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411 Video Review: CZW Best Of The Best 2002

October 4, 2003 | Posted by Tim Madden

For those of you unfamiliar with this company, CZW, or Combat Zone Wrestling, started in 1999 as a wrestling school. Its first four graduates were Lobo, Justice Pain, Nick Gage and Ric Blade. Their first show was in February 1999, and they now primarily in Philadelphia, but have also ran extensively in New Jersey and Delaware on the US East Coast. Some people may have heard of CZW’s reputation as nothing but garbage matches, but ever since 2001, they turned over a new leaf and now provide a real variety of action, including strong style, junior heavyweights, high flying, brawls and death matches.

Some talent on the current roster and to have passed through during its history include Justice Pain, Low Ki, Ric Blade, Trent Acid, Johnny Kashmere, Zandig, Nick Mondo, Sonjay Dutt, Ruckus, Chris Cash, GQ, The Spanish Announce Team (SATs), The Amazing Red, Minoru Fujita, Reckless Youth, Eddie Valentine, Jon Dahmer, Chris Divine, Quiet Storm, Brian XL, CM Punk, Chris Hero, Nate Hatred, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Nick Gage, B-Boy, Super Dragon, Messiah, Jody Fleisch, and Jonny Storm. (Including an influx of popular local and international indy talent, CZW likes to create its own stars, and has really provided some great junior heavyweights in Sonjay Dutt, Ruckus, Chris Cash, M-Dogg 20 and Josh Prohibition – they also opened the door for the SATs and Red, as well as being the first guys to give two young unknowns called the Briscoe Brothers a chance, back in 2001).

The first “Best Of The Best” junior heavyweight tournament occurred in May of 2001 (featuring a great line up including the Briscoes, Red, Fujita, Reckless Youth, and more), and immediately made shockwaves among the indy scene. Now they return in 2002 with a better line-up of talent and a promise for some great action. (By the way, this is recorded at Viking Hall, the old ECW arena).

The tournament consists of twelve wrestlers, but instead of having six singles matches in the first round, they have four three way dances. The two who are not pinned in the three-way go onto face each other in the second round, with the winner of that moving on. Got it?



Trent Acid vs. M Dogg20 vs. Gabriel – Gabriel is one half of the Lost Boys from NWA Wildside. Acid takes on both guys to start, but soon gets double teamed. Two dropkicks send Acid to the outside, and M-Dogg dumps Gabriel. However, Gabriel misses, and has to make up for it with an Arabian moonsault to the outside. M-Dogg teases a dive but Gabriel springs in with a bodypress for two. Gabriel hangs Dogg in the tree of woe, but misses a baseball slide and gets dropkicked by Acid. M-Dogg goes for a monkey flip on Acid, but Gabriel dropkicks them, and nails Acid with a 619 and an Arabian moonsault for two. Gabriel and M-Dogg nail tandem dropkicks on Acid. They do more hussling until they hit the triple german suplex spot. M-Dogg gets a hurricanrana on Gabriel but Acid hits him with an orange crush for two. Acid misses a yakuza kick and tears his knee up in the corner. Gabriel capitalizes with a dragon screw. Johnny Kashmere, Acid’s tag partner, breaks up the count by hitting Gabriel with a baseball bat. M-Dogg goes up top and nails the FUCKING SHOOTING STAR LEGDROP… but gets nailed with a Yakuza Kick and Acid gets the win over Gabriel at 6:06. Nice little opener, but a few blown spots. Man the shooting star legdrop is a great move, and once upon a time you would’ve thought it couldn’t be done. *3/4

B-Boy vs. Nick Berk vs. Super Dragon – Dragon and Boy double team Berk to start, and Dragon nails a STANDING DRAGON SCREW. Oh My God, that’s a lot of twists in so short time. B-Boy gets a hiptoss on Berk for two. They continue the double teaming, and B-Boy gets a nice dropkick on Berk in the corner. Boy hangs Berk up for Dragon to nail the double stomp. Super Dragon breaks up the pin, and they face off. Dragon and B-Boy compete with chops, and Berk dumps both of them. Berk follows with a beautiful flipping plancha. Back in, Berk gets a rydien bomb on Super Dragon for two. Berk clamps on the oriental scorpion, but Boy breaks it up. B-Boy hits some stiff kicks on Berk, followed by a t-bone suplex. He sends Berk to the outside, and Boy and Dragon go at it. Tornado DDT is blocked by B-Boy, and Berk comes in and hits a neckbreaker on Dragon, who DDTs Boy while he goes down. Nice spot. Berk gets a double jawbreaker for two. B-Boy gets a reverse facebuster on Berk, but runs into a german suplex from Dragon. Berk gets a half nelson suplex on Boy, and Dragon nails a dragon suplex on Berk. Berk nails the Berkocette on B-Boy, almost KILLING him. Dragon nails the Psycho Driver 2 (pumpehandle into piledriver) on Berk for the win at 7:59. Nice match from these guys. **

Max Feury vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Ruckus – Feury is an extra small guy, probably only about 5’0”. Ruckus gets double hiptossed but comes back with a double hiptoss of his own and nails both guys with the SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP. Back in, Feury gets a moonsault into a rollup on Ruckus for two. Feury dropkicks both guys out and follows with a body press off the apron. They catch him, however, and cut him in half on the ringpost. Mamaluke locks in an armbar but Ruckus reaches the ropes. Mamaluke gets a belly to belly on Feury, and locks Ruckus in another submission. Feury nails a DDT on Mamaluke, but absolutely MURDERS himself trying a shooting star press off Ruckus’ back. He landed flat on his face, probably broke his nose. Ruckus hits the the Ace Crusher on Feury for two. Mamaluke dumps Ruckus and gets a suplex on Feury for two. Ruckus slams Feury and then hits a CARTWHEEL INTO STANDING PHEONIX SPLASH!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Mamaluke grabs Ruckus, however, and sends him flipping off the apron onto the concrete. Wicked bump. Tony slams Max and gets the win at 6:03. Ruckus bumped around, but it wasn’t great, especially Feury’s effort. *1/2

Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch vs. Johnny Kashmere – Storm and Fleisch take Kashmere down and double team him. Jonny hits a BEAUTIFUL tope off Fleisch’s back over the top onto Kashmere. Fleisch misses a pescado and Kashmere dropkicks him off the top. Kashmere clotheslines Fleisch and monkey flips Storm. Storm holds Fleisch in the gory special, but Fleisch then holds Storm in a vertebreaker, for Kashmere to hit a splash. Kashmere nails a double spear and a bulldog on Storm. He kicks Fleisch to the outside and clotheslines Storm over the top. He hits a tope onto Fleisch and then hits a flipping tope onto Storm, who doesn’t really catch him. Man, Kashmere’s head bounced off the concrete on that one, absolutely nasty. Gabriel attacks Kashmere to get revenge from the opening bout. Kashmere fights back and nails the cradle breaker, but Storm rolls him up for the win at 4:43. Really fast paced match, and some nice spots. Kashmere’s second dive was absolutely INSANE. **


Battle Royal For Shot at Iron Man Title: Chris Cash vs. GQ vs. Nick Gage vs. Nate Hatred vs. John Dahmer vs. Eddie Valentine vs. John House vs. Z-Barr vs. Towel Boy vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Ty Street vs. Ian Knoxx vs. Christ Stylz vs. Rick Michaels vs. Josh Prohibition vs. Adam Flash vs. Rockin Rebel vs. Messiah vs. Justice Pain – This has staggered entrances, and all of the names are mentioned above. Gage and Hatred murder Cash and GQ to start, and Gage nails the chokeslam backbreaker on GQ. Dahmer and Valentine come in, and they brawl wit the H8 Club on the outside. John House, CZW commentator, emerges next. He gets dumped straight away. Its basically a big chaotic brawl from then on, and I can’t be bothered recapping. It’s pretty entertaining, though. This is for a shot at the Iron Man title because Justice Pain didn’t show up for his title match against Messiah. However, Pain shows up at the end, and dumps Messiah to win at 16:11. This sets up the threeway later in the night for both the World Title and Iron Man Title. Some nice bumps here, raising it above the usual battle royale tripe. **1/4


M-Dogg20 vs. Trent Acid – Acid stalls to start. If that is a start. They lock up and trade armbars and takedowns. M-Dogg escapes a hammerlock with a snapmare and they trade rollups, all for near falls. Nice stuff. M-Dogg escapes a hiptoss and monkey flip, and hits a dropkick on Acid’s leg. Acid bails but eventually comes back in and they trade more moves, including some armdrags. M-Dogg hits a nice 360 armdrag and Acid bails again. He threatens to leave, but comes back and goes to work on M-Dogg. Acid does a leapfrog and pretends to blow out his knee, just to sucker M-Dogg into a cheapshot. Nice heel tactics. He continues smashing M-Dogg to bits, and gets a near fall. Acid gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and goes for a full nelson camel clutch. Acid lets go and goes for a surfboard, then decides to screw the fans by going to a headlock. Acid is really good at playing the heel here. Acid sends Dogg out and calls for some chairs. He rolls M-Dogg back in and chokes him. Dogg comes back with two headscissors and a reverse tornado DDT. Acid slides to the outside and M-Dogg follows with a CORKSCREW SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP!! That’s really nice, though later in the year, at Cage Of Death 4 in December, he added an extra rotation to it and made it a dragon screw space flying tiger drop. M-Dogg hits a flagpole press and begins setting up some chairs. Acid attacks him and DDTs him on the apron, then finishes setting up the chairs. They tussle on the apron and M-Dogg HURRICANRANAS Acid off the apron onto the chairs. M-Dogg ate concrete there, and Acid landed awkwardly on his neck. Great bump. M-Dogg20 rolls Acid in but misses a shooting star press. Acid sends Dogg into the corner and nails a knee strike. M-Dogg nails an armdrag. Josh Prohibition, who turned heel on M-Dogg at the previous show, High Stakes, emerges. M-Dogg dropkicks him off the apron and then hits a reverse rana on Acid. Dogg goes up top but jumps onto Prohibition instead, and cops chair. Prohibition piledrives him on a chair and rolls him back in for Acid to hit the yakuza kick to win at 20:01. Fun match, but the stalling didn’t help it, and there was a few blown spots. However, Acid’s heel performance and M-Dogg’s bumps made this a real pleasure. ***1/4

Super Dragon vs. B-Boy – B-Boy teases walking out, but finally comes back in and they lock up. Both guys trade counters on the mat before standing off. They lock up again and Boy takes Dragon down and mauls him with forearms and knees. B-Boy continues the punishment, jumping into an armbar. Dragon tries to fight but Boy locks in a triangle choke. Super Dragon escapes and gets an armbar of his own, but Boy reaches the ropes. Dragon goes up and nails a double stomp. B-Boy stops a Dragon tope and leaves him hanging in the ropes. Nice. B-Boy comes in with a missile dropkick and gets a stiff kick and some neck snaps. Knee off the second rope is followed with what can only be described as a backwards crossface with both legs hooked. Sorry for the bad explanation, but I’ve never seen that submission before. Dragon escapes it anyway. Boy hangs Dragon in the tree of woe and hits a dropkick. And another one. Dragon comes back to hit a double underhook DDT and both guys are out. Criss-cross, and Dragon gets a piledriver for two. Super Dragon springs in with a spinning heel kick for two. B-Boy gets revenge with a FUCKING T-BONE SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!! Dragon landed on his head there, in a spot we see too much in the indies now, not that I don’t like it, but it is unnecessarily dangerous. Each guy goes through a bunch of rollups but all of them only get two. Boy nails a palm strike followed by the cross special brainbuster for two. Dragon springs back with two clotheslines and hits the PSYCHO DRIVER (reverse DVD into piledriver). Boy rolls out of the ring with that one. Dragon rolls him back in but misses a phoenix splash. B-Boy capitalizes with a bunch of belly to back suplexes, dropping Dragon on his head. Then, the execution move, one belly to back over the ropes and onto Dragon’s head, is enough to kill him at 15:12. Some nice drama here, and they managed to do a lot of matwork, rather than running a straight spotfest like the earlier matches. It creates great variety, and this was a very nice change. ****

Tony Mamaluke vs. Ruckus – Let’s see if this match can keep the good trend of the second round going. They taunt each other before locking up and going to the mat. They trade holds very quickly on the mat and Mamaluke holds Ruckus in an armbar. Mamaluke backs off and they lock up again. Criss-cross, and Ruckus hits a hurricanrana followed by an armdrag and dropkick to send Tony out. Ruckus jumps out after him and Tony backdrops him onto the fans in the crowd. Mamaluke nails a sick tornado DDT ON THE CONCRETE. He rolls Ruckus back into the ring and gets a near fall. Mamaluke rolls through a criss-cross into an anklelock legvine. Ruckus gets to the ropes, so Mamaluke goes to work on the knee. Ruckus escapes with an enziguri and nails a spinning tope. Ruckus rolls Mamaluke back in for two. Tony rolls Ruckus up for two, but Ruckus makes a comeback with a devastating clothesline. Ruckus nails a delayed suplex for two, and a standing moonsault for two. Ruckus goes up, but Mamaluke pushes the ref into him and Ruckus gets crotched. Tony joins him up top, and Ruckus pushes him off down into the steel guardrail! Nice bump. Back in, Mamaluke nails an armbreaker and fucks up a transition into an armbar. He gets it eventually and continues working on the arm. That’s okay psychology from the early going of the match, but Ruckus isn’t exactly Benoit when it comes to selling. Mamaluke continues working on the arm, and Ruckus, STARTS TO SELL? WHA??? I’m impressed, Ruckus is doing well tonight. Mamaluke holds Ruckus in a hammerlock pin combination. Mamaluke hits a Russian legsweep into an arm stretch. Ruckus comes back and irritates me by hitting the razzle dazzle on his injured arm, followed by a fameasser for two. Ruckus charges Tony but eats turnbuckle. They trade rollups for two. Double clothesline and both guys are out. Ruckus hits a standing shooting star press for the win at 11:32. Both guys bumped for ten here, and congrats to Mamaluke for trying to keep Ruckus from reverting to his spot monkey ways. The psychology was spotty but existent. Well, at least they tried, which is a big effort for Ruckus. ***

Jody Fleisch vs. Jonny Storm – Storm waits on the outside to start before coming in. They pace and tease each other. Fleisch ducks a criss-cross, but Storm pulls him up and whips him to the ropes. Fleisch misses a round kick on Storm who springs off the ropes and misses a quebrada. Fleisch misses a sweep kick, and Jonny jumps on him, trying to get a pin. Jody rolls out of that, and they both get up. Fleisch takes Jonny’s legs out and tries a quick pin but Jonny rolls out. Double kip up, and they face off. That was a really nice sequence that was executed way faster than I could write it. Arm wrenches, and both guys flip out of them in intricate ways. Sunset flip is reversed, and Storm tries a german. Fleisch flips out and rolls Storm up for a near fall. Storm comes off the ropes and rolls Fleisch up for two. Jody holds onto Storm’s arm however, and as he kicks out, flips Storm into a mahistral cradle for two. Storm grab’s Jody’s clothesline attempt into a hammerlock. Fleisch tries to snapmare him, but Storm rolls through and hangs on to the hammerlock. Fleisch reverses to an arm wrench of his own, but Storm runs up the ropes and flips out of it, armdragging Jody on his way down. Both get up, and Storm armdrags Jody again. Drop toe hold, and Jonny grabs a headlock on Fleisch on the mat. Fleisch gets out of it, but Storm takes him down. Hands interlocked, they do that monkey flip thing Super Crazy and Tajiri used to do in ECW. Storm pulls Fleisch up onto his shoulders, Jody flips backwards, hits the ropes, ducks under a leapfrog and hits a giant spinning kick. Fleisch hits a springboard dropkick, sending Jonny flying to the conrete on the outside, landing on his back. Fleish pops off the top with a shooting star press, as Jonny barely catches him. They go back in and Storm hits a really nice hurracanrana. Criss-cross, and Storm hits a super high rydien bomb. Michinoku Driver on Fleisch gets two. Storm lowblows Fleisch and hits a spinning kick off the top, which Jody does a standing shooting star to sell. Awesome. Fleisch rolls to the outside and Storm follows with a somersault plancha. Storm chairs Jody, then whips him over the guardrail, into the crowd. They brawl, and Jody hits the wall moonsault, literally running up a wall and flipping back off it. Nice. Storm crotches Jody on a guardrail, and flips over the guardrail onto him. They head up top, and Storm flips Fleisch off, into the ring. Fleisch does a cartwheel, flips onto Storms shoulders, spins around and hits a hurracanrana, holding on into a pin attempt for two. Criss-cross, and Storm gets a DDT for two. Fleisch tries a springboard dropkick, but Storm catches him mid-air and powerbombs him. Storm whips Jody to the corner, runs forward, flips over him, then back over him, catching him with a hurracnrana, holding on for a two count. Fleisch stands on the apron, kicks Jonny a few times, then hits the 720 DDT for the pin at 12:20. Both guys shake hands after the match. That was one hell of a match, and totally stole the show, just like the Briscoes did last year. Man, this took the great matches in the second round and shit on ALL OF THEM. ****1/2


Barbed Wire Board Match: Wifebeater vs. Lobo – This is as a result of Lobo’s feud with Zandig, and Wifebeater stepped in to back up Zandig. Lobo appears in the eagle’s nest and says he is still too injured to compete in this match, so he sends in his lackeys Chris Cash and GQ instead. Wifebeater slams both of them through the barbed wire boards in the corners. Zandig, who had lost his company to Lobo in February at This Time It’s Personal emerges on the stage and smacks Lobo with some light tubes. Wifebeater joins them on the stage and suplexes Lobo off through some tables covered in barbed-wire and light tubes. Wifebeater leaves with a bloody back and Lobo needs assistance to get up. That set up their match at the next show, Dйjа Vu, although Wifebeater injured his shoulder before that match could occur and Zandig took his place (leading to the greatest US barbed wire rope match in history). Wifebeater eventually fought Lobo at the No Excuses event in August. No rating for this match because it wasn’t one, but the bumps were nice.


B-Boy vs. Trent Acid – Okay, let’s see if they can pick the show up after that little slowdown. They start off with chops and forearms, then knees. They continue with more striking moves and B-Boy hits a nasty running forearm in the ropes. Acid makes a comeback with a flurry of knees and goes out to get a chair. Please Trent, you don’t need it. He misses a chair throw and B-Boy hits a powerbomb into DDT for two. B-Boy nails a nice clothesline on Acid for two. T-bone suplex on Acid followed by a vertical suplex gets two. B-Boy nails a couple of palm strikes in the corner. Acid begs for more, and comes back with a roaring elbow. He hits another roaring elbow and a running knee strike. He pops up top and nails a missile dropkick for two. Criss-cross, and B-Boy gets an enziguri followed by a SHINING WIZARD for two. B-Boy misses an enziguri and Acid gets another roaring elbow. Superkick by Acid is followed by the Yakuza kick for the win at 6:53. Both guys looked tired here, but they worked well and put on yet another different style of match, this time striking. Pity it was short but I understand why. **1/2

Jody Fleisch vs. Ruckus – They lockup and do some nice gymnastics into a standoff. They lock up again and Ruckus starts working on the arm. Spinning heel kick takes Jody out and Ruckus nails a nice moonsault, running down the ring apron and using the ringpost to flip himself round. He then hits a cartwheel moonsault onto Fleisch on the concrete. They brawl into the crowd, where Ruckus tries to do the wall moonsault that Jody hit earlier on Jonny Storm, but he breaks the wall and lands on his face on the concrete. HOLY FUCK. That was REALLY NASTY. Fleisch still tries, but Ruckus catches him and drives him into the wall. Ruckus looks a bit shaken up. He brings Fleisch and a chair back into the ring. Ruckus whips Jody into the corner but misses the razzle dazzle. Jody nails a nice tornado DDT for two. Fleisch gets a springboard hurricanrana for two. Fleisch grabs the chair but irony interjects and he gets blasted by Ruckus. Ruckus nails a Michinoku Driver and goes up top to hit the moonsault legdrop. It gets two. Ruckus misses a dragon screw and Fleisch nails him with a pussy chairshot that the crowd turns against. He tries again, but the fans boo it once more. He finally gets one that is marginally acceptable. Man, Fleisch doesn’t belong with a chair, nor does he need one. Fleisch nails the 720 DDT onto the chair for the win at 6:49. Man, the chair play in this kinda fucked it up, but it had some nice bumps. **1/4


CZW World Title & CZW Iron Man Title: Messiah vs. Nick Mondo vs. Justice Pain – Messiah is World champ and Mondo is Iron Man champ here. Adam Flash is the special referee. Winner of the match takes both belts. This is a continuation of their feuds that reached a boiling point at High Stakes, the month before. Pain drops to the outside while Messiah and Mondo go at it. Mondo nails a dropkick and spin kick, but Adam Flash pretends not to see a pin attempt. Messiah hits a sit out spinebuster for a slow two count. Flash is playing up an alliance with Pain. Pain pulls the ropes down and sends Mondo to the outside. Pain beats Messiah in the ring and gets him in an armbar. Mondo breaks it up and they go into a criss-cross for a quick count on Mondo. Messiah takes Pain down with a spinning heel kick. Pain clotheslines Mondo, and takes a t-bone suplex from Messiah. Mondo nails a blue thunder bomb on Pain for a slow two count. Messiah hits a crucifix bomb but Pain breaks up the count. Messiah grabs a chair, but Flash stalls and Pain uses it on Mondo. Belly to belly on Mondo gets two. Messiah and Flash begin a shoving match, leading to a fucked up spot, where Pain eventually hits Flash , and its an all out brawl with everyone. Danny Rose comes out and nails Messiah with a chair. Mondo goes up top and hits the M Bison on Pain. Referee Rob Hartog comes in to make the count, but Flash kicks him out. Messiah throws Mondo to the outside and Pain takes out his knee. Messiah comes back with a samoan neckbreaker on Pain, and takes both of them outside. Mondo hits Messiah with a chair, but gets whipped into the rail. All three guys brawl outside and Mondo nails a flipping tope over the ringpost. They continue brawling until Messiah and Pain get back in the ring. Messiah suplexes Pain off the top but Mondo breaks up the count with a springboard legdrop. Messiah hits a legdrop off the top on Pain as Mondo rolls a table into the ring. Mondo throws a chair at Pain and Messiah sets up the table. Mondo and Messiah get up on the table, and Mondo hits a sit out fishermans suplex (Ki Krusher) through the table for two. Mondo slams Pain and goes up top. Flash knocks Messiah off the apron and Pain pops up to hit a poor version of the Pain Thriller (ended up more like a DVD) off the top for the win and the titles at 13:37. Flash turns on Pain after the match and murders him with a legdrop off the top of a ladder in the ring, through a table outside of the ring, to set up their match at the next show, Dйjа Vu. This was a kind of plodding match and poor example of the work these guys are capable of. I may attribute some of it to the fact that they actually performed this match at about 1:00 in the morning, as the show was running really long. Still, all three guys have had way better matches. *1/2


Trent Acid vs. Jody Fleisch – Acid comes out with chairs, and I cringe. Come on Acid, you don’t need them. They start off with duelling chairs, and Fleisch cops some shots to the back and head. Acid sets up two chairs next to each other with one on top. Irony interjects and Fleisch suplexes him off the second ropes through the chairs. It gets two. They head outside and Jody throws Acid into the fans, and hits a BEAUTIFUL moonsault plancha. He flew SO far back. That guy has the best moonsault plancha in the business. Acid nails Fleisch with a tornado DDT on a chair and they head back inside. Fleisch springboard dropkicks a chair into Acid’s face for two. Jody brings a table in and props it in the corner. They tussle over who might go through it, and eventually Acid hits a running blue thunder bomb through the table for two. Acid charges the corner but eats chair, and Fleisch goes up and hits a shooting star press for two. Acid goes up top and nails a nasty reverse rana off the top on Fleisch. Acid gets a second rope tumbleweed onto a chair on Fleisch for two. Acid nails the yakuza kick for two. Fleisch blocks a yakuza kick and hits the 720 DDT for two. Acid blocks another 720 DDT and hits a knee strike in the corner, followed by another yakuza kick for two. Nice drama with the nearfalls here, as the fans are completely into it. Acid nails a beautiful yakuza kick to win at 9:27. And Acid is the Best Of The Best for 2002. I didn’t agree with the garbage nature of this match, but it served well to cover up the weaknesses of both guys as Acid and Fleisch had worked 42:27 and 33:19 respectively, and were obviously very tired. **1/4

The Verdict: You want ALL THIS. Some amazing bumps, some great matwork, and tremendous spotfests, this has it all. A MUCH better show than the original Best Of The Best, with varieties of matches and just fun all the way. This is FIVE HOURS OF ACTION. You really want it. Highly Recommended.


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