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411’s 2CW Living on the Edge iPPV Review 4.20.13

April 20, 2013 | Posted by TJ Hawke

April 20, 2013
Watertown, NY

They actually did some videos and graphics that made this feel like an actual PPV, as opposed to just being a live event that happened to be broadcast over the internet. CZW can especially learn something from that. The ring announcer is wearing an actual suit instead of a tuxedo t-shirt. **Excalibur Voice** THIS…IS…SERIOUS.

Slyck Wagner Brown (w/ Big Business) vs. Colt Cabana
I’m not sure if there is a storyline reason for this match to be happening. Brown has been a pretty dull heel in 2CW from what I have seen. I think I read that Cabana hasn’t been in 2CW since 2009.

Colt did some Colt Cabana stuff early, and the crowd ate it up. Colt ended up on the apron. Big Business attacked Cabana. Wagner started to work Cabana over after that. Cabana almost escaped the beatdown, but Wagner hit a dropkick. Colt blocked a diving attack. Colt made Colt Cabana comeback special #1. The crowd was into it. Colt got a nearfall with a Butt Butt. Wagner came back with a Bubba Bomb, which got him a nearfall. Cabana came back with a bionic elbow and a big slap across the face. Wagner came back with a middle rope Rough Ryder: 1…2…3

This was a solid iPPV opener. The crowd was into Cabana, and Brown did not bore me to tears like he normally does. Cabana winning would have been a better finish for the crowd, but with Wagner being the regular, I understand why he won.
Match Rating: **1/2

Milan X & Bin Hamin vs. Zachary Springate III
This is going to suck. Go to the bathroom. Get a snack. Prepare for awful pro wrestling racism 101.

Springate hit a springboard back elbow on both of them before the match official started. Milan and Hamin obeyed the tag rules. Once the match officially started, Springate got his ass kicked. The story of the match was that ZSII kicked Hamin’s ass whenever the latter was legally in the match. Milan meanwhile had a lot of success on ZSIII. ZSIII came back with a Claw Slam on Milan. He then knocked Hamin off the apron and went to the top rope. Milan crotched him. ZSIII came back with a middle rope pedigree. Lol, Hamin threw a fireball in ZSIII’s face, but the camera missed it. Milan then hit a Tower of London: 1…2…3

Awful. Go away.
Match Rating: Suck my fuck

Colin Delaney vs. Dalton Castle
Oh my god, Colin Delaney’s music starts with the Full House opening notes. This should be good.

Delaney ran through Castle. It was quite good. Castle managed to cut off Delaney eventually though, and he then worked over the Extremely Cute Superstar. Castle made his 2CW debut the night before, where he defeated the debuting AR Fox. Colin tried to come back with a middle rope dive, but Castle caught him and hit a suplex. Colin caught Castle with a kick to the face, and he then made a big comeback. Colin then dumped Castle to the floor, and he then hit a suicide dive DDT!!! Back in the ring, Castle caught Colin with a German suplex for a nearfall. Dalton Castle hits a German suplex on Hitler’s birthday. Coincidence? Colin came back with a nifty skin the cat/slingshot elbow: 1…2…3!

Easily the best match of the night so far. Delaney is one of the most improved wrestlers in all of wrestling. Colin vs. Steen please, 2CW. Castle also did well here, and I hope he is brought back for future shows.
Match Rating: ***

Masada vs. Spike Dudley [No Holds Barred]
This should be a pretty entertaining brawl.

They ended up on the floor quickly enough. Masada went to use a chair, but Spike avoided it. Back in the ring, a chair got lodged in a turnbuckle, and Spike got sent head-first into it. Masada was in control for a while after that. Spike eventually came back with a chair shot to the balls and to the face. Spike and Masada ended up in the crowd. Back in the ring, Spike hit a double stomp. Spike took out a table, and the crowd obviously approved of that. Masada tried to powerbomb Spike through the table, but Spike avoided it and hit an Acid Drop through the table. Kevin Steen and Jason Axe ran out and saved Masada. Axe his Spike with a fisherman buster, and Steen then gave Spike a package piledriver on the broken table. They put Masada on Spike’s body: 1…2…3

This was an underwhelming brawl until the final minutes. I didn’t expect anything too wild, but I was expecting a little bit more. I’m not sure why Spike needed to be protected at the expense of Masada.
Match Rating: **1/2

Pete D. Order & Dick Justice (w/ EMT) vs. Electric Dream Machine (Loca Vida & Steve McKenzie) vs. Planet Fitness (Muscle Marcos & Cheech) vs. Sean Carr & Kage vs. First Class (Kevin Graham & Mike Van Slyke) (c) [2CW Tag Team Championships]
EMT got eliminated first. This was a battle royal. One of the fat cops did some lucha. I giggled. McKenzie was eliminated. Dick Justice was eliminated, and the crowd was not pleased. I missed Order being eliminated, but it must have happened. Loca Vida was eliminated next. Marcos and Cheech were getting beaten down for a while, but they eventually made a comeback and hit some dives. Slyke came back on them with a double back suplex. Carr hit a running shooting star on Marcos. Carr eliminated Marcos with a superkick. Cheech hit Graham with a Go-2-Cheech, but Graham used his momentum to eliminate Cheech. Slyke eliminated Kage with a yakuza kick. Carr vs. First Class for the titles. Graham gave Carr a RKO on the ropes, and Carr fell to the floor. Slyke and Graham retain the titles.

Ok, that didn’t suck at the all. The crowd was into the whole thing, and everyone wrestled to the best of their abilities (such as they were). Thumbs Up.
Match Rating: ***

2CW started bragging about trending worldwide. It’s just tailored trends. Ugh, I hate when indies do that. So bush league.

Sami Callihan vs. Matt Hardy
Matt came out to the old Hardy Boyz theme.

Matt took out a table before the match officially started. Sami started the match with a Brogue Kick. Hardy dumped Sami to the floor. Sami gave Matt a suplex on the floor. Hardy was on the apron next to the table. Sami then hit a Silverking Lariat, which caused Matt to go through the table. Sami was in control of the match after that. Sami hit a tope suicida. Sami brought Matt to the entrance ramp and hit a powerslam. Sami tied to win by countout, but Matt just back in the ring on time. It’s weird watching an indie show where Matt is just a genuine babyface that the crowd likes. Sami tried winning by countout again. Matt just got in again. 2CW only uses a ten count, which is probably more reflective of their target audience than anything else. Sami took Matt to the floor again, but Matt hit a Twist of Fate on the floor. Matt tried to win by countout. Sami just got back in. They traded punches. This match feels like a WWE version of an indie match. If that makes sense. Side Effect from Matt: 1…2…NO! The crowd bit on that. Another Side Effect from Matt. Sami blocked a third attempt and hit an enzuigiri. Sami hit two face wash kicks. Sami went for a third, but Matt hit a Side Effect: 1…2…NO! “This is Awesome!” chants. Sami came back with a lariat, which got a nearfall. Hardy came back with a Crucifix Liger Bomb: 1…2…NO! Hardy called for the Twist of Fate, but Sami went for the Muffler. Hardy avoided it once. Sami took off Matt’s boot. Matt hit Sami with the boot: 1…2…NO! Weird. Brogue Kick from Sami: 1…2…NO! Wrestlemania nearfalls. Matt went for the Twist of Fate, but Sami reversed it into a schoolboy: 1…2…3!

I think was easily Matt’s best independent wrestling match since he got fired by TNA. He busted his ass and delivered the best match he could. Unfortunately, this is probably as good as a Matt Hardy match in 2013 is going to be. Sami busted his ass as usual, and his streak of entertaining matches in 2CW continues.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jimmy Jacobs & Christina Von Eerie vs. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb
This will be something. I guess Parks and Bomb are the babyfaces. They dominated the match early on. Jimmy Jacobs has new hair. It’s interesting. Jacobs punched Bomb in the face. That angered Parks. CVE and Jacobs worked over Bomb for a while. Eventually, Bomb escaped the beating and tagged out to Parks. Parks ran wild. Parks and Bomb had a cheerinhg section that approved of this. CVE kicked Parks in the taint. Jacobs hit Parks with an Ace Crusher for a nearfall. Bomb hit Jacobs with a superkick. CVE kicked Parks several times, but Parks gave her a twisting fisherman buster: 1…2…3.

This match was a cool down match for sure. I wasn’t really into it at all.
Match Rating: **1/4

Isys Ephex(c) vs. Jason Axe [Stairway to Hell match for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship]
Jay Freddie is the special guest referee. I feel like Freddie is going to turn and cost Ephex the match. They aired a great video package of Ephex winning the title the night before. That is odd booking to say the least.

I don’t think this will be especially good, but they will bleed lots. They set up a ladder against the guardrail. EPhex was on the apron, and Axe speared him off the apron and through the ladder. Back in the ring, Ephex hit an enzguiri. There was a ladder on the ring. Enzuigiri from Axe. Dragon suplex from Ephex. Ephex took out some barbed wire. Axe hit Ephex with a gutbuster though. Axe used the wire on Ephex’s forehead. Ephex was bleeding buckets. Ephex gave Axe a TKO on the apron. Axe came back with a DVD onto the barbed wire. Axe started to climb the ladder, but Ephex recovered. Axe then hit a diving Codebreaker. Axe pulled out a bag of thumbtacks. Colin Delaney started crying on commentary. Ephex gave Axe a TOMBSTONE into the thumbtacks. That’s gotta kill Ephex’s knees. Ephex dumped Axe through a ladder on the floor. Ephex climbed the ladder…and won. Wow, I suspected something nefarious would happen on that Ephex climb

This was a pretty crazy brawl, as expected. They killed themselves to put on as good of a match as possible. It wasn’t an all time great ladder match, but I was entertained.
Match Rating: ***1/2

They aired a few video packages before the match. It sounds like Kevin Steen vs. Terry Funk is going to happen in 2CW. That will be something.

John Morrison vs. Kevin Steen
This should be great.

Morrison started the match with a Flying Chuck. They quickly ended up on the floor. Morrison hit some kicks. Back in the ring, Morrison hit a backbreaker/Russian legsweep combo. Morrison was just running through Steen. I hope Steen kills him with a powerbomb soon. Steen hit a F-Cinq. That will do. Steen was in control for a while after that. This match has been slightly underwhelming so far. Steen locked in an abdominal stretch. Steen hit a middle rope moonsault out of nowhere. That was fun. Steen locked in another abdominal stretch. Morrison made a WWE comeback. Standing shooting star press for a nearfall. Steen tried to leave the match. Steen tried for a F-Cinq on the floor, but Morrison reversed it into a hurricanrana. Morrison then hit a hilo off the stage. Back in the ring, Morrison got a nearfall with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Steen came back with a middle rope fisherman buster: 1…2…NO! They traded punches. Morrison got a good nearfall with a Flying Chuck. Steen caught Morrison with a low blow and a package piledriver: 1…2…NO! I can’t remember someone ever kicking out of the package piledriver in such a clean fashion. Steen went for a swanton, but Morrison got his knees up. Morrison came back with a running knee strike and the Starship Pain: 1…2…NO! Great nearfall. Morrison set up for another, but Steen got a schoolboy. Steen went for another package piledriver, but Morrison reversed it into a Russian legsweep. Starship Pain: 1…2…3.

This was a really fun main event. I expected it to be a little bit better, but Morrison continues to work hard on the indies. Steen was his usual great self. It’s not a main event that requires you to buy the DVD, but it was a satisfying end to a free iPPV.
Match Rating: ***3/4

The 411 This was a consistently entertaining show. If you watched the show live, I would imagine that you would agree. The matches that had to deliver absolutely delivered. The only thing that was bad on the show was the awful Bin Hamin nonsense. That is awful every time and needs to stop. 2CW should not have put that on the iPPV. I’ve seen six 2CW DVDs before this iPPV, and my guess is that this show topped them all. Everyone wrestled like they had something to prove, and it paid off for 2CW. Pick up the DVD when it comes out is my official recommendation.

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