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411 Video Review: Kurt Angle: It’s True, It’s True

August 12, 2002 | Posted by Tim Moysey

Before we get started…
Miss me? Actually, ‘remember me?’ seems like a more appropriate question. I’d like to say that I was too busy these past few months doing something important, but, fact is, I was just being lazy. I’ve had this review here written for probably around a month now, but I just haven’t got around to typing it up yet (lazy). I hope that this review starts a trend of being more consistent with regards to my timing, but who knows. Anyway, let’s get on with the show.

Kurt Angle: It’s True, It’s True
“This is the story of a WWF superstar…” is how this video starts out. A video package of Angle’s first full year as an active member of the WWF roster (and what a year it was) is shown, and the narrator kindly invites us to “find out the truth about Kurt Angle”. Different WWF personalities are shown speaking about Kurt, including Jerry Lawler, Steven Richards, and Rikishi. All of them give their own personal opinions on Angle.

Angle speaking on how he was hired based on his Olympic credentials, what with his Gold medal and all, leads us from a vignette that aired on WWF TV prior to his debut into clips of his first match.

WWF Survivor Series 1999 – November 14, 1999

Gerry Briscoe gives us his opinions on Angle’s debut, saying he was very excited.

This is followed by a Angle promo from Raw, where he insults the good people of Worcester, Massachusetts. Lawler tells us that Kurt reminds him of Wally from Leave it to Beaver, with his ‘clean-cut’ image.

Angle’s program with Steve Blackman is covered, and Blackman calls Angle “a pain in the ass”. Angle adds that he was trying to help Blackman out, but was unable to do so.

WWF Royal Rumble 2000 – January 23, 2000
Tazz is Angle’s mystery opponent, and he wins with the Tazzmission, which is classified as an “illegal choke”, therefore Angle, who had been previously undefeated, sees his winning streak remain intact.

Angle then returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh, where he suffers his first “official” loss at the hands of the Rock, but he blames it on lack of support from his hometown fans.

Next, we see highlights of Angle’s victory over Val Venis on SmackDown to become the European Champion. This leads to a program with Chris Jericho over Jericho’s Intercontinental Championship.

WWF No Way Out 2000 – February 27, 2000
Angle defeats Jericho to become the second ever wrestler to be Euro-Continental champion, and highlights from this match are shown. After the match, Angle celebrates with fans all over the arena, before getting attacked by Jericho and Chyna, and being thrown in the trunk of a car.

Following this, we see the 3-way program between Angle, Jericho, and Chris Benoit leading up to the Triple Threat match for the European and Intercontinental titles at WrestleMania 2000.

WWF WrestleMania 2000 – April 2, 2000
Another clip-job, as Benoit pins Jericho for the first fall to win the IC belt, and Jericho pins Benoit for the second fall to win the European title. Thus, Angle looses two belts while never getting pinned.

WWF employees give us their take on how arrogant Kurt really is.

Two months of his career are glossed over, and we now move into June 2000, and that year’s King of the Ring tournament. Angle qualifies for the tournament with wins over Bradshaw and Buh Buh Ray Dudley, before defeating Jericho and Crash Holly on the PPV to move to the finals against Rikishi.

King of the Ring 2000 – June 25, 2000
Highlights of this match are shown as well, as Angle beats an injured Rikishi with a superplex to become that year’s winner of the King of the Ring tournament.

What follows this is a bunch of highlights from Angle’s first few weeks as the King, including backstage segments, interviews, etc.

This is followed by wrestlers discussing Kurt’s backstage antics, which includes him taping a box on the floor in front of his locker, claiming that as ‘his space’.

His feud with the Undertaker is covered next, leading us to their match at Fully Loaded of that year.

WWF Fully Loaded – July 23, 2000
Highlights from this match are shown, as the Undertaker defeats Angle with the Last Ride.

The build-up to SummerSlam that year is covered, which includes the love triangle between Angle, HHH, and Stephanie McMahon.

WWF SummerSlam – August 27, 2000
More highlights, as Angle suffers a legit concussion near the start of this match, only to come out and finish it, although the Rock wins to retain his WWF title.

More love triangle stuff is shown, but it leads nowhere, as the angle was never really blown-off in any sense, and we are lead into Angle’s feud with the Rock over the WWF Championship.

WWF No Mercy- October 22, 2000
The ending of this match is shown, and Angle wins, despite the interference of Rikishi to become WWF champion and complete perhaps the biggest first year in WWF history.

And finally, the video ends with more of the WWF employees giving us their thoughts on Kurt Angle.

Final Thoughts: Well, despite this taping being done almost completely in character, it does a good job of documenting Angle’s first year in the business, and doesn’t really leave out anything important. I’d recommend this tape for anyone who considers themselves to be big Kurt Angle fans, although it would probably be a safe bet to assume that they already have it. Finally, one thing I realized when watching this tape was how many amazing accomplishments Kurt Angle jammed into one year. You hear SO many people on the Internet complaining about Angle being ‘held down’ by people ahead of him on the card, yet, Angle has already been a 3 time World Champion in a career that, to date, has spanned less than 3 years, while others, who have been around for 10+ years have not accomplished anything close to that. Don’t get me wrong, Angle is a GREAT talent, and deserves what he has got so far, but I think that first year set such lofty marks, that no matter where he goes from here, he’ll be hard pressed to duplicate it.


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