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411’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 11.07.06

November 7, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    Let the bodies hit the…FLOOOOOOOOOOR!:

    -Highlights of last week’s show begin the show. GORILLA~! Not as cool as the little Blue Monkey though…QUE MONITO RULES~!

    -Tazz and Styles welcome us to the show.

    -Knox sends Kelly to the back. OH THAT HEEL!


    Knox talks trash and Punk rolls him up for 2. Lock up and to the corner, rights by Knox. More rights and Punk turns it and delivers rights of his own. Boots by Knox, but Punk with a kick for 2. Snap mare and a basement dropkick by Punk gets 2. TO the corner, forearms by Punk. Knox tossed him down and lays the boots to Punk. Rights now and then more boots. Punk gets a variation of the tarantula and breaks. Springboard clothesline connects and Knox to the floor. Punk follows and chases. Back in and Knox misses an elbow and then a roll up for 2. Forearms by Punk, but Knox fights back. Punk up top and Knox pulls him off and slams him to the mat, cover for 2. More boots to Punk, whip to the corner and then a side backbreaker into a stretch by Knox. Kick by Knox and a cover for 2. Knox has Punk, off the ropes and a sleeper by Knox. Punk battles, elbows out and off the ropes and a RANA try gets turned into a powerbomb by Knox for 2. Knox misses a charge and Punk with kicks. Rights to Knox, off the ropes and a counter and forearm by Punk. Kick and a clothesline by Punk. Whip and an STO by Punk. Running knee of doom by Punk. Front back breaker by Knox gets 2. More boots by Knox, and then rights. Sets Punk up top…rights by Knox. He follows…Punk fights and tosses him off. HIGH cross body by Punk gets 2. Slaps and a kick by Punk…Uranage and then the Anaconda Vice! Knox taps!

    Winner: CM Punk @ 7:35 via Submission

    -Back from commercial and Rebecca is with Burke and Turkay. Burke introduces us to Elijah Burke productions, his form of entertainment. We will get a chance to experience them both.

    -Paul Heyman w/Security makes his way to the ring. He has the gorilla mask and says he has some footage for us. We see him making a “monkey” out of RVD. He questions how RVD could get revenge on him, he is just the savior of wrestling and messiah of ECW. Tonight, in this very ring he and Show will face Holly and RVD. Tonight either RVD will kick his head in, or RVD will be embarrassed. But there is more. There is an ECW PPV on Dec. 3rd with the ECW Title on the line in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. At the end of tonight we will have 5 people confirmed, and next week the 6th person will be named. I will have an open contract and anyone from any brand who wants success will have a chance at the Holy Grail that is the ECW title. I will give you some time, but I have to do some light cardio and plot strategy for the main event.

    -Back from commercial and Little Guido is in the ring with Trinity. JIZZOBER.

    -Davari babbles. Khali stares down Guido.

    Davari w/Khali vs. Little Guido

    We brawl to begin. Rights by Davari. Off the ropes and he slams LG into the ropes. Rights again by Davari. He chokes out LG on the ropes and rakes the eyes. Sunset flip by LG gets 2. Slam by Davari and a cover for 2. To the corner they go and Davari in control. Chops to LG. Slam to another corner. Knee by LG, eye rake by Davari. He chokes him again. Irish whip and a back elbow by LG. Leg lariat to Davari gets 2. Jaw breaker by Davari, wrap up DDT and that is all.

    Winner: Davari @ 2:22 via pin

    -After the match Khali goozles Guido and gets the double choke bomb.

    -Back from commercial with Marine stuff.


    Lock up and to the corner they go. Elbows by Test. Off the ropes and a boot by Dreamer, and then a clothesline takes Test to the floor. Dreamer follows and Test slams him to the steel post. Back into the ring and Test covers for 2. Messed up snap mare by Test and into a neckvice, then an arm bar. Dreamer fights, to his feet and escapes. Clubbing shots by Test and back to the neckvice. Dreamer escapes, pump handle try by Test, countered and a neck breaker by Dreamer. Dreamer fires up and jabs to Test. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Test. Off the ropes, sit out spinebuster by Dreamer for 2. Dreamer sets…DDT try, shoved off and a LOW BLOW by Test. BIG BOOT by Test. TESTKO finishes Dreamer.

    Winner: Test @ 3:27 via pin

    EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER/ECW TITLE MATCH: The Big Show © vs. RVD vs. Sabu vs. CM Punk vs. Test vs. ???

    -Back from commercial and we are set for the main event.

    RVD and Hardcore Holly vs. The Big Show and Paul Heyman w/Security

    RVD and Big Show to begin. Big Show talks trash and RVD with kicks to Big Show. More kicks and then attacks the leg. Dropkick to Big Show and RVD grabs Heyman…but Big Show stops RVD. Head butts by Big Show. Chops to RVD. Boots by Big Show to RVD as Heyman warms up on the apron. Big Show stands on RVD, and then whips him to the other corner…boots by RVD. Springboard kick by RVD. Big Show stops a tag to HH and then chokes out RVD. Chops by Big Show again. A right sends RVD to the floor. HH over and security protects Paul. Slam by Big Show to RVD as Paul talks shit. Elbow drop by Big Show and he gets 2. RVD with rights, but Big Show levels him again. Big Show mocks HH and then takes off RVD’s head with a clothesline. Paul slaps the hell out of RVD, RVD tries to get to him and Big Show beats him down. Big Show chokes RVD again, Irish whip and Big Show charges…misses the ass splash. Spinkick by RVD. RVD pulls the ropes down and crotches Big Show. RVD crawls… Big Show grabs his leg, goozle…DDT counter by RVD! RVD crawls…tag to HH! And he whoops the hell out of RVD. Slam and then a standing leg drop. HH grabs a chair, lays it out and then the ALABAMA SLAM on the chair! Paul smiles and a big splash by Big Show. We get a no contest I suppose.

    No Contest @ 9:55

    -Paul stands over a beaten RVD as Holly and Show hug.

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