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411’s RAW Talk Report: Peyton Royce Wants Asuka, Riddle Wants to Team With R-Truth

March 8, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Peyton Royce Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 03.08.21

-We continue along on the march to Fastlane and Road to WrestleMania with the latest edition of RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Kevin Patrick (huh?) welcomes us to the show and he is joined by his co-host, R-Truth. Is Charly gone? Truth asks Kevin if he can call him KP and that works for him. Truth then needs Kevin to explain what sadistic means. They discuss the ending to RAW and Truth admits he doesn’t like to talk about The Field or any of the crazy stuff Alexa does. So, we move on to Lashley and his successful first title defense as he crushed The Miz once again. Next they discuss the Sheamus/McIntyre war from earlier as it seems like they are just stalling for the first guest at this point. If this is going to be the new norm for the start of the show I am not a fan. Just get to the guests and keep moving.

-New Day are out as our first guests and they immediately question who Patrick is as Woods says it has been a long time since he has met someone new. They call him K Peezee and Truth likes that name better. We find out that Patrick is from Dublin, Ireland and Truth says he is doubling up on them. Nice! For whatever reason the sound keeps going out on the feed as well. Kofi gets made they cut the video feed off before he did a bunny hop on Riddle’s scooter. Truth says he has bunny problems of his own and rants against Bugs (Bad) Bunny. Patrick tries to get things back on track, but New Day has him show off his hip action as they talk about winning the WWE Tag Team Championship next week. Woods claims The Hurt Business has been keeping the Tag Titles warm for them and next week they put the turkey in the oven. They give KP a round of applause and welcome him to the fold before they take their leave.

-We take a break for a WrestleMania commercial as WrestleMania is Back in Business and tickets go on sale one week from tomorrow.

-Peyton Royce is out next and she congratulates KP on his new job. She wants them to just sit there and look good. She has been quiet, but closed mouths don’t get paid. Her talents are hidden behind the opinions of others. Asuka is out of action and that means a spot is opened. What does it always have to be filled by the same old same old? She talks about packing up and leaving her family to come here and sit in the back to watch other women do something she is better at than 98% of them and the other 2% she can give a run for their money. She gets emotional talking about striving for something she deserves and she is haunted by her potential. She wants everyone to stop wasting her time and she wants Asuka. That was great and totally unexpected. Kudos to Royce there and hopefully she does get a chance soon.

-They plug the “Heaven” documentary that just uploaded on the Network.

-Our final guest is The United States Champion, Riddle and if you didn’t know, he is Truth’s dawg! Patrick confuses the scooter with a pogo stick though Riddle rolls with it and says he has one of those at home as well. Riddle can’t wait for next week and his first US Title defense against Ali. He feels Ali is the perfect opponent as he brings it every week. Next week he doesn’t care if all of Retribution gets involved as he will put the the beats of them. He mentions he has always had this smile on his face even when he was in the UFC because he is having the time of his life. His mom always told him as long as you give 100% you can leave happy. Riddle and Patrick talk about the chemistry Truth and Riddle have with each other. Riddle wants Truth to get the 24/7 Title back and then they get win the Tag Titles and be double champions. He is just planting a seed and may not happen over night, but it could happen in a few years. “I used to be a gardener.” -Truth! I actually wouldn’t mind a Riddle Truth tag team.

-That wraps up this episode and it is going to take some time to get used to a new host if Charly is actually done here. Peyton Royce was the hi-light of this show which is something to say considering Truth and New Day were the other guests, but her emotion and seriousness was a perfect contrast to the craziness and playfulness of New Day and Riddle. Thanks for reading!

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