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411 Video Review: This Tuesday In Texas (1991)

September 6, 2002 | Posted by Sydney Brown

You fortunate souls get a nice bonus column with my usual review. As the header shows, we’re taking a look at the WWF’s 1991 “Bonus” PPV, This Tuesday in Texas. I’m not sure what the reasoning was to have a PPV so soon after Survivor Series, but considering how Vince never did it again, I suspect the buyrates were pretty abysmal.

Writing last week’s column made me a little nostalgic for 1991. That was the first of a few times I quit following wrestling because of one reason or another. This time was mainly because of the idiotic push of Sgt. Slaughter to profit off of the Gulf War. Even as a teenager, I could see how Vince was exploiting the war for his own personal gain. Not only that, but I could see where it was all leading. Quite frankly I was sick of Hogan at this point, and I in no way wanted to see him as champion again. So pretty much from February to about August, I watched it sparingly. I tuned in to Prime Time Wrestling every other week or so (during the equally stupid live audience days) to catch up with things, but that was about it.

Then came Flair. And I was sucked back in.

But that’s another column for another time. What REALLY sucked me back in was one of the absolute greatest feuds I have EVER seen in wrestling. That would be the Randy Savage / Jake Roberts war that literally changed my opinion of wrestling forever. The supposed “blowoff” match was held at Tuesday Night in Texas which is why I’m writing this

Basically, I’m reviewing the show, but the Savage / Roberts stuff is going to be separate.

Let me also add that this is off of SuperTape ‘92, a Coliseum release. So why I am not just reviewing that tape? Considering there’s an I.R.S. “Tax Tips” segment and a look at the Undertaker’s “best” matches, I think my time would be better spent elsewhere. The only reason I even bring it up is that Tuesday in Texas was a 2 hour show, and only 90 minutes are being shown here, so what ever got cut out I don’t know about.

Match #1

Bret Hart vs. Skinner

Bret was about four months into his I-C title reign and was taking on all comers. I believe his originally scheduled opponent was The Barbarian but he went AWOL right before the show and Skinner became the last minute replacement. Skinner was Steve Keirn, one half of The Fabulous Ones with Stan Lane back in the early to mid ‘80’s. While Lane went on to enjoy fame in the Midnight Express, well, this pretty much was THE high point for Keirn, becoming the tobacco spitting, alligator hunter Skinner. Basically he was the homeless version of Steve Irwin. And to show what a top contender he is, he gets introduced while Bret’s music is still playing. Some chick with a Bret Hart sign gets Bret’s glasses and she starts shaking and screaming like he’s Britney Spears or something.

Bret gets a quick takedown to start things and goes to work on the arm. He gets an atomic drop, an inverted atomic drop, and a clothesline before he decides to bail. Skinner walks around ringside getting the “thumbs down” from the fans, a favorite old school gesture of mine. Back in and back to the arm. Skinner headbutts his way out and posts Bret’s shoulder. Skinner stomps away on the shoulder, not letting Bret back in the ring. He chokes Bret out on the floor, and a dazed Hart rolls back in. Skinner puts on an abdominal stretch. And Heenan sees the Gorilla comment coming about how the hold’s not being done properly and leads him in to it. He hits a shoulderbreaker for two. Heenan beats Paul Heyman by a decade by saying “One second away, one second away from winning that belt.” Bret hits the corner but catches Skinner running in with a boot to the face. Bret tries a second rope elbowdrop and eats the mat hard. Skinner takes his can of chaw and threatens to dump it on Bret, but referee Danny Davis warns him and takes it away from him, so he grabs his lucky alligator claw (I’m not kidding) and catches Bret in the throat with it. Skinner goes to work on the throat with stomps and chokes, with the requisite sternum first Irish whip into the turnbuckle thrown in. He hits the reverse DDT for two, but Bret catches him in the face on a second turnbuckle move. Russian neckbreaker, suplex, backbreaker, elbow from second rope, and sharpsh………no, Skinner shocks everybody with a quick rollup for two, so Bret tosses him. Slugfest on the floor which Skinner wins. Back in, and Skinner AGAIN tries a top rope move, so Bret tosses him again. Sharpshooter and goodbye. Decent match, but Bret Hart circa 1991-1996 always delivered.

Okay, from here we go to the Roberts / Savage match, but that’ll be covered later.

Match #2 (so to speak)

Davey Boy Smith vs. The Warlord

You know, I reviewed how this feud started in my MSG 1/91 column and here it is November of that year, and they’re STILL feuding. Hell, this feud lasted longer than Bulldog’s mascot Winston (aka Matilda II). The Warlord is now managed by Harvey Whippleman, the legendary manager of losers. Bulldog was in Serena Williams mode here with his braided hair and beads. The crowd is pretty quiet from all that went down in the previous match, not to mention it’s a Warlord match.

Warlord tries to kick Bulldog immediately but Smith catches the foot, pushes him down, and headbutts him in the crotch. Warlord manages to no-sell it and throws Bulldog into the turnbuckles. You get headbutted in the BALLS and you just bounce up? Well, I guess he IS roided up and all. Bulldog clotheslines him twice, the second one sending him to the floor. Bulldog tries a plancha, but Warlord catches him, sorta, and posts him. Bulldog bounces back and rams Warlord’s head into the turnbuckle ten times, from the apron, and then he hits a top rope dropkick. Bulldog ties up Warlord in the ropes and tries a bodypress, but Warlord gets out and Bulldog crotches himself. You know, just once I’d have liked to have seen Bulldog actually hit that move, just to see how stupid it would look. Warlord gets a nice backdrop. Bearhug (and a beauty says Gorilla as if such a thing existed) but Smith headbutts his way out. Warlord busts out a belly-to-belly to my shock. Even more shocking, it was pretty crisp. Most shocking of all, Gorilla calls it the right hold. Warlord stands around, trying to figure out how to top that so he just steps on the Bulldog ending his impressive moves at one. Warlord hits Bulldog in the back once, stalls for thirty seconds, goes for a cover, gets two, and actually seems surprised that Smith kicked out. Bulldog bounce up and tries a piledriver but Warlord backdrops him. Smith holds on, but Warlord sits on him and of course flexes so Bulldog can wrap his arms around him for the original sunset flip that gets two. Warlord flattens him with a clothesline. He gets the full nelson, and of course applies it wrong. Bulldog powers out of it about three minutes later, so I guess both men are pretty blown at this point. Bulldog kicks Warlord and gets a second rope clothesline to turn the tide. Bulldog gets the hanging suplex for two. He goes for the powerslam but Warlord grabs the rope and he falls on Davey for two. Bulldog busts out a crucifix for the win. An okay four minute match spread out over about fifteen. Way too much resting for this to be good, but considering who was in it, this could have been MUCH worse.

Match #3

Ted DiBiase & Repo Man vs. Tito Santana & Virgil

Two image makeovers in one match. Repo Man was the former Demolition Smash, and Tito had “gone back to Mexico” and became El Matador, a gimmick that let him actually win a few matches before falling back to jobbersville six months later. Oh, the set up for this match. Virgil had beaten Ted DiBiase for his million dollar belt, but Repo Man repossessed it. Hence this match. Don’t ask me how Tito fits in to this. Virgil was nearing the end of his push which came to an abrupt halt about two months later when Sid Justice destroyed his nose during a TV taping. Ted DiBiase was at absolute rock bottom in his WWF career. No direction, no focus, and it wouldn’t be revitalized until the last second paring with Irwin R. Schyster in February let them dominate the tag ranks for the next year and a half.

Anyways, Tito starts with Repo. Repo looks to lock up but backs away and says “You’re gonna owe me some money” and the complete blank look Tito responds with is pretty funny. So Repo kicks him in the gut. Repo Man was a REALLY bad gimmick, but he just seemed to have so much fun playing him. Tito comes back with an armbar. They fight over a hiptoss which Tito wins by tossing him to the floor. Repo charges back in full force and gets clotheslined. DiBiase tags in so Virgil comes in too. DiBiase pounds away, but Virgil gets an atomic drop, a move that Ted was a master of overselling and ends up on the floor only to get beaten up more by Tito. DiBiase stops a blind charge by Virgil and Repo comes back in. They kick Virgil’s ass for a while including a gutwrench from DiBiase that gets two. Virgil gets a neckbreaker out of desperation and tags in Tito. Tito roars in destroying Repo Man with right hands. Tito hits the flying forearm and then assaults DiBiase before Ted can interfere. Tito goes for another forearm but Ted trips him up and Repo tosses him hard to the floor. Tito eats the steel steps before getting rolled back in. DiBiase tags in with a double axehandle. Repo comes back in and they clothesline each other. And we’re left with ANOTHER case of both men trying to make the tag. Virgil gets the hot tag and destroys DiBiase and Repo. Virgil hits the sloppiest Russian legsweep I’ve ever seen for two. All four men in now and Sherri tries to hit Virgil with her shoe but he ducks and Ted gets planted. Virgil grabs Sherri but Repo knees him in the back and Ted pins him? A knee to the back scores the pin? If you say so. All things considered this wasn’t THAT bad either. I was fearing the worst and got a tad better than that.

Match #4

Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker

Let’s see……Hogan lost the title the week before, he gets an immediate rematch, the PPV’s colors are red and yellow, UT gets no pre-match interview, and he comes out first. Gee, I wonder who’s gonna win? The Hulkamania backlash was starting to happen around this time as Vince booked the show to give the fans the “happy ending.” Problem was, there were a LOT of cheers for UT after he won the belt at Survivor Series, and Vince began to realize that maybe Hulk wasn’t as big as he used to be. The poor buyrate and the roar of the crowd when Hogan got tossed at the 1992 Rumble cemented that theory but that’s another time and place.

Undertaker comes out with his new manager Jerry Lewis, excuse me, that’s Paul Bearer. Hogan’s not screwing around. He rips off the shirt and charges. But UT and Bearer are ready and attack. Hogan fights back with a clothesline, stuffs his Hulk Rules bandanna in Taker’s mouth, and starts biting him. Ten punches and a eyerake and we see WWF President Jack Tunney sitting at ringside to make sure “nothing happens.” That of course guarantees that he’ll be involved in the finish. Hogan with an inverted atomic drop, Taker rises, a scoop slam, Taker rises. So Hogan beats up Paul Bearer just so SOMEBODY will sell for him. I loved the irony of the Hogan / Taker matches. Hogan finally gets a taste of his own medicine after not selling anybody’s finishers for seven years. Hogan clotheslines Taker to the floor but he just looks annoyed. Taker drags Hogan out and clips him in the throat several times. He starts choking Hogan on the floor while his eyes roll back into his head, giving an unintentionally comic moment. Hogan rolls back in, and Tunney gets up like he’s going to do something, then sits back down again. Monsoon chastises the ref, which is odd considering it’s his kid whose reffing, Joey Marella. More choking. Hard to believe that UT’s moveset was more limited than it is now. Ref counts to about 12 while Taker chokes, but Hogan gets an atomic drop. Guess who no-sells it? Knee to the throat sends Hogan back down. Taker does his walking the ropes bit back when it was cool. More choking. Hogan fights back, so UT posts him. UT uses the claw, what the hell? Even the Von Erichs weren’t using the claw in 1991. Hogan fights out, and he Irish whips UT in, who gets his head caught bouncing against the way too loose ropes, and falls on his ass to the delight of the crowd. They both freeze unsure what to do to the point that UT forgets to even rise up. UT gets a quick boot to regain control. They re-do the move and this time Taker gets his clothesline. He tries the rope thing again, so Hogan tosses him off this time. Hogan Hulks up, and Ric Flair decides to make his presence felt. Jack Tunney blocks Flair from doing anything. Meanwhile Hogan clotheslines Taker to the floor, grabs a chair, and waffles Flair in the back with it. Flair falls on Tunney, and apparently, that’s enough to knock him out. Back in, and Hogan’s using chops to try to knock Taker down. Flair holds up a chair for Taker to ram Hogan into, but Hogan rams Taker into the chair instead, clotheslines Flair, boots UT, but UT rises before Hogan can drop the leg. Flair now screams at Tunney, trying to get him up. Bearer comes in with the urn, but accidentally hits Taker. The ashes spill out of the urn, which Hogan thrown into Taker’s face, and finally schoolboys him for the three. Tunney starts yelling at the ref about something, but that’s the end of the show. *1/2 for the whole mess.

Of course what would happen is that due to “too much interference” the title would be vacated. You know, the WWF had a great thing going with Tunney. If the bookers ever wanted to have some idiotic or asinine ruling (Rude’s “suspension”, No Hogan / Warrior rematch), all they had to do was prop Tunney in front of a TelePrompter and voila! Everything’s fixed. Everybody hated Tunney anyways, so it didn’t hurt his credibility since he had none. So the entire main event was a big waste of time and money. If I recall correctly, RSPW named this the worst PPV of 1991, which considering that Bash 91 was also that year, that says a lot. The show wasn’t THAT bad. The main event was pretty lousy, but the other matches were okay. There was definitely one thing that saved the show though………

Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage

Actually, the feud pretty much happened by accident. Jake had just turned heel at this point after a series of more and more bizarre vignettes where Jake Roberts “taught” The Ultimate Warrior the dark side in his feud with Undertaker. He suckered Warroir into a dungeon where a snake “bit” him and the Undertaker attacked. So Jake was prepping himself for a fresh push against UW. But the Warrior had problems with something (more than likely having to do with wrestling someone as “inferior” as Jake) and left the federation for the first of three times at SummerSlam (Literally, he supposedly ran to the locker room during the match and out the door DURING the PPV.). With Jake hot as a heel, Vince needed SOMETHING to do with him, and he figured it out really quick.

There was a subtle hint on Prime Time Wrestling the week before SummerSlam where the show was “canceled” to make time for Randy Savage’s bachelor party. All the faces threw Randy a party, and Jake came by during the show wanting to party. Basically, he was told that he was a heel now, and by that, he wasn’t invited. He made some cryptic reference about giving him a present at the wedding, but that was it. And it was actually subtle for WWF standards, I can’t remember the segment going more than a minute.

Anyways, cut back to SummerSlam ‘91, and Randy Savage “marries” Miss Elizabeth. In case you didn’t know, they had been married for about seven years at this point, so it was all for show, but it was done well for what it was worth. Anyways, the wedding went off without a hitch, but it all went to hell at the reception when Liz opened Jake’s present and a cobra came out of it. Jake went after Liz, but Sid Justice (in the worst of his three Sid aliases) came out to make the save. With Savage retired, Jake was left to fight Sid at house shows. But then Sid got injured as Sid tends to do, and again Jake had no one to feud with. And heading into a somewhat lackluster Survivor Series as well as an unknown additional PPV the week after, Vince needed SOMETHING to get people talking.

And boy did he ever.

During an episode of WWF Superstars, Jake Roberts made a challenge to Randy Savage. Savage had become the color man along with Roddy Piper, and actually had fulfilled his agreement to retire after losing to the Warrior seven months prior. Savage refused to Jake’s demands, until Jake started making comments about his wife. That was all it took and Savage went down to ringside. Jake promptly assaulted Savage, getting his arms tied to the bottom two ropes. Jake then put on a black glove and made a gesture towards his snake bag. Damien had been killed by Earthquake in May, and Jake had gotten a new snake, the cobra Lucifer. With Randy caught in the ropes, Jake slapped Randy around like a little bitch, and then he went for the bag. He pulled the snake out and all hell broke loose.

Jake carried the snake over and the snake latched itself onto Randy’s arm and started gnawing away. Now keep in mind, the snake had been defanged, but still, I have NEVER seen a crowd freak out like they did here. The snake stayed on Randy’s arm for about thirty seconds, with the snake’s mouth opening wider and wider until it was halfway around Randy’s arm. Piper leaves the broadcast booth and tries to pull Randy out while Vince screams “This was NOT SUPPOSED to HAPPEN!” Savage finally gets the snake off of him and he frees himself, but he appears dazed. Elizabeth runs down, screaming for Jake to let her husband go. Officials run down too, but everybody’s afraid of the snake, so nobody tries to pull Randy out of the ring. Savage pulls himself up and tries to lunge at Jake but he collapses. The camera shows an increasingly bloody bicep from the snakebite. And Elizabeth, who’s not known as a good actress gives the performance of a lifetime here, successfully being both scared, frantic, and frustrated. Part of me believes that nobody told her what was going to happen, because she looks scared shitless here. The officials finally get to Randy, but he sees Jake mocking him, begging him to hit him, so Randy again charges, but he collapses. Finally, Piper takes things into his own hands, forcibly slaps Randy around and gets him on an awaiting stretcher. He gets led away (but not before Randy does his tribute to Ricky Steamboat by falling off the stretcher halfway down the aisle) while the camera cuts to Jake subtly laughing to himself over what he’s done.

Quite possibly this was the greatest angle I have ever seen. Even watching it 11 years later, I still get a little freaked at seeing it. And not just at the snake, but to hear the screams of the fans. There are just certain things that just don’t happen in wrestling. When Test says he’s going to burn the flag, you know someone’s going to stop it. When Kane wrestles in an Inferno match, you know someone isn’t REALLY going to be burned alive. And that was the thing with Jake’s snake. You know the snake wasn’t REALLY going to do anything. When Jake taunted Randy with the snake, you knew SOMEBODY was going to come out. But with the element of shock, now suddenly ANYTHING could happen. And the moment the snake latched on, there’s that moment of disbelief and well, it kinda changed my perspective of wrestling.

To say that there was a buzz now was putting it mildly. Suddenly it seemed the Hogan / Undertaker main event was taking a back seat to Randy Savage’s return in the eight man tag. So as a nice thank you to those that paid $20 for the show, Randy and Jake were both removed from the Survivor Series show, (courtesy of another brilliant decision by Jack Tunney) but feel free to pay an extra $10 to see them wrestle later. That leads us to Tuesday Night in Texas. By the way, there was no match, but this was a ***** angle. You can see almost all of it on the 1991 Survivor Series tape, there’s a JIP segment from where Randy gets tied up until he gets stretchered out.

Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts

Okay, we’re back to Tuesday Night in Texas. The snake has been banned from ringside. But first some pre-match promos. Jake tells Sean Mooney how aroused he got by seeing the fear in Elizabeth’s eyes, how her screams gave him goosebumps all over his body. He’s not pleased about the snake being banned, and he warns WWF President Jack Tunney “What I do because of it is on your hands.” Heel Jake was the master of promos.

Randy only pales by comparison, promising to crush Jake, while Liz has returned to her bad acting in the background. By the way, I failed to mention that Liz was in absolute MAJOR hottie mode during all of this. Which shows you just how great of angle this turned out to be when I don’t even notice a hot Liz. Randy hears Jake’s music and runs off.

Jake makes his way to ringside, verbally taunting Savage to the camera, but Savage charges from the dressing room and we’re off. The heat is incredible here, both men look like they seriously want to kill each other for real. Randy punches Jake,and then tries to suffocate him by covering his nose and mouth with his hands. Double-axehandle sends Jake down, and Savage still has his hat and jacket on at this point. Jake scurries to the floor and walks back to the dressing room, but Savage chases after him and throws him back in. Jake begs off, and while Savage walks towards him, Roberts gets a quick shoulder to the mid-section, and Randy’s down. Jake tosses Randy while he recovers. Savage fights back and tries to post him, but Jake takes the snakebitten arm and rams it into the post instead. Jake works on the arm some more, which has been bandaged, I might add. Earl Hebner asks Randy if he wants to quit, and a pissed off Savage takes a swipe at him in frustration. Savage fights back with an uppercut, but it’s not enough to turn the tide as Jake gets an inverted atomic drop, before going back to the arm. Jake pulls the bandage off and blood starts to seep off the arm, and suddenly Randy attacks like a wounded animal. A turnbuckle shot ends it though. Savage keeps fighting back, but every time, a quick shot to the arm ends it. Jake goes for the short-arm but Savage ducks and hits an elbow. They reverse Irish whips and Hebner just barely avoids getting decimated by Roberts’ body by somersaulting out of the corner. Randy’s arm is hurting too much to capitalize, so Roberts hits the short-arm again. Jake gives the sign for the DDT, and he goes for it. But Savage rams Jake’s into the corner, and Jake crumples to the canvas. Savage pounces, hitting the elbowdrop immediately for the surprisingly fast 3.

The crowd goes insane and Randy celebrates. But then he sees Jake’s nearly conscious body lying on the canvas, and he gives the thumbs down sign to the crowd. Randy grabs a chair from ringside and brings it into the ring. But he stops. A light goes off in his head as he puts the chair down and grabs the ring bell. And it’s obvious what Savage has in mind. And he hoists the bell up and every fan knows EXACTLY what he wants to do which is basically re-enact the Ricky Steamboat match where he crushed Steamboat’s throat with the ring bell from the top rope. The ref grabs the bell from Randy and while Randy tries to get back, Jake leaps up and DDTs him. And this situation is now far from over.

Both men are down, and they both fight to get to their feet. But Roberts is again playing possum, as he again darts up and gives Savage a second DDT. Which in 1991 standards is about two stunners or two piledrivers. Jake taunts Randy who’s now lying motionless while the ref screams for Jake to leave. So Jake thinks about it, and decides to leave. He walks about halfway to the dressing room before stopping, and an evil smirk appears on his face. He looks in the camera and says “I promised I wouldn’t bring the snake” and then he pulls a black bag from underneath the ring, and the crowd is losing it. He throws the bag into the ring and starts to pull Savage towards him. By now Elizabeth has seen enough, and she runs panicking to the ring. She covers Randy, screams “Stop It! Leave him alone!” Jake says “Say please” and Liz screams “PLEASE!” over and over. Randy starts to slowly get up, and Jake looks shocked. But it doesn’t last as he grabs Savage by the hair, demands that Liz look into his eyes,and he gives Savage a THIRD DDT, his eyes never leaving Liz’s. And this is getting really creepy. He grabs the bag again, and he starts to open it. This time, he says, the snake’s going to squeeze Randy’s throat as Liz looks scared to death. Liz tries to pull Randy’s unconscious body from the ring, but he won’t budge as Roberts puts on the black glove. Roberts asks Elizabeth “Why are you letting this happen? Don’t you love him?” Liz begs some more, and finally Jake says, “You know, you both make me sick.” He grabs her by the hair, and then punches her in the face (the only spot where the angle falters, as Jake obviously misses by a mile). Liz crumples to the ground, and Jake goes back to the bag. By now, the officials, including Jack Tunney have hit the ring. Jake offers a handshake to Tunney who demands that he leave. He finally does as Savage gets carried out. Elizabeth tells Randy what happened to her, and Randy looks like he’s about to cry.

Post match interviews:

Jake- Hitting Elizabeth was the best feeling he’s ever had and that he would pay money to do it again. “If you want to cross paths again, that’s fine, but please, I’m begging you, bring her along. Just to touch her one more time………..” Okerlund goes on a rampage even for him: “Get out of here Jake! You are sick!” To which Jake replies: “Oh come on, Gene, you know you loved it.”

Randy- This is verbatim, as it’s my all-time favorite Randy Savage interview simply because this the most deranged I have ever seen the Macho Man.

“You degraded Elizabeth, degraded Elizabeth, (grabs Sean Mooney), you understand that? Degraded her. And this is the worst day of my life. That I let him do that. (He grabs his head) You put your hands on Elizabeth. YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON ELIZABETH! It’s my fault. (He starts punching himself.) It’s my fau……….(his voice trails off)……………….Man…..you said, that’ll you show me the dark side. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. (Each line gets quieter and creepier.) I’m gonna get you, man. Yeah. I’m gonna GET YOU! And there ain’t gonna be no stoppin’ me, man. I’m gonna get you, you can trust me on that. You know……..I didn’t even get a piece of you. I DIDN’T EVEN GET A PIECE! (Randy now sinks to the ground as he screams.) I blame myself…….You touched Elizabeth. You touched Elizabeth. (As he says it, his body slinks to the floor as if his brain is comprehending just what happened to his wife.) Unbelievable, man. That’s it. It’s over. No control, brother. Man, I’m telling you, there’s gonna be no control. (Randy sticks his face so far into the lens, that he’s only a black image) You made her beg, now I’m begging you. You ain’t seen nothing yet! (He starts punching himself again.) I’m gonna get you. It ain’t over. It ain’t even started. I’m gonna get you. Yeah! (He then darts his body around before running away.) ”

I didn’t do it justice, but the idea is that Savage’s entire psyche has been shattered to the point that he can barely relate to the real world anymore. One of the few times that overacting actually serves its appropriate purpose.

Anyway, as you might have noticed, the match itself wasn’t very good (*** to be absolutely generous), but the angle is completely *****. So all together, match and angle, it goes ****.

Sadly, things couldn’t stay at such a fever pitch. Randy crushed Jake at the Royal Rumble, tossing him about sixty seconds in, and finally won the feud on a SNME a few weeks after, where UT cemented his face turn by preventing Jake from hitting Elizabeth with a chair after the match.

It would take almost six years and the Hart / Austin war to find a WWF feud that came even close to the intensity.

Okay, well, the summary.

This Tuesday in Texas is not a very good show. But it’s not as bad as people give it credit for. Thumbs down, take a pass, C.

But do what you can to find the Savage / Roberts stuff. It’s storytelling the way wrestling should be. And it was one of the feuds that helped awaken the WWF from an increasingly lackluster 1991.

-Sydney Brown


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