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411’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 11.18.08

November 18, 2008 | Posted by Michael Bauer

Welcome to the ECW on Sci-Fi! As always, I am Michael Bauer, your 411 ECW Re-capper. Don’t forget to check out Cha$e… NOW! Seriously, I watched this week right before ECW and it is sick. And Ricky Ortiz is on the show RIGHT NOW!!!

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker and we start with the luckiest SOBs on the planet, The Miz and John Morrison, who beat Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels last night on Raw. Biggest win of Miz’s career now and forever. Morrison hushes the crowd… sort of. Miz says that they are here to breakdown the traditional Survivor Series match they are in. Miz says their captain is JBL, who they can’t argue with because he is a former World Champion and still has financial wealth in this economy. Next is MVP, who gets paid like $1.35 million per victory with his current track record. Maybe hanging with them will get him to start BALLIN’! Then they have Kane, who has a history of mental issues and is too scary to continue to talk about. And their opponents start with The Great Khali, who is eight feet tall and makes out with fat chicks. Then there is Rey Mysterio, the four foot midget who averages out Khali’s height to six feet tall men who are easy to deal with. Then there is Cryme Time, who they know all about. Like how they will get DQed, steal something, and go drink some 40s. And the captain is Shawn Michaels, who has a huge disadvantage since none of them can communicate with each other. They hope he is the last one left so they can show him how much of a stepping stone he is for Miz and Morrison. At that moment, he will realize there are winners and there are losers… BE JEALOUS!

DJ Gabriel (with Alicia Fox ) vs. Sal Rinauro

DJ’s music doesn’t start until after the introduction. This looks kinda interesting with them dancing down to the ring. The jobber stands there as they dance to something that sounds like Michael Jackson recorded. Not good for him. The bell rings and DJ takes down Sal, who is from Full Impact Pro Wrestling (aka Ring of Honor’s minor leagues). DJ’s offense uses his dancing as he hits an elbow. DJ with an arm lock and he hits a suplex while holding on to the arm lock. Huge uppercut by DJ. Whip to the corner, but Sal gets a boot up. Sal catches a right hand, but gets booted in the gut. DJ heads up to the second rope and hits a diving European Uppercut for the three count at 1:40. DJ and Alicia dance again with the worst break dancing ever.

Winner: DJ Gabriel

Match Rating: * Ok for what it is worth. I’m interested to see where it goes from here with DJ and I can not totally hate a Sal Rinauro sighting.

Backstage, Jack Swagger walks to the ring smiling.

Jack Swagger Challenge: Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer

This is pretty much an amateur wrestling match, which is Jack Swagger’s background. To win, you need to get a pinfall or the most points in five minutes. A takedown is worth two points and escapes or reversals is a point. No strikes are allowed. Jack was a singlet on and the bell rings. They lockup and Jack quickly scores a takedown. The lockup again and Jack scores another takedown. Tommy gets a point for an escape as Jack let him up. Jack was never pinned in college and he took down Tommy again with a go behind and belly to back suplex. Jack lets up Tommy again and Dreamer scores a point. Jack is getting arrogant and takes off the Rick Steiner takedown. Dreamer gets a double leg takedown for two points, but Swagger gets his own takedown for another two points. Swagger yells at Dreamer before letting him up. Dreamer looks pissed and asks for Swagger to go into the referee’s position. Dreamer goes into position and then just says screw it and kicks Swagger in the gut and hits a DDT. But since he broke the rules, Dreamer is disqualified. Dreamer gets a microphone, “Oops, my bad. You win.” Swagger lost his smile while Dreamer smiles and laughs.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Match Rating: * 3/4 Normally the face would be the favorite in this style of match, but I like the change here. Obviously, it looked weird, but it showed the clash of styles with these two guys. The ending was predictable, but backwards from how I would book it. Then again, it was backwards from the start.

John Cena hype video number three or four, I lost track. Another good one. Cena gets Jericho at Survivor Series. No other matches discussed as we go to a commercial.

Oh yeah.. The Boogeyman is coming to getcha. He returns next week to ECW.

Back from the break, Ricky Ortiz is with Tiffany. Jack Swagger comes in and badmouths Tiffany for not seeing his match. They trade some creative insults back and forth until Teddy Long comes in. Jack wants a rematch next week and Teddy Long grants it, but it is in an Extreme Rules Match.

Survivor Series Rundown
World Heavyweight Championship – John Cena vs. Chris Jericho
WWE Heavyweight Championship – Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Casket Match – Undertaker vs. Big Show
Survivor Series Style Match – TEAM MICHAELS: HBK, Rey Mysterio, Cryme Tyme and The Great Khali vs. TEAM JBL: JBL, Kane, MVP, The Miz and John Morrison
Survivor Series Style Match – TEAM BATISTA: Batista, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy and R-Truth vs. TEAM ORTON: Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Shelton Benjamin, William Regal and Mark Henry

Matt Striker is in the ring to discuss Team Orton vs. Team Batista and the intermeshing rivalries. He goes over the possible scenario of Orton vs. Batista one on one or how Batista could be behind 5 on1. This leads to Mark Henry coming out for a six man tag as we go to commercial.

Mark Henry, William Regal and Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston, Finlay, and Matt Hardy

We com back as William Regal makes his way to the ring. Cody is already there and all the faces make their individual way out. Matt and Finlay shake hands. The bell rings as Finlay starts with William Regal. Striker puts over their long and historic feud as Finlay gets backed into the corner. He shoves out and gets a headlock. Regal escapes and tags in Cody Rhodes. They lock up, Finlay gets an arm wrench, and Matt Hardy gets tagged in. Matt hits an elbow to the face and an elbow drop for a quick fall. Matt nails Mark Henry and all six men are in the ring as we go to commercial at 1:55.

We are back at 5:44 and Cody has control of Kofi, bringing in William Regal. Regal with an arm wrench, but Kofi reverses and tags in Finlay. Switching European uppercuts by the two and Regal with a headlock takedown. Finlay whipped into the corner, gets a boot up, and goes up top, but Regal throws him to the floor. Finlay tries to get back in, but Regal cuts him off and kicks him in the gut. Cody tagged in and he stomps on Finlay. Bodyslam by Cody and a knee drop. Finlay gets a hard shot and a takedown. Mark Henry tagged in and you can hear the groans. Henry starts pounding away and clamps down with a nerve hold. Finlay fights to his feet and gets knees to the gut and punches away, but runs off the ropes and right into a big boot. Regal tagged in and he kicks away on Finlay before getting a two count. Regal locks in a Full Nelson (not a Masterlock) and Finlay breaks the hold. He tries a sunset flip, but Regal hits a headbutt to stop the momentum. Finlay sneaks in a rollup for two. Regal gets another cover, but Hardy breaks it up. Regal dumps Hardy and tags in Cody. Cody walks into a clothesline and Finlay tags Kofi. Kofi springs in with a clothesline and hits the big legdrop for two. Regal breaks the fall and Matt Hardys dumps him. Cody whipped the ropes and Henry gets the blind tag. Kofi dispatches of Cody and ducks under Henry’s charge. Henry whips Kofi to the corner. Kofi leaps to the turnbuckle and goes for a crossbody. Mark Henry catches him… World’s Strongest Slam! Henry gets the three count and it is over at 12:30.

Winners: Mark Henry, William Regal and Cody Rhodes

Match Rating: **3/4 Good main event, but not great. Hardy got very little in this match and he is the ECW Champion. Henry looks dominant again.


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