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411’s ECW on Sci-Fi Report 9.16.08

September 16, 2008 | Posted by Michael Bauer

Welcome to the ECW on Sci-Fi! As always, I am Michael Bauer, your 411 ECW Re-capper.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker at ringside as they hype up the main event of Finlay vs. Mark Henry.

Non Title Match – Matt Hardy vs. Mike Knox

We get another look at Matt Hardy’s title win and then find out that Mark Henry is using his rematch clause at No Mercy. Knox has a welt on his face from Hardy last week. The bell rings as the Hardy chants start. Knox backs Hardy into the corner, Hardy kicks his way out, and gets a headlock. Knox tries to power up, but Hardy takes him down. Knox escapes with an elbow and locks the head himself. Hardy bounces Knox off the ropes but gets nailed with the shoulder. Hardys ducks a clothesline and throws Knox to the corner. Hardys hits a clothesline, but Knox shoves off a bulldog attempt and hits a big boot. Knox stomps away and hits a knee drop for two. Knox with the chinlock applied, but Hardy gets up and escapes. Knox clubs Hardy, but Hardy hits a forearm smash and the bulldog out of the corner for two. Knox reverses an irish whip and hits a huge powerslam for two. Knox goes for a suplex, but it’s blocked and Hardys gets a small package for two. Knox takes Hardy off his feet with a lariat for two. Knox runs into a pair of elbows in the corner and Hardys hits a double axe handle from the second rope. Knox blocks a Twist of Fate, but Hardy drills him with a DDT. Knox gets his foot on the rope to stop the pinfall. Knox to the outside, Hardy follows, and both men are down after a double clothesline. We head to a commercial at 5:20.

Back at 8:34 and Hardy is grounded with a chinlock by Knox. We see that Hardy got kicked into the steel steps during the break. Hardy back up and he breaks away, but walks into a dropkick from Mike Knox. Knox covers and gets two before going back to a chinlock. Hardy goes with elbows to try and break, but Knox clubs him and hits a back suplex for two. Knox with another back suplex and another two count. Hardy placed on the top turnbuckle, but Hardy elbows out. Hardy missed most of the moonsault and Knox gets another two count. Knox whips Hardy into the corner and avalanches Hardy. Hardy slips away and drops Knox into the second turnbuckle. Knox walks into a Side Effect and Hardy gets two. Hardy goes up top and Knox walks into a boot. Tornado DDT by Hardy connects. Hardys lines up Knox. Twist of Fate gets the three count at 12:55.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Backstage, Mark Henry looks on and Tony says that Hardy looked good out there. Henry is offended because he never beat Henry for the title. He also says he walked out last week because of Finlay last week.

Miz and Morrison walk towards the ring as we head to a break.

The Miz (with John Morrison) vs. Evan Bourne (with Ricky Ortiz)

We get highlights of the epic match from last week between Morrison and Bourne, leading to this match. Bourne has some backup this week. The bell rings and the lockup goes in Miz’s favor. Miz with a less than clean break and Bourne slaps Miz. Bourne with some aggressive offense until he is whipped into the corner. Bourne goes to the apron and shoulder blocks Miz. Bourne with a springboard arm drag takedown. Miz takes advantage of a rope break and throat thrusts him. Miz with a kicks nails Bourne to the floor. Miz drops Bourne on the steel guardrail and rolls him back in. Miz gets a near fall and locks in a very odd submission hold, but Bourne kicks out. Bourne reverses a bodyslam into a rollup, but they roll into the ropes. Miz reapplies an armbar after a huge clothesline. Bourne gets up and they exchange kicks until Bourne ducks and nails Miz upside the head. Bourne with a hurricarana for a two count. Bourne to the top rope, but Miz catches him and throws him down to the mat. Miz with a springboard legdrop for a two count. Miz runs into a knee in the corner. Morrison grabs Bourne and Ortiz decks Morrison. Miz is distracted and Bourne rolls him up and bridges over for the three count fat 5:32.

Winner: Evan Bourne

After a commercial, we get the Raw Rebound, showing off Chris Jericho’s fluke victory over Punk and the decision of a number one contender of Shawn Michaels, instead of JBL or Batista.

Jack Swagger vs. Chase Stevens

Oh joy, jobber food for the All-American American. Jack’s smile makes me want to puke. The bell rings and Jack with a single leg takedown into a dragon sleeper. Jack with a wrestling takedown. Chase punches away, but Jack grabs him and rams him into the corner. Jack takes down Chase with a gutwrench suplex. Jack with a huge knee to the face. Jack grabs Chase and drives him down with the Red, White, and Blue Thunder Bomb for the three count at 1:47.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Backstage, Finlay walks and Hornswoggle laughs.

Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) vs. Finlay (with Hornswoggle)

We get quick highlights of Mark Henry getting smashed upside the head by Finlay with the shillelagh. The bell rings and Finlay tries to pick his spot, but gets flattened in the corner. Finlay tries a go behind and gets squashed again, followed by an elbow. Henry tries to wrap up Finlay, but Finlay breaks the grip. Henry shoves Finlay into the corner and lights up Finlay with right hands. Finlay gets slammed to the mat. Finlay ducks Henry and starts clubbing and kicking away, but he runs right into a Vader smash. Mark Henry stands on Finlay and Tony gets a cheap shot in as well. Finlay gets shoved to the outside and crashes into the announcer’s table as we go to a break at 3:21.

We are back at 7:08 and Finlay is locked in a vey strong neck vice. Finlay has his head slammed into the mat and kicks out at two. Henry stomps away and chokes Finlay with his boot. Finlay rolls outside, but Henry follows and clubs away. Finlay rolled back in and Henry gets a two count. Finlay locked in a neck vice as Hornswoggle looks shocked. Henry locks in a bearhug, but Finlay is able to escape after some right hands, but Henry just slams Finlay to the mat several times. Finlay shakes off the ref and dodges an avalanche. Finlay fights away, but one shot from Henry dumps him worse than Ned Yost. Finlay avoids an elbow drop and Henry gets caught in the ring apron. Atlas shoves Hornswoggle, Finlay chases, Henry goes after Hornswoggle, and Finlay gets the shillelagh and nails Henry in the arm. Back in the ring, Henry gets the advantage back as Finlay’s ribs are damaged. Finlay locked in a bearhug, but he slips out for a sunset flip. Henry misses a drop and Finlay gets a huge near fall. Finlay goes for an armbar, but gets shoved off and squashed in the corner. Finlay is grabbed by Henry and the World’s Strongest Slam ends it at 14:00.

Winner: Mark Henry

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