner: Samoa Joe

James Wright: I am looking forward to this one as while it has been in the background it is a rivalry that has been built for months and it is doing what the WWE can’t at the moment; make the secondary titles actually mean something. It is a simple idea of giving the guys just below the title scene something to do to remain relevant, it provides a place for guys that have had or missed their moment somewhere to fall, but not too far, and holds up and coming stars in place before they are ready for the main event, although not too far. While Magnus is a future star I see Joe coming out on top once again and retaining the TV title, doing to it what he did to the titles in ROH.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Ken Hill: This more or less is what I pictured the feud between the two former tag champs coming down to: A straightforward smash-mouth match between two of TNA’s top brawlers with no real restraints. What I really like about this is Magnus not being ignored by TNA brass and really given a chance to shine on Joe’s level and I think it pays off here.

Winner and NEW TV Champion: Magnus

411Mania Staff Pick: Samoa Joe (4-2)

Doc vs. Joseph Park

Greg DeMarco: Doc? You had how many weeks to come up with a name and you’re going with Doc? I don’t care what Doc stands for, I still would have preferred Isaiah Cash. But the former Luke Gallows isn’t the real story of this match, Joseph Park is. Park is on the brink of making us forget about Abyss for good—and I say we keep it that way!

Park will have all of the fan support, but Doc is going to have some back-up with him. That’s all Doc will need to come out ahead in this match.

Winner: Doc

Michael Weyer: Well, we knew this was coming so best to just roll with it. Park can be a great worker but not sure of Doc. Still, we’re promised a rough battle and I like Park’s “not really a wrestler until it counts” gimmick so we should have a decent match. I see Doc getting the win with help from his gang to push the transformation back into Abyss.

Winner: Doc

Larry Csonka: I think we know what we are getting with the Park character. I can see the numbers game becoming a factor, and with Bully Ray not on the card (A FN CRIME) and his recent endorsement of Park, I see him getting involved, Park going crazy and gaining a victory.

Winner: Joseph Park

Gavin Napier: Eh, this is what it is. It’ll be a decent brawl, and hopefully they’re building to the return of Abyss through this. This Aces and 8s storyline may be a nice way for TNA to tie up a lot of loose ends at the end of the calendar year.

Winner: Doc

James Wright: Can this latest Parks match live up to his great contest against Bully Ray in the Monster’s Ball? There is always a chance, after all that wasn’t a classic technical showing by any means, but the story told was great. Just look at the guys we have in the ring; Parks, who is doing great as Joseph Parks, legitimately lulling me into believing his character so much that I found myself during the Monster’s Ball match thinking how ridiculous it was to put this guy against Bully Ray and expect him to win, and then realising that I had just thought that about Abyss, so I have all the faith in him. Then we have Doc, new name aside this guy is clearly a great character actor, he has already played ‘Masked Kane’, ‘Festus’ and Luke Gallows, leading people to quickly forget his last role in favour of his new one, and each role being more respectable, so hopefully he will know how to work the comedy and know how to work in the brutality as well. All in all this could be a surprisingly good match from a storytelling point of view and it could start ‘Doc’ off right in the company proper. As for a winner, I would go for Parks but more likely Doc will win due to Aces & 8s involvement, and really he needs it more anyway.

Winner: Doc

Ken Hill: As sad as it is to say this, I think this is where the “Joseph Park” reaches the end of the road, and Abyss makes an unwelcome re-emergence to help his “brother” after Aces & Eights costs him this match. I personally liked the Park character and hope there’s someway he can transition between being both Park and Abyss, but I digress.

Winner: Doc

411Mania Staff Pick: Doc (5-1)

Tara & Jesse vs. Eric Young & ODB

Greg DeMarco: Let’s see…three people I don’t care about and Tara. Best case scenario is Eric T Jesse take a walk and head to the great outdoors—for good. That leaves Tara and ODB, a pair easily capable of putting on a good match. Worst case scenario is a crapfest full of crappy spots and crappy comedy.

I’ll tell ya what, TNA. Keep this thing short and we’ll call it all even, okay?

Winner: Tara & Jesse

Michael Weyer: Words cannot express how much I am uninterested in this match so let’s just move on fast.

Winners: Tara & Jesse

Gavin Napier: If Eric Young were truly on his way out of the company, this would be a title match. I don’t think he’s gone yet, but it’s probably not far off. That said, they’ve been teasing strife between the married couple, and trying to make a big deal out of Jesse and Tara’s relationship, so why not put the new couple over?

Winner: Tara and Jesse

Larry Csonka: I have no interest in the match at all, and I do not think it will be entertaining or any good. Unfortunately they are more concerned with this instead of building the Knockouts division. I guess Tara and Jesse From Big Brother can maybe get a run with the coveted Knockouts Tag Titles…

Winner: Tara and Jesse From Big Brother

James Wright: In some ways no, in some ways yes. What I mean by that is that in some ways this match annoys the hell out of me and in other ways I could dig the concept. I have argued before that with dwindling interest in the Knockouts division from the people backstage, these titles should be turned into inter-gender tag titles, if not gotten rid of altogether. If the titles were on the line here it would make sense to pass them on to Tara & Jesse and make that official. I’m actually quite surprised that TNA didn’t go for the whole ‘KO tag titles vs. KO title’ as that is usually the type of stipulations they put in matches. Usually I would be in favour of this simplicity, but as Young is leaving and I want the titles to become inter-gender I’m kind of annoyed they actually aren’t on the line as it would be a great way to shift them onto a new team, it’s not like they’ve exactly been defended so far! So as things stand I see Young going out by taking down Jesse, if the titles are up for grabs in some last minute stipulation change I see Tara pinning Young to win. So as things stand…

Winner: ODB & Eric Young

Ken Hill: I don’t even care if I stream the PPV; if I see this match anywhere else but the pre-show, I’m demanding a refund.

Winners: Tara & Jesse

411Mania: Tara & Jesse (5-1)

X-Division Championship
Rob Van Dam (champion) vs. Joey Ryan

Greg DeMarco: No offense to Joey Ryan, but the fact that he’s at the front of the line for an X-Division title shot is pretty telling about the state of the division. However, most of the best challengers (namely Kenny King and Christian York) are faces, so a heel champion does make the most sense. Just not yet. This could easily span another PPV or more.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (still X-Division champion)

Michael Weyer: Well, RVD hasn’t exactly been wowing as the champ, still annoyed that they took it off Ion. Ryan has been getting the major push off the Gut Check angle so he might be hot enough to get the belt. I think TNA might really be taking a chance here as Ryan can be a great cocky heel champion to spike things up and not like RVD really needs the title so I see a change here to let Ryan show his stuff.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Joey Ryan

Larry Csonka: Matt Morgan is barred from ringside, and they switched the title to RVD to make sure a star has the title, and because the division is razor thin and booked poorly. While it makes sense to try and put the title on Ryan, I see RVD retaining for now.

Winner: RVD

Gavin Napier: I don’t like Joey Ryan. His presence in TNA annoys me as much as the bogus infield fly rule against the Braves in the MLB Playoffs, but not quite as much as Obama’s reelection. I’m on a roll lately, huh? Matt Morgan is the difference here.

Winner: Joey Ryan

James Wright: A possible push for Ryan here and he would be a better fit for the X Division as in my opinion it should be a division devoted to new talent, not smug and overrated talent. I think Joey Ryan has some potential and with Matt Morgan backing him, with Hogan in turn backing him backstage, he could easily steal the title via shenanigans from the Whole F*n’ Show.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Ken Hill: I don’t really understand why Van Dam needs the X Division Title or why it’s even up for grabs here. As far gone as he is at this point in his career, Van Dam has credibility, star power, and tenure to his name. Using him to put over Joey Ryan works, but I don’t see why he had to win a title to make this match more relevant. Plus, if Ryan doesn’t get some immediate cred by winning a big match, his winning a contract won’t mean squat. I expect some Matt Morgan shenanigans in this one

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Joey Ryan

411Mania Staff Pick: Joey Ryan (4-2)

Devon vs Kurt Angle

Greg DeMarco: Remind me again why Bully Ray isn’t getting another crack at Devon here? I love “old man Angle” and all, but this isn’t what the fans want to see, TNA! This has clusterfuck written all over it, and I totally expect to see involvement from Bully Ray, Sting (if he’s still living), Joseph Park, Doc, Aces & Eights members and who knows who else.

Basically, I don’t see a winner coming out of this match.

Winners: No one (no contest)

Michael Weyer: Let’s face it, Devon was never the star wrestler of the team and doubtful he’s magically improved in his time away. So expect interference from A&E as Angle will give his all to carry Devon and expect Angle to eke out the win but get a beat-down afterward as they want to keep selling Devon as a major player that he’s not really suited for.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Larry Csonka: While Devon has been motivated during his singles run, I don’t think that anyone is expecting a MOTY here. But I will say that matching him with Kurt Angle is the best thing to do, not only to play off the eventual Bully Ray match (which should be at Lockdown) but also because Angle will bust his ass to get the best match out of him possible. I feel that the match is designed to give Devon a win, and likely another vicious beat down of a top TNA star.

Winner: Devon

Gavin Napier: Nice bit of continuity here, as TNA played up on commentary a few months back Devon’s comments that he made about losing the weight “for Kurt Angle.” Devon said he wanted to be in shape to wrestle Kurt Angle, and now he’s getting his wish. Angle is the logical choice here, but I fully expect the numbers game to come into play and see Devon get the win after some interference from Aces and 8s.

Winner: Devon

James Wright: I’m not sure if this should actually be called a grudge match as they made it explicitly clear that the attack on Angle a couple of weeks ago was completely random, still whatever. I don’t expect an amazing match here, and again there will probably be a bunch of outside interference. In the end I see this PPV as a way to give the exposed Aces & 8s members the cheap victory to make them look like more of a threat, so despite all logic, I see Angle losing this one.

Winner: Devon

Ken Hill: While I applaud the reveal of Devon as a member of Aces & Eights, he’s being made to look like the figurehead of the group, which, no offense to Devon himself, I just can’t really buy. He’s always been a good bit player, but I can’t picture him in an effective leader role.

Anyway, just like HBK used to help a lot of mediocre opponents to decent matches, Angle can do the same and make Devon look like a boss. I see Angle coming out of this with a narrow victory and get beat down after.

Winner: Kurt Angle

411Mania Staff Pick: Devon (3-2-1)

World Tag Team Championship
Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Greg DeMarco: A great wrestling tag team versus Los Stereotypicos. Who do you think goes over? The Eddie Guerrero Tribute Band, what’s who!

But take nothing away from the match itself, it should be highly entertaining. But the finish won’t be pleasing—to me, at least.

Winners: Chavo & Hernandez (still Tag Team champions)

Michael Weyer: This is tricky as Chavo and Hernandez just got the belts, a bit early for a switch. However, Daniels and Kaz just get along so great as the heel champions that it’d be a shame to waste that already. Thus, I expect Daniels and Kaz to manage to cheat to get the belts back and give the division a bit more spark again to entertain us and continue their great act.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Daniels and Kaz

Larry Csonka: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian are one of the best tag teams going today, and they really should be the champions. They are the better team, they are better on the mic and can work with anyone. Also, if you are going to rebuild the division, you need dominant and entertaining champions like Daniels and Kaz to carry the load. Chavo and Hernandez are “fine,” but the pairing was predictable and they just do not do that much for me as the champions. I want Daniels and Kaz to win, and think that it is best for the division if they do.

Winner: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Gavin Napier: Do I enjoy seeing Chavo Guerrero wrestle? Sure. Is Hernandez better off in a team than on his own? Absolutely. Should they be tag team champions? No. Chavo is getting pops because Eddy is dead and the novelty hasn’t worn off of Hernandez again yet. Daniels and Kazarian are remarkably entertaining in their roles and I wish they had never lost the tag team titles. Sucks for me, because they’re not getting them back here.

Winner: Chavo and Hernandez

James Wright: Please god let Daniels & Kazarian win this one! Sure there are no viable challengers for the tag team titles, but at least on the World Tag Team Champions of the World the titles are in the hands of at least one guy with personality. What exactly have Chavo and Hernandez said or done since winning the titles? Nothing. I don’t know why TNA had the team of Daniels & Kazarian drop the belts at BFG but it is time for them to get them back!

Winner: Daniels & Kazarian

Ken Hill: The win was nice, but the Eddie tributes have to stop and Chavo needs a new bit and a new edge to him. Hernandez is good for what he does, big muscle and big spots. Kaz and Daniels pretty much summed my feelings on the victory, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a quick title change here as Kaz and Daniels are honestly the better team on the mic and in the ring.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Daniels and Kaz

411Mania Staff Pick: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (4-2)

#1 Contender’s Match
Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. AJ Styles
The loser of the fall won’t get a World Championship match until (at least) Bound For Glory 2013

Greg DeMarco:Now this will be a great match! I am very excited about this one, and I think it will deliver. We didn’t need Storm and AJ at odds on Impact Wrestling, but it’s paint-by-numbers booking on a show where I have been asking them to keep it simple. So I can live with that.

The bigger story is the loser—who won’t get a world title shot for almost a year. I’m going with Storm—to lose the fall.

Winner: Bobby Roode
Loser: James Storm

Michael Weyer: AJ’s entire presence is pretty much useless. It’s Storm vs. Roode that fans want to see and we know that it’ll be a hot battle. However, AJ around pretty much ensures who loses the fall. The winner is tricky as Storm has been dominant but Roode needs a win to reassert himself so I guess he gets the pin on AJ after a cheap shot from Storm to boost himself again.

Winner: Bobby Roode
Loser: AJ Styles

Larry Csonka: This is a really interesting match, due to the stipulation. I expect them to kick ass and possibly have the best match of the night, which with these three men should be expected. The title shot is all well and good, but the punishment for the loser may end up not being as good, as most will expect that person to win the BFG Series, and that may turn people off. But I give them credit for trying something new. I say Roode wins, pinning AJ.

Winner: Bobby Roode
Loser: AJ Styles

Gavin Napier: What a fun match this should be. It’s almost like Benoit vs. Triple H when Shawn Michaels shoehorned himself in. Okay, maybe not that good, but the concept applies. Styles, Storm, and Roode should play off of each other beautifully in the ring. There’s no reason to keep Storm or Roode away from the title picture. AJ doesn’t need the title to be over, and a year long build to his title shot at next year’s Bound for Glory could help get interest in him revived after the awful Claire Lynch storyline.

Winner: Robert Roode
Loser: AJ Styles

James Wright: Ah, here is the type of convoluted stipulation match that I was expecting, still in a way I kind of like it. Only one thing could make it better and that is if it was officially called a ‘Turning Point’ match, after all for two of the men it will be a turning point in their career, one will challenge for the world title, and another will not get to be in the title picture for almost a year. It might not be of huge importance this year, but I could see this match gimmick becoming really important in years to come if it did become the signature match of the PPV, giving a young talent his shot, denying an old rival, leaving a frustrated upper-mid-carder to dangle in the same place while the other two men in the match move onto different stages in their careers, just for the lols. I’m sure the contest will be great and the three former members of Fourtune will put on a good show, the winner will most likely directly relate to the winner of the main event so I am going to say that AJ gets the pin and it is on Storm, because he missed the boat at last year’s Lockdown, so what’s another year?

Winner: AJ Styles
Loser: James Storm

Ken Hill: Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for a match between three former members of Fortune, but for once it feels like AJ doesn’t really belong in this mix. Part of the Roode-Storm feud was Roode saying Storm will never be champion as long as Bobby is around, and if this was one-on-one, I’d give it to Storm for closure. However, AJ’s been inserted for the only reason I can think of, and that’s to eat the pinfall to keep Roode in the loop.

Winner: Bobby Roode
Loser: AJ Styles

411Mania Staff Pick (Winner): Bobby Roode (5, 1 for AJ Styles)
411Mania Staff Pick (Loser): AJ Styles (4, 2 for James Storm)

World Championship – Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy (champion) vs. Austin Aries

Greg DeMarco: I’d just like to point this out: Austin Aries…still a TNA main eventer! He faces Jeff Hardy once again, and I expect him to lose once again. The redemption story is completed for Jeff Hardy, and we need to get a few PPV title defenses in before Hardy loses as part of the Aces & Eights storyline.

Again, this will be a great match regardless of the finish. I suspect that finish will see Jeff Hardy hoisting the championship belt(s) up high.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (and still TNA World Champion)

Michael Weyer: TNA has to see that Hardy just isn’t right for the main event scene. He may be cheered by fans but still trouble and Aries is so much hotter. Plus, since going heel, he’s become the cocky jerk who won people over in the first place. Having Hardy win at BFG was a nice reward but TNA must see Aries is the real future of the company and getting the belt back over Hardy in his own style of match is the right move. So they have a fantastic battle but Aries manages to cheat his way to win and hotter than ever which is what TNA needs.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Austin Aries

Larry Csonka: These two had a good match at BFG, and with Hardy always busting ass is ladder matches and Aries being the greatest man that ever lived, this should be another great match. I see Hardy as a long-term champion for the company, and he should retain here.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Gavin Napier: I think taking the title off of Austin Aries so quickly was a mistake, and I hope it didn’t have anything to do with television ratings. Live crowds were connecting with Aries in magnificent fashion, and he’s absolutely amazing in the ring. Hardy is going to sell t-shirts with or without the title. It has allowed Aries to revert to being his natural heel self again, though, which is nice. Austin Aries playing the face was awkward. Unfortunately, I think we’re stuck with Hardy’s face-title for a little while longer.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

James Wright: Now while Styles vs. Hardy would be a great rivalry, and might continue the trend of heel turns for athletic guys who face off against Jeff Hardy, the real reason I picked Styles is because I am putting all my faith in Sweet Zombie Jebus and hoping that Aries will get the win and the title here, beating Hardy in his own match. Now that probably won’t happen, hell it could even be Hardy vs. Storm at the next PPV, but I just can’t in my heart predict that as it makes me physically ill. Hardy won the title at Bound For Glory, it justified the series and gave him his redemption, great, now get the title off the self-deluded freak before he pulls another Victory Road! Also Aries vs. Styles would be awesome, especially with AJ’s pure-of-heart nature and Aries’ sleazy attitude that could really play off each other well.

Winner: Austin Aries

Ken Hill: If I recall correctly, Hardy defended his title in a similar situation against CM Punk at Summerslam ’09: A ladder match against an opponent who’s a novice at ladder-oriented matches. Hardy lost that match, and I feel lightning will strike twice here. TNA has to recognize that Aries is a hot ticket right now. He’s the cocky son-of-a-bitch that fans both envy and want to cheer because of his brash, no-nonsense attitude. Hardy’s a merchandise cash cow with and WITHOUT the championship, and I’m hoping TNA rectifies the short-sighted mistake they made at Bound For Glory.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Austin Aries

411Mania Staff Pick: PUSH! (3-3)

Overall Impression

Greg DeMarco: TNA rarely delivers two less-than-great PPVs in a row, at least in 2012. Thus, I expect this to be a great show. All but one of the matches are going to be good to great, and the show itself should be entertaining.

Buy or No Buy: Buy

Michael Weyer: A bit iffy as a lot of rematches and not sure if they’ll be as good as the first times were. Some might want to check it out for Aries/Hardy and the three-way match but overall, mostly a “filler” PPV for the company, despite their strong push of late. So maybe wait for another show that looks even hotter.

Buy or No Buy: No Buy

Larry Csonka: Looks solid enough, and the three way for the title shot and ladder match should be great. For disclosure, I buy to write about the shows, so I go buy.

Buy or No Buy: Buy

Gavin Napier: Looks like a solid show, but I’m going to have a semester of classes to sign up for soon and Christmas presents to buy. It probably won’t live up to shows like Slammiversary, Bound for Glory, or Destination X this year, but it won’t be awful either. I’ll end up seeing it at some point, just not live on pay per view.

Buy or No Buy: No Buy.

James Wright: I’m actually looking forward to this PPV, it has snuck up on me but I think it could be a pretty good show. I don’t think it will be groundbreaking or anything, and I’m not sure if the average WWE fan should choose to order it over Survivor Series next week, but I’d imagine it’ll be worth a watch and once again I will play my ‘UK Get TNA Free’ card and say that I’ll be watching it.

Buy or No Buy: Buy

Ken Hill: ODB/Tara/Jessie trash aside, it feels like a decent enough post-BFG PPV that I can sink my teeth into. Hardy-Aries and the triple threat should be great, and Kaz/Daniels and Angle should be able to help their opponents to at least a **1/2 or *** match. I’ll give it a go.

Buy or No Buy: Buy

411Mania Staff Pick: BUY (4-2)

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