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411 Video Review: ECW On TNN 1.07.00

May 12, 2002 | Posted by Tim Moysey

Before we get started…

A whole lot of thanks go out to everyone who took the time to send me what they thought were the funniest moments in WWF (or WWE, it doesn’t really matter) history. I have compiled the list (it can be found here) and will send it off to the WWE when I get a chance to compile in into a more formal letter format. For those of you who missed the previous review, you can find it in the drop-down menu at the bottom of this review.

ECW On TNN – 01/07/00

-Original Air Date: January 7, 2000

-Taped from White Plains, New York

-Hosts: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner

The show starts out with the ending of last week’s main event: Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka for the ECW title. Awesome regains the title he lost the previous week, and Spike Dudley comes down to ruin the celebration. Awesome beats on Spike some, before taking out Spike’s “girlfriend” with a vicious looking charging forearm.

Styles and Gertner shill for the Guilty as Charged Pay Per View, which is this coming Sunday.

A really cool video package voiced over by Paul Heyman shows the history of the ECW title from Shane Douglas in 1994 up until Mike Awesome. As each champion is shown, their theme music plays in the background. Very cool.

Spike talks seriously, listing off all of the stuff he’s had done to him in his career. He promises to hurt Mike Awesome at Guilty as Charged to avenge his “girlfriend’s” injury.


Back from commercial, Judge Jeff Jones and Mike Awesome offer their rebuttal. They complain about Spike interrupting Awesome’s celebration and remind Spike that Awesome “knocked his girlfriend’s teeth down her (f—–g) throat!”.

Another commercial.

As we come back, the Impact Players talk to set up Justin Credible’s match against Tommy Dreamer tonight. Credible tells Lance Storm to stay in the back tonight.

Yet another commercial.

Nova & Kid Kash vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill vs. the Dupps

Pier-six brawl to start, before the Dupps backdrop Doring, before Nova takes the both of them down with a double clothesline. Roadkill enters the picture, and hits Nova with a sidewalk slam. Kash counters with a flying headscissors, and then somersaults onto everyone else, who is on the outside. Roadkill then goes to the top, ready to jump on everyone outside, but they want none of that, and they all scatter. Kash then jumps back in, right into Roadkill’s arms, who sets him up for a clothesline by Doring. Everyone is back in now, and the Dupps start by doubleteaming Nova, then moving onto Kash. The Dupps Irish whip Kash, but he’s tripped up by Doring, and pulled to the outside. The Dupps then turn around, right into a springboard clothesline by Roadkill. Nova, from the top, hits a wicked flying DDT on Roadkill, but then is kicked in the head by Bo Dupp. Bo puts Nova in a full nelson, brings him over to Jack Dupp, who misses a punch and accidently hits Bo, who is knocked down by Kash. Nova and Doring go off the top rope onto Bo, and Kash gets the 3 count to eliminate the Dupps. Nova takes Doring to the corner and works him over. Doring reverses an irish whip, and Nova is sent directly into a Roadkill powerbomb. Doring goes off the tope with a legdrop on Nova, which gets a 2 count. Kash whips Doring into the corner and charges, but Doring gets his boot up. Doring sits up on the turnbuckle, but Kash punches him in the gut, and hits him with a top rope Frankensteiner. Nova hits Doring with a Frankensteiner, but Elektra comes in to break up the count, which prompts a Jazz run in, and the two chicks fight. Simon Diamond pulls Jazz to the outside, and she misses a punch, so Simon picks her up and carries her to the back. Chris Chetti is now in the ring alone with Elektra, and he helps her up, only to be slapped by her. He kisses her, then carries her to the back, making sure that the ringside fans get a nice view of her thong-filled ass (is it really all that nice?). Back inside, Doring hits Nova with a kick that sends him to the outside, and hits “Lancaster Lust” on Kash for the win at 5:11. **1/2 Solid match with lots of action, but kind of hard to follow. Nothing too bad though.


Still more hype for Guilty As Charged, as well as other upcoming events.

Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer: Stairway To Hell

Before we start, we see an “Extreme Replay” of the Impact Players attacking Raven, who was handcuffed to the entranceway. Back to the ring, we see Credible playing the pussy, walking to the back. Dreamer follows him to the stage, and throws him off onto a guardrail. Dreamer drags Credible back to the ring, but before they get inside, Dreamer gets crotched on the guardrail. Again, before they are inside, Dreamer whips Credible into the ladder, which he had put across the guardrail and the ring, and then throws the ladder into the ring. Both men inside now, Dreamer dodges a superkick, and hits Credible with a spinebuster. Dreamer sets the ladder up in a corner, and tries to whip Credible into it, but it is reversed. Dreamer hits the ladder, turns around, and walks right into a superkick. Credible takes Dreamer and sets him up on the top turnbuckle, sets the ladder underneath him, and attempts a superplex, which is blocked and Dreamer drops him face first onto the ladder. Low blow on Credible, and Dreamer sets the ladder up across the bottom turnbuckle before catapolting Credible face-first into the ladder. Dreamer takes Credible and sets him up on a turnbuckle, before putting the ladder across the ropes, the same way that Credible had. Dreamer climbs onto the ladder, and is greeted with some punches by Credible. Dreamers slips, and is low blowed across one of the rungs of the ladder. Credible sets the ladder up in the corner again, and Jason tosses him in a chair. Credible hits Dreamer with a Raven-esque drop-toe hold onto the chair, and gets a 2 count out of it. Credible stands the ladder in the corner, climbs up to the top turnbuckle, then falls down with the ladder and lands on top of Dreamer. Credible sets the ladder in the corner, again (geez, come up with something else to do with it already!), but Dreamer reverses an irish whip, and Credible hits the ladder and goes flying to the outside. Tommy goes outside, throws him back in, sets the ladder across his throat, but Credible hits Dreamer with a low blow to block any offence. Surprise, the ladder is back in the corner again, but Credible climbs another turnbuckle, with his back to Dreamer, who stops the ascent, putting Justin on his shoulders. Tommy carries him across the ring, and drops him onto the ladder. Credible slouches in the corner, so Dreamer sets the ladder in his nether-regions and hits the ladder with a chair, therefore low-blowing Credible. Dreamer now decides to use the ladder for what is was intended for, and climbs up to grab the Singapore Cane. Jason now intereferes, and hits Dreamer with a shitty-looking enziguri. Francine takes offense to this, comes in, hits Jason with a low blow, and then with a Bronco Buster in the corner. Credible is back up, and goes to hit Francine with That’s Incredible, but Dreamer hits him in the head with the cane to break it up. Dreamer attempts to piledrive Credible onto the ladder, but Lance Storm in now out, and hits Dreamer with a flying clothesline from the top rope, then puts the ladder on the outside of the ring. Storm loads up his boot in the corner, but Raven in now on the outside and trips him up, and low-blows him on the ringpost. Dawn Marie and Francine are now alone in the ring, and we get the obligatory cat fight. Dreamer breaks up the catfight, and sets up Dawn Marie for the piledriver, but Credible breaks it up, hits Deamer with That’s Incredible and gets the win at 13:25. **1/2 Decent match, probably too much interference, though, and they should have thought of more ways to use the ladder, as it got old after a few times.

Final commercial break.

We come back, as Rhino, flanked by Steve Corino and Jack Victory hypes his match against the Sandman at Guilty as Charged, which just happens to be this Sunday.

We now join Joey and Joel, who hype Guilty as Charged some more, and the show ends.

Final Thoughts: You think they had a PPV that weekend? Sure, the hype machine was on overdrive, but both the matches we saw were decent. Also, the title history video is also very cool. Another problem with this show is that there are too many interviews in the first half. It’s hard to get people to stay tuned to a show, especially a wrestling show, when you have three commercials before the first full, original match. This was a decent episode, but there are more solid episodes of the TNN show out there.


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