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411’s DGUSA Way of the Ronin 2011 Report

September 27, 2011 | Posted by TJ Hawke

The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley) vs. Ronin (Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann): The Scene earned this match by winning a tag team discovery match at Chasing The Dragon and Untouchable…Swann was having fun at Reed’s expense to start, singing “Beat it” instead of locking up…Ronin were in complete control early…finally, the Scene was able to double team Swann to get the heat…Swann came back with a sweet handspring RKO…Chucky T made a hot tag and cleaned house… Ronin double teamed Reed with a Rolling Thunder and a middle rope moonsault but Konley saved Reed…The Scene double teamed Taylor and hit a double hip toss on Swann into the turnbuckle, but Taylor made the save…Reed got hit with a double stomp and a running shooting star, but he kicked out at 2…Reed was going to the top rope but Taylor caught him with the Awful Waffle for the 3 count…real good opener…The Scene may have lost but they got over by looking strong against Ronin…Swann and Taylor shared no signs of tension after the match
Match Rating: **3/4

Silas Young came out and called out Brodie Lee for bullying his wife…Young says he wants to fight Lee, so we get…

Silas Young (with his wife) vs. Brodie Lee: Young pie-faces Lee immediately, which does not please the Big Rig…they ended up on the outside and did some brawling…they ended up back in the ring, but Lee sent Young to the outside and hit a SUICIDE DIVE!…Lee started working over Young after that…Lee harassed Young’s wife, which pumped up Young who hit a German suplex and backbreaker, which was quite impressive…Lee with the Jacknife powerbomb: 1…2…NO!…Lee followed that up with a fucking hurricanranna, but Young comes right back with a powerbomb!…Corkscrew Lionsault by Young: 1…2…NO!…Finlay role by Young, but Young is momentarily distracted by Akira Tozawa who appeared on the ramp…Young runs into a Black Hole Slam and Sit-out pwerbomb, which gives Lee the win…good match; Young’s athleticism and strength is always impressive to watch…Young deserves a shot in the X-Division…Lee calls out anyone, and Jon Davis comes out, who is scheduled to face Tozawa
Match Rating: **1/2

Akira Tozawa vs. Jon Davis: Tozawa jumps Davis with a big boot, but Davis gives him a nice powerslam for his trouble…Davis ends up on the outside, and Tozawa hits a great suicide dive…Tozawa berates the crowd for cheering him…Tozawa hits Davis with a chair…Tozawa worked over Davis in the ring with kicks and chops…Davis finally came back with a nice lariat and a powerslam…Tozawa cut him off with some kicks and a backdrop driver…Tozawa went for a German, but Davis blocked it…Tozawa went for a hurricanranna but Davis reversed it into a Buckle Bomb!…BACKDROP DRIVER from Tozawa…SPINEBUSTER from Davis…Tozawa finally hits the bridging German suplex to get the win…another fun match
Match Rating: **3/4

D.U.F. (Arik Cannon & Sami Callihan) vs. Yamato & AR Fox: D.U.F. jumped them at the bell…Cannon layed out Yamato with the Freedom Gate Title belt…Fox quickly wiped out Callihan with a plancha…the four men were just beating the shit out of each other in the ring…eventually, D.U.F. was able to double team Fox to get the heat…the heat segment went on for a while, but Fox was finally able to hit a Sliced Bread #2 on Cannon and a RKO on Callihan…Yamato got the hot tag and speared Cannon and hit stiff drop kick on Callihan…Fox then hit a RKO on Callihan on the apron…Yamato hit a brainbuster on Cannon, and Fox followed that up with a senton but Cannon kicked out…Callihan and Yamato then started killing each other in the ring…Callihan then ate the Super Code Breaker from Fox…Cannon saved Callihan from further damage…that didn’t last long though as Callihan got hit with the Lo Mein Pain (running one man Spanish Fly): 1…2…CANNON MAKES THE SAVE!…Yamato drags Cannon to the floor, but Fox gets caught in the Stretch Muffler and taps out to give D.U.F. the win…this match had a lot of good action, but the whole did not seem to equal the sum of the parts
Match Rating: ***1/4

D.U.F. put the boots to Fox after the match, but Fox fought back only to have Pinkie Sanchez come out to give the heels the advantage…SABU~! is here though to make the save, and we have an impromptu match…

Sabu vs. Pinkie Sanchez: Sabu immediately hits Pinkie in the face with a chair and a spike…Lenny Leonard says on commentary that this match is “Relaxed Rules” (ok, why not)…Pinkie hits Sabu in the legs with a chair, so Pinkie starts to work over the legs of Sabu…Sabu ends up on the outside and pulls out a table…Pinkie goes for a suicide dive but he ate a thrown chair from Sabu…Pinkie got busted open after that…Pinkie cuts him off with a DDT on a chair…Sabu came back with some more chair offense; he was setting up the table, but he got a low blow from Pinkie…finally, Sabu gave Pinkie a Arabian Skull Crusher through a table to end this match…I don’t really understand what there is to be gained from Sabu going over here…he can be used as a nice attraction once in a while, but the young guys should really being put over him in a singles match
Match Rating: **1/4

D.U.F. came out and beat up Sabu…AR Fox tried to make the save but he was overwhelmed and tied to the ropes…Callihan grabbed a microphone and said that he wanted to crush Fox’s face with his bare hands…a bunch of geeks ran out to send D.U.F. to the back…with reports of Sabu being brought back, my guess is that there will be some sort of 6 man WAR at the last DGUSA Triple Shot of 2011

Façade vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Uhaa Nation: Façade is now the “Suburban Ninja” instead of the “Suburban Terrorist”…this match was packed with action and spots (that sound I heard must have been audible “shock” you all just did when you read that last line)…at one point, Façade hit a Asai Phoenix Star Splash onto Nation and Sugar; Flip followed that up with Shooting Star Press onto everybody on the outside…the only story in the match was Sugar consistently acting like he was hot shit around the bigger Nation, and finally he had to eat his words at the finish: Nation gave him two powerbombs, followed by a slingshot powerbomb…this was a fun clusterfuck…all four guys looked good to me, and I would like to see them all at the next DGUSA tripleshot
Match Rating: **3/4

Johnny Gargano vs. Naruki Doi: Gargano was in complete control early, including Gargano locking in the Gargano Escape, but Doi made the ropes…Gargano got tied up in the ropes on a springboard attempt, which allowed Doi to get the upperhand…Doi started working over Gargano for a while, including using a Calgary Crab…Gargano got back in the match with a slingshot spear…that lead to an extended sequence of counters and nearfalls…Gargano again went for his submission finisher but Doi made the ropes again… Doi hit one million slaps (yes, literally) but Gargano gave him a pair of superkicks…Doi hit SUPER F-5: 1…2…NO!…that was a good nearfall…they traded more nearfalls…Gargano hit a Hurt’s Donut, and locked in the Gargano Escape: and NARUKI DOI TAPS OUT!…Gargano finally gets a win in a big singles match…this match was a small notch below his matches with CIMA, Aries, and Tozawa, but it was still very good
Match Rating: ***3/4

Gargano gets on the mic and says he should be the #1 Contender for the Freedom Gate Title, and that Taylor and Swann should go after the tag titles…Chuck Taylor comes out and says that he is going after the Freedom Gate Title as well…Rich Swann comes out to try keep everyone together…Taylor questions Swann’s loyalty, but Swann insists that he is both in Ronin and Junction 3…INTRIGUE~!…seriously though, I hope Ronin doesn’t break up, they have got too much natural chemistry

Spiked Mohicans of Blood Warriors© (Ricochet & CIMA) vs. Junction 3© (Masato Yoshino & PAC) [Twin Gate Titles & United Gate Titles]: Blood Warriors played the numbers game a lot early to keep the advantage…Junction 3 overcame that soon enough, which lead to Ricochet being YOUR heel in peril…CIMA saved Ricochet from certain doom, and they started working over PAC…after being worked over for a while, PAC finally came back with a standing shooting star…Yoshino made a hot tag and ran wild…the 4 men then started going back and forth with awesome stuff…Yoshino had Ricochet ready to tap, but Blood Warriors took out the ref…this lead to a sequence where all of the stable members of Blood Warriors and Junction 3 battled it out, which ended with a big Brodie Lee boot to Yoshino: 1…2…NO!!!!…PAC hit a Corkscrew Shooting Star on CIMA!: 1…2…3-NO!!!!!!!!, Ricochet made the save…Yoshino went for a top rope Lightening Spiral on CIMA, but it was reversed into a TOP ROPE SCHWEIGN!: 1…2…NO!!!!!!!!!!!!…Yoshino kicked out!…CIMA back to the top rope: METEORA: 1…2…3, and new United Gate Champions: CIMA and Ricochet, the Spiked Mohicans!…a great fucking match…incredible action with great crowd heat…this is a match that you should go out of your way to see
Match Rating: ****1/4

Ricochet cut a promo about how his three match series with PAC proved that the Spiked Mohicans are the best tag team and that he is the best high flyer…CIMA then got on the mic and did his evil laugh and made fun of Milwaukee…end scene

Final Thoughts: Almost every DGUSA show is going to be worth $15, and this show is no different; another really good Johnny Gargano match and a great main event make this show an easy recommendation …however, this show does not have that “must buy” quality that DGUSA’s best shows have

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