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411 Video Review: New Blood Rising

June 9, 2002 | Posted by Bob Barron

Live from Vancouver, BC. Your hosts are Tony, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden.

Video package of Booker-Jarrett and Nash/Steiner/Goldberg ‘shooting’.

Three Count (w/Tank Abbott) v. Jung Dragons in a ladder match

Tank and 3 Count sing. Funny stuff. Shane and Knoble start. Everyone goes and runs for the ladder. Yin Yang sets up the ladder but Shannon stops him. Yang almost powerbombs on ladder. Yang blocks powerbomb by blocking powerbomb and back dropping Moore on ladder. Moore jumps of the ladder onto Jamie-san and covers. Dumbass. Three Count drop San on ladder and put the other two on top of him. They then drop Moore on to all of them. Three Count climbs and some stuff leads to stereo Doomsday Devices by both team. Yang climbs but gets pushed off. Jamiesan does a crossbody off the ladder to the outside on everyone. They fight over the ladder with Shannon Moore doing a reverse Diamond Cutter. Helms does a neckbreaker off the ladder. Kaz suplexes Evan off the ladder. Shanes doublelegdrop the ladder with Yang under it. Jung Dragons do some spinkicks but Evan clotheslines people. Kaz gets powerslammed on the ladder. More people get whacked with ladders and Three Count dance. Yang does an Asai moonsault and beats up Shannon. Both Dragons jump off the ladders onto Shannon Moore. Jamiesan gets the recording contract but Tank takes it. Dragons beat up people with ladders. Break his neck. Jamiesan botches a legdrop on the ladder. Jungs climb but Helms saves. Helmes and Yang climb. Helms pushes Kaz off. Shannon is left on top but gets powerbombed by Jamiesan. Tank comes in and pushes off Shannon and Kaz. Evan soon climbs up and gets the contract. ***3/4- Fun spotfest

Filthy Animals hang out in Cat’s office. They want to ref the title match. They guarantee he’ll beat Muta. Curses get bleeped.

The Great Muta v. The Cat

Cat cuts a promo. Ass is muted. Cat hammers away. Cat gets funky like a monkey and drops an elbow. Muta goes to the eyes and drops an elbow. Muta gets a submission hold and works on the arm. Muta works him over. Cat comes back with kicks. Muta nails him in the throat. Tigress comes out. ‘We want Puppies’ chant. Cat moves out of the way of handspring elbow and uses some martial arts. Cat chokes him out with a cable. Cat kicks him. Back in-it gets two. Cat gets funky like a monkey again but Muta gets dragon screw legwhip. Muta gets a leg submission- Cat makes ropes. Muta misses moonsault and mists Cat. Tigress comes in with a wussy chairshot to Muta. It gets two. Cat kicks away for the win. *1/2

Buff is looking for mommy. Kanyon=ratings sign.

Positively Kanyon v. Buff Bagwell in a Judy Bagwell on a forklift match

Kanyon comes out with Judy on a forklift. Can’t the match be a Judy Bagwell lets lynched match? Kanyon cuts a promo pre-match. Bagwell kicks his ass and they brawl into the crowd. Buff gets a neckbreaker as Judy shouts. Kanyon ballshots and gets a middle rope Russian leg sweep. It gets two. Kanyon starts cutting the turnbuckle and chokes out Buff. Whiplash powerbomb-2. Buff comes back but walks into a Kanyon Clutch. For a long time. Arm drops twice, not thrice but Kanyon gets a neckbreaker for two. Buff blocks Kanyon Cutter and drops him on steel for two. Kanyon gets a Kanyon Cutter…for two. Self High Five cues up and David Arquette comes out??????? Mark Madden makes me cry by calling him former world champion. Buff kicks Kanyon’s ass but goes all YMCA and gets nailed with a construction helmet. It gets two for Kanyon. Buff beats up both and gives both the Buff Blockbuster. ј* Kanyon gives Arquette a Kanyon Cutter to a huge pop.

Canadian Secret Service are outside cause Lance Storm is here. Tony says that Goldberg was injured in a motorcycle accident. Is that a work? Or a shoot?

Kroni>! v. MIA v. Mark Jindrak-n-Sean O’Haire v. Perfect Event in a four way dance for the WCW Tag Titles

The Perfect Event are the only ones regularly on TV today. That’s sad. Filthy Animals are guest refs, Konnan is on guest ref. Disco cuts a promo naming himself inside ref and Rey, Tigress and Juvy are ringside enforcers. Ass is said three times and muted three times. Adams and Chucky start. Lockup- Adamn shoves him down. Lockup- Chucky gets waistlock and works him over. Adams throws him out where Rey and Juvy kick his ass. Adams kills Stasiak. Cajun and Jindrak go. Jindrak kicks his ass. Cajun gets flying headscissors. Tag Clarke. Clarke takes Jindrak down. Chucky superkicks Clarke. O’Haire tags in and hammers away at Clarke. Spin kick-2. Tilt-a-whirl slam- Disco does a very slow two. Clarke tags Rection who chops away. Spin kick- Disco doesn’t count. Rection and O’Haire chop each other. O’Haire powerbombs him. Tigress broncobusters Rection. Rey tries to broncobuster him but gets kicked in the balls. Stasiak beats on Rection but Rection falls into his crotch. Tag Cajun who beats on Stasiak. Disco slow counts. Stasiak comes back and we have more slow count madness. Rection beats on everyone but O’Haire kills him. Everyone beats on Rection. Chucky covers for two. Chucky gets a sleeperhold. Crowd chants ‘boring’. Arm drops twice, not thrice. Chucky superkicks Rection and Stasiak comes in. Stasiak elbows him- Disco doesn’t count. Hugh splashes Stasiak and tags in Cajun. Cajun tries same thing and Stasiak dumps him. Kroni>! dumps Stasiak. Animals beat on everyone on the outside. O’Haire swantons Clarke- Rection comes in bur gets DDTed. Chucky beats on Cajun but Kroni>! attack him. Dark Carnival run in and attack Kron>!. Chucky gets a rollup for a slow two. Clarke gives him in the Meltdown for a bogus two. Clarke goes after Disco. Adams presses Stasiak to the outside. High Times to Palumbo. Lieutenant Loco runs in and counts three. Good job Loco- causing your own team to lose. *

Pamela Paulshock interviews Jarrett. Slapnuts gets muted.

The Franchise (w/Torrie Wilson) v. Kidman in a strap match

Franchise cuts his usual boring promo. Kidman trips him up with strap. Douglas stomps away but gets tripped and legdropped. Kidman goes after Torrie and he clotheslines Shane. Kidman whips Shane into the rail. Shane gets rammed into post and choked. Kidman whips Shane with the strap but goes after Torrie and gets crotched. Shane chokes out Kidman and kicks his ass. Kidman comes back with punches and a hurricarana. Kidman kicks his ass. Powerbomb-2. Shane tries a comeback but Kidman throws him off top. Kidman whips him in the balls. Bulldog-two. Mark Madden says turn heel. Torrie accidentally bops Shane with her shoe for two. Shane presses him onto ropes for two. Kidman small packages Shane, Torrie pushes Shane on top. Pittsburgh Plunge-two. Kidman whips Shane into Torrie and hits the Unprettier for the win. Shane ‘boring’ Douglas didn’t drag it down. **1/2 Kidman whips Torrie and Shane attacks. Shane starts hanging Kidman. Vito makes the save. Reno comes out and they brawl.

Booker T is here. Jarrett shows up and beats on his knee with a car door.

Major Gunns v. Miss Hancock in an ROTC match

Madden says snootchie boochies. Madden makes fun of Gunns’ fake gunns. Handshake- Gunn slaps her. Catfight! Hancock does a sweet handspring elbow. Madden starts comparing this match to classic matches. Tony: Sometimes you just don’t know what you say but you scream. Major Gunns is down to her bra. Gunns badly, badly botches an X-Factor. Hancock’s pants come off. Hancock shakes her stuff and gets a crossbody for two. Hancock kips up but gets kicked in the midsection. Gunns gets a sunset flip for two. Hancock misses crossbody and starts grabbing her stomach. IT’S A SHOOT! Gunns loses her pants, Stacey her shirt. Horrible backdrop and they go into the mud. Madden starts getting really weird on colour. Hancock starts shaking her stuff but then wrestling stops being fake, kayfabe is broken and it stops being a work as Hancock suffers stomach pains. You know its real cause she clutches her stomach and Major Gunns looks concerned. David Flair runs out and calls for help in case there any non-believers out there. Tony even speaks in a somber voice. I’m scared. Mommy- Is Hancock gonna be okay???

Pamela Paulshock is with the Dark Carnival. Is this real or are we back into the fake world?

We go back to the announcers and Miss Hancock is suffering severe abdominal pains. To confirm my fears of this being 100% real- Tony says it ‘wasn’t part of the match’. Tony even calls her by her real name and mentions her past history. Then the Demon comes out ending the ‘shoot portion’ of the show.

The Demon v. Sting

Sting repels from the raptors. Bret must’ve loved that. Sting kicks his ass. Stinger Splash, Deathdrop. DUD Post-match Muta and Vamp attack. Kroni>! saves. A tag title match is signed for tonight. Yay- more Kroni>!

Doctors work on Booker’s knee.

Lance Storm v. Mike Awesome for the WCW Canadian Title

Storm gets the Goldberg entrance.

After wrestling for rude and obnoxious crowds in the US, I finally get to wrestle for some real wrestling fans, in the greatest country in the world! (‘US Sucks chant’) If you’re wondering why the security entourage its because I’ve become a marked and hated man in the US. Despite claims of being a patriotic nation they spit on me for defending my own country. It is irrational American thinking like that that has he me worried of a terrorist attack in the back. It’s not my fault that Americans think they rule the world. It’s not my fault that I threaten to shatter the illusion. It is not my fault that I defeat yet another US hero-Mike Awesome. Now in accordance with the Canadian Championship Bout I invoke Rule 32-B and name a special referee to oversee the enforcement (HUGE Bret chant) to oversee the enforcement of the Canadian Rulebook. I give you an honourable true Canadian- JACQUES ROUGEAU???????? Lets do this right one time. All rise for the playing of the Canadian national anthem. (Anthem plays)

Cause when you think of honourable Canadians- you think of The Mountie! What- was Raymond too busy, what about Dino- oh wait. Damn- that crowd got quiet once he said Jacques. Jacques is ringside ref. Awesome kicks his ass. Butterfly underhook and he works him over. Legdrop-2. Storm gets superkick and rams him into post. Storm chops away but can’t suplex or German him. Awesome clotheslines him out. Brawl on the outside- Awesome gets a table. Storm rams him into rail. Back in- Storm gets dropkick for two. Awesome goes up top but slips and hits Storm with a clothesline. Storm blocks Awesomebomb with backslide for two. Awesome blocks Maple Leaf and gets Awesome Bomb for a dubious three. Huge bullshit chant. BUT WAIT! Canadian Rules mean you must win with a five count.

Awesome kicks his ass and slams him on the mat. Dragon Sleeper by Awesome- Storm submits. BUT WAIT! Submissions don’t count in championship matches in Canada. Hey Russo think of your own ideas.

Bridge suplex by Storm-2. Rollup-3. Awesome gets a release German suplex and a flying shoulderblock for four. Frog splash by Awesome gets five. BUT WAIT! With Canadian Rules in effect after a man has been beaten by a five count he has to answer a count of ten. This is so counterproductive to Storm its sick. This was supposed to the match that made him a big star and made the crowd go crazy but instead they’re just pissing off the crowd by burying their hero. At least with the Over the Edge match it was insanely entertaining and it just made the crowd love Austin so much. Here whether WCW likes it or not Storm is the face. They could’ve easily made this a back and forth match with some highspots, a little cheating by Storm and given it twenty minutes with maybe Storm working on the leg to soften him up for the Crab and you got yourself a damn good match.

Storm gets a ballshot. Storm chairs him for four and a table gets involved. They both go through a table. BUT WAIT!! Whomever answers a ten count wins it. Just to bury any credibility Lance had left- Rougeau punks out Awesome and Storm wins it. Good match but all the silliness, stupidity and killing of Storm’s career killed it. **3/4

Bret Hart comes out and they all hug. I guess making Bret the ref would’ve made the crowd go too crazy and would’ve given Storm too much of a rub.

Pamela is with Kevin Nash. Kevin shoots.

Kroni>! v. Dark Carnvial for the WCW Tag Titles

Kroni>! clear the ring. Clarke and Vamp start. Vamp kicks his ass. Clarke gets a shoulderblock for two. Vamp goes to the eyes but gets powerbombed for two. Tag Adams who kills Vamp. Tag Muta who gets his ass kicked. Tag Clarke who beats on Muta. Muta kicks away who tags Vamp. Vamp walks into a powerslam for two. Tag Adams who boots him and works him over. Vamp blocks a powerbomb and rams him into mat. Vamp kicks away-tag Muta. Muta works on the leg. Tag Vamp. Vamp works Adams over and chops away. On the outside- Adams goes into the rail. Back in- a double KO results. Hot tag Adams who cleans house. Meltdown to Vamp and Muta mists the ref. Vamp stops High Times to Muta and gets his ass kicked. The Harris Brothers come out and beat up Kron>!. H-Bomb to Clarke and Muta hits the moonsault. We have new champs. Sooooo boring. DUD

Pamela is with Booker T. Video package of all the shooting.

Note: This next part is all real. Nothing is worked or fake or any of that kayfabe stuff. Goldberg, Nash and Steiner are all shooting on each other. I don’t know if WCW even authorised this shoot.

Kevin Nash v. Scott Steiner v. Goldberg in a three-way dance to determine the #1 contender

Goldberg isnt here- due to his motorcycle accident. A real motorcycle accident. Not a work- real. His music plays twice- no Goldberg. Lockup-Steiner knees him and stomps and hammers away. Stiff 100% all real chops by Steiner. Nash knees him and boots. Steiner bails. Nash whips him into the rail an drops him on the rail. Heeeeeeeere’s Goldberg. Goldberg beats up Nash. His ribs are taped- he’s shooting! Steiner clotheslines Goldberg and shoots on him by flexing. It gets two. Suplex-2. Shoulderblock and career ending superkick send Steiner out. Goldberg and Nash go. Madden starts shooting by talking about Nash being booker and putting himself over. Nash works on the ribs but Steiner attacks and belly to bellys him for two. Steiner shoots and goes after the ref. Steiner beats on Nash. Elbow-2. Steiner AGAIN shoots on the ref telling him he sucks. Crowd starts shooting on the wrestlers by chanting boring. Double K-O results between Steiner and Goldberg. Nash clotheslines both. Nash beats on Steiner and big boots Goldberg. Nash shoots by pulling down the straps. A MEGA-SHOOT RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldberg blocks the Jacknife and walks out. OMG- This is so 100% real. I love it. He walks out and Vince Russo shows up and they swear at each other. Madden says maybe Goldberg didn’t want to job and Nash could’ve punched him and really shooted on him. Tony says they may have to improvise a new finish. Madden says Steiner may shoot on Nash. This match is so inside- I feel like Dave Meltzer. Steiner slams Nash for two. Blind charge by Steiner eats boot. Midajah comes out and power walks. She’s actually shooting- she was supposed to walk slowly. Nash hits Snake Eyes but Midajah bumps the ref and ballshots Nash. Nash ballshots Steiner. Midajah elbows Nash’s balls. Steiner covers for two. Nash is shooting- he was supposed to kick out at one. Nash gets a DDT- he’s shooting by expanding the moveset. Midajah saves. Nash beats on Steiner and Jacknifes him for the win. *1/2 Way to kill Steiner’s credibility.

Announcers discuss. Note: The shooting is over. Video package of Booker-Jarrett. Buffer does the intros.

Booker T v. Jeff Jarrett for the WCW Title

Jarrett attacks and stomps a mudhole. Booker comes back with an elbow. Rollup-2. Powerbomb-2. Standing sidekick and he clotheslines Jarrett out. Brawl on the outside. Jarrett goes into the rails. Booker chops away. He crotches Jarrett twice on turnbuckle. Missile dropkick- but he hurts his knee. Jarrett works on the knee and uses a chair. Jarrett poses with the belt and continues to work on the knee. Boston Crab- Booker makes ropes. On the outside- Jarrett continues to use the chair. Booker gets a rollup for two. Double K-O. Booker hammers away and gets spinebuster for two. Axe Kick, Spinarooni! Ref gets bumped and Jarrett whacks him in the knee with the guitar. Figure Four- Booker makes ropes. It takes Jarrett a while to break. Booker falls outside. Jarrett gets the belt but hits the ref by accident. Booker comes back and Bookends Jarrett through a table. Really weak bump. Ref #2 comes in. Back in- it gets two. Crowd chants Hogan or bullshit. Jarrett ballshots Booker and gives the ref a weak chairshot. Stroke on the steel chair. No ref. Little Naitch runs in and counts two. Botched swinging neckbreaker on the chair-two. Blind charge eats foot. Jarrett goes up but gets caught. Jarrett blocks Bookend but walks into another one. Booker wins. **1/2 Talk about a dull match- I think both guys wanted to shoot but were stuck staying to the script.

The Bottom Line- WCW blew it. They could’ve made Storm a credible US champ and big star and could’ve somehow made it so Booker and Jarrett wasn’t boring as hell. Vince Russo said this PPV was like really important and people would think higher of WCW or something. No one really cared.

Recommendation to Avoid


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