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411’s Breaking Ground Report 11.09.15 – Episode 3

November 10, 2015 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Breaking Ground

411’s Breaking Ground Report 11/09/15: Episode 3

-Before getting to this week’s episode, I want to toss in my two cents on the WWE World Title situation. I think WWE has a golden chance here to do something creative now that Reigns just beating Rollins is off the table. Reigns winning seems to be a lock, but I do think (like many others) that the best thing would be to rip off Survivor Series 98 and have Reigns go Authority to become their heel champion. Heel Reigns has months and months worth of feuds that would all be great: Ambrose, Cena, Lesnar, and of course Rollins when he returns as the scorned ex-lover hell bent on destroying the Authority for replacing him. I have cautious optimism that they are heading in this direction.

-Now with all that said, it is time to get on with episode three of Breaking Ground. We get a recap of last weeks episode which is always appreciated.

-Once again as a reminder, the show is being narrated by William Shatner. We start off in the Performance Center with everyone going through training inside the ring. Things picks up where we left off with Dana Brooke. She is determined to get things right and she blows things in the ring.

-Over to Tough Enough winner Josh and Bloom tells him he needs to take yoga once a week. Bloom talks about how Josh has stepped into this spot with a $250,000 contract. He tells him to take care of things like finding a house and any banking stuff within in the next 2 weeks.

-A few miles from the Performance Center is Full Sail University, the home of NXT. Josh talks about how NXT is exploding and he can’t wait to get there. They show him talking with the NXT roster before a show and gets to help set up the ring. He then gets to watch the NXT show and see what he is getting into. He is even more excited after watching the show to get out there at a live event, but he trusts his trainers have a plan for him.

-NXT has begun touring and they are heading to Texas for a 3 show tour. We see the NXT guys making the travel to Texas and interacting with fans. That segues to Apollo Crews and he talks about how much they all appreciate the fans and he is more than happy to sign autographs and take pictures in the airport.

-Back to Josh in Orlando as he goes grocery shopping. He gets a call from his wife and daughter (who are in Colorado) and we find out they will be moving to Orlando with him soon. Josh tells them he has been looking for a house or condo for all of them. His family is very supportive as you would expect and all it does is give him extra motivation.

-Now we get to meet Tyler Breeze. He wanted to be a wrestler for the WWE since he was a kid and talks about growing up and recording WWF Superstars. Nice! He was on the chopping block a few times while in NXT and saved himself with the creation of the Tyler Breeze character. He says WWE has always been his goal and he is hoping the call up comes very soon.

-We get footage of Breeze competing at the show in Texas against Balor. The crowd loves the match and while they are tearing down the house, Josh is back in Orlando taking part in promo class. He is still using The Yeti gimmick and says the character is him turned up to 100. He cuts a promo and it is so embarrassingly bad that I actually mute the TV because I feel sorry for him. Regal gives him the advice of slowing down and crushes The Yeti character and mistakenly calls it a Wookie. Awesome! I think he needs to ditch The Yeti crap as well. Regal wants Josh to reinvent himself and Josh says it depresses him. He is scared because The Yeti is what he knows.

-Day 2 of NXT in Texas and this time they sell out over 4000 seats which seemed like a dream only a year earlier. The crowd in Austin is jacked and Breeze gets another chance to impress. Breeze and Jordan get into an exchange of words before his match.

-We finally get back to Baron and he talks about competing with Tyler even when they aren’t in the same match against each other. Baron watches Breeze take on Joe from the Gorilla position and he doesn’t look thrilled that Breeze and Joe stole the show. This is the kind of cool stuff I love seeing from this show.

-Baron now gets his chance to go out and steal the show right back. He is put in a match with Balor and we are told that Baron more than held his own.

-The group gets some down time in Austin and we see them have fun outside the ring. Baron spends time to himself, but being a 6’8″ wrestler he can’t get the privacy he wants. He nearly gets into a fight with a fan at a local bar, but he is able to keep his cool. Breeze and Dillinger also head out for the night and they run into bats under a bridge.

-The next leg of the trip is San Antonio and they visit the Alamo. Baron and Tyler argue over what really happened at The Alamo. In another part of the city, Cassady and Carmella go shopping for cowboy boots. That segues into us meeting Carmella and how she has been tied to Cass and Enzo. She says she grew up a fan of Macho and Liz and she wanted to follow in Liz’s footsteps. Her and Cass continue to have fun at the western store and Carmella tells him she loves the way he looks in a cowboy hat.

-Now to Apollo and he gets the chance to meet up with his sister in Texas who is in the Army and is stationed in San Antonio. Sweet moment here! Apollo says when people ask him what he does, he just name drops John Cena and they know immediately what he does.

-Baron meets some family as well as his cousin and nephew are at the show. We actually get to see the man smile which was refreshing.

-San Antonio is the third straight sell-out, but it is a long way off from WrestleMania which takes place in nearby Dallas. Back to the NXT show where Carmella gets her panties wet over Cass in a cowboy hat. She then has a match of her own and wins. Baron has another match with Joe and not many better out there to have match after match with if you want to learn. His nephew gets pissed that Joe wins and wants to beat him up. Man, it would be great to go back to those days even if just for 1 show. Apollo also impresses in San Antonio and he loved being able to perform in front his sister. With the trip over, everyone heads back to Orlando.

-Now back in Orlando, Josh gets another chance in promo class. He does better this time and gets an apparent nod of approval from Regal, but the man still has a lot of work to do.

-Next week Zach Ryder gets some time and ZZ seemingly gets broken down in training.