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411’s EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Report

July 13, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Adam Cole EVOLVE 10th

We open to a video package showing WWE guys who worked EVOLVE. Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Ricochet, Tony Nese, Apollo Crews, and Aleister Black speak. Bryan notes that he came up with the EVOLVE name.

Lenny Leonard starts in the ring with some of the EVOLVE roster. He puts them over and calls this their biggest opportunity. There’s a weird moment where guys kind of break out. Josh Briggs is left alone in the ring and he calls in Anthony Greene for a match.

Anthony Greene w/ Brandi Lauren vs. Josh Briggs

Briggs starts hot and hits a backbreaker within the first minute. Greene comes back with a snap rana but runs into another backbreaker. Riggs with a sidewalk slam and splash for two. Greene heads out for a breather. Briggs with a boot from the apron. Brandi Lauren holds his leg in place. It’s enough to allow Greene a cheap shot. Single leg DDT. Greene knocks him outside and does a tope suicida, but gets caught with a chokeslam on the apron. Greene fights back and clubs away at Briggs on the apron. Inside, he gets two on a crossbody. He adds chops in the corner. Lauren throws in a cheap right hand of her own behind the official’s back. Their next exchange sees Briggs run through Greene and hit a leaping lariat. He hits a shot in the corner but runs into a superkick. Briggs responds with a trio of running big boots. Green comes back and takes Brigs down. He wants a submission but gets shoved away. He hits a forearm but runs into a big boot. Briggs plants him with a Lance Archer Blackout for two. Briggs fires up after a chop but eats an enziguri. Release back suplex by Greene. Modified pump handle slam gets two and he takes the kickout into a half crab. Briggs gets free so Greene stomps on his knee. Greene goes up but misses a 450. he rolls through only for Briggs to throw him to the corner. Enziguri and a school boy into the corner. Briggs with a right hand as Greene goes up. Lauren holds his boot and is ejected. That allows Greene to get on Briggs’ shoulders up top for an avalanche victory roll. That gets two. He adds some big kicks and the Go to Hell. They exchange shots and Briggs pulls him up by a choke into a powerbomb that ends it.

Winner: Josh Briggs in 11:50

A promo runs to hype The Unwanted.

Curt Stallion vs. Harlem Bravado vs. Sean Maluta vs. Stephen Wolf

First fall wins. Everyone pairs off to start. Maluta kicks Stallion in the gut but gets hit a double stomp for two. Stallion with a forearm. He knocks Bravado off the apron and Maluta wants a backslide. Stallion rolls through but gets kicked and then takes a suplex neckbreaker. Wolf enters with a running chop. Wolf with a springboard clothesline. His taunt allows Bravado to sneak in with a shot. Stallion with a pair of chops but gets a big boot. Bravado is sent outside and Wolf follows with a somersault plancha. Maluta comes off with a somersault onto both men. Stallion with a Fosbury Flop onto all three. Inside, Stallion and Maluta fight. Maluta is sent outside by Bravado opening the opes. He enters and levels Stallion. Wolf leaps over him. Bravado catches them with a reverse DDT/Flatliner combo that gets two. Back suplex by Bravado. Maluta sends Bravado back with a right hand. Superkick on Stallion and Bravado. A leaping Wolf also takes one. Wolf ducks a clothesline and collides with Maluta. Everyone starts throwing kicks. Stallion with a corner basement dropkick and Wolf with the Hardya Arrest. Both guys hit moves for stereo near falls. They go at it with Wolf hitting a rolling elbow. Bravado interrupts by hitting Wolf with a boot. Stallion with a headbutt. Maluta with an enziguri. Wolf avoids being thrown out with a 619 style swing and he clotheslines Maluta. Bravado dumps Maluta outside and catches Wolf with a popup DVD. Wolf rolls out, so Bravado goes after Stallion. He is rolled into a Jackknife and then an Air Raid Crash neck breaker. Diving Codebreaker from Maluta. Bravado cuts off Wolf up top but Maluta knocks him outside. Maluta goes up but Stallion takes him down with a super Spanish Fly. Bravado with Straight Cash Homey on Stallion, but Wolf hits a Shooting Star Press on Bravado to win.

Winner: Stephen Wolf in 9:20

An Anthony Henry vignette airs.

Anthony Henry vs. Arturo Ruas

These two go right at each other since they don’t like one another. Ruas goes to the arm but Henry gets to the ropes. Henry lights him up with body shots and slams him to the mat. He wants an armbar but Ruas locks the hands. Henry’s nose is already busted. Might be broken. They grapple and throw strikes. Ruas takes him down with a body scissors. Armbars are blocked by both men. Ruas powers out with a powerbomb. He wails on Henry for two. Ruas delivers knees in the corner. Slaps by Henry. Ruas gets rolled up and Henry goes right into a double stomp. Spin kick by Henry. He comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Corner forearm and modified back suplex. Northern Lights Suplex follows and he rolls into the armbar, but it’s blocked again. Things move outside where Henry nails a knee off the apron. Inside, Ruas avoids a diving double stomp. He blocks some strikes and hits his own. Cartwheel and running kick for two. Henry fights back with a sleeper. Ruas with a kick to the head and German suplex for two. Ruas with shots that take Henry down. Henry blocks a knee and hits his own. Kick to the head. Henry goes up and fights off Ruas. he hits a double stomp to the back. Flub on a tornado DDT but he hits it on the second try. Henry goes up and nails the double stomp for two. Henry goes to Ankle Lock. It becomes a knee bar and they end up slapping each other on the ground. They get up and throw bombs. Ruas with a huge capoeira kick from out of nowhere to end it.

Winner: Arturo Ruas in 9:45

A video package runs to hype Brandi Lauren vs. Shotzi Blackheart.

No Disqualifications Match: Brandi Lauren vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Both women out in jeans, really adding to the No DQ feel. As soon as the bell rings, Natalia Markova hits the ring and jumps Blackheart. Lauren laughs that this is what happens when you want a No DQ match. Markova with some huge boots to Shotzi. Spinning X Factor and running spin kick follows. Shotzi fights back as Lauren watches from the sidelines. Tiger Feint Kick by Blackheart. Her mouth is bleeding. She hits a missile dropkick. A dive takes out both women outside. Now Lauren is the target as Blackheart levels her. Markova is taken out by officials. Blackheart cuts off Lauren with a chair and wants to bring it inside, but Lauren dropkicks it into her face. It looked brutal. Lauren sets up some chairs by the aisle, opened and face to face. Blackheart fights off a suplex and lays into Lauren with forearms. Lauren sends her into the post and sets up another chair on the other side of the ring. She ends up sitting in it as Blackheart crushes it with a Shining Wizard of sorts. They go the apron and Blackheart is thrown into the post again. Lauren pulls her off with a powerbomb onto the apron. It gets two inside. Blackheart avoids a shoulder thrust and hits one of her own. They trade shots and Blackheart with a roaring elbow and enziguri. Corner cannonball connects. Back to the apron where Blackheart flubs a Shiranui. They play it off as Lauren blocked it. Lauren is thrown onto the chairs she set up earlier. Shotzi sets up a chair on top of the other chairs and sits Lauren up there. Shotzi wants a dive but Anthony Greene hits the ring. She boots him off the apron and does a tope suicida, but Greene pulls Lauren to safety and Blackheart eats the chairs. Somehow, that only gets two inside. Lauren gets a kendo stick as Curt Stallion chases Greene to the back. Lauren wears out Blackheart with the kendo stick and that’s enough for the W.

Winner: Brandi Lauren in 9:50

Babatunde vs. Colby Corino w/ Sean Maluta

Despite being at a huge size disadvantage, Corino slaps Babatunde and talks smack. Babatunde throws him across the ring after wrenching back on his fingers. Babatunde chops the hell out of him outside and press slams him back in. Corino stops him from getting back in with a running knee. Superkick by Maluta outside. Babatunde slowly enters and Corino wails on him. He adds a diving stomp. Corino climbs but his dive is caught. Two handed lifting choke. Corino throwns into the corner. Babatunde with a corner avalanche and open hand strike. Running elbow drop and a diving splash for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Babatunde in 3:09

A pissed Eddie Kingston and the Unwanted come out to say this ain’t happening. Kingston introduces them. Unwanted son Corino, unwanted savage Maluta, unwanted maniac Joe Gacy, and unwanted kin Eddie Kingston. He says Babatunde had everything handed to him because of his size and football background. They did it the right way. They’re gonna take him out like they did to the Street Profits. Before they hit the ring, out comes AR Fox and Leon Ruff. They dive out onto the champions.

Evolve Tag Team Championship: The Unwanted [c] vs. AR Fox and Leon Ruff

Their next attempt at dives gets interrupted by the champions tripping them up. Ruff takes out both with a springboard somersault. Fox follows his lead with an inverted springboard somersault. Fox and Ruff light up Gacy with kicks. A German suplex pin is broken up by Kingston. Commentary says this has “relaxed rules.” Tandem kick on Kingston. Ruff is tossed into an AR Fox springboard cutter. Handspring Ace Crusher by Gacy. Roaring Elbow/Backdrop suplex combo on Fo, who rolls outside. The champs lay into Ruff with clotheslines and stiff shots. Kingston with a slam. Gacy hits one and sets Ruff up on Kingston’s shoulders for a second rope powerslam that gets two. Gacy and Kingston with a tandem STO/Russian Leg Sweep on Fox. Shots in the corner on Ruff. Up top, they hit a superplex into a powerbomb for two. Fox saves Ruff and superkicks Kingston. Enziguri on Gacy. Kingston interrupts their double team. Ruff fires off forearms on Gacy. Superkick to Kingston. He jumps off with a tornado DDT. Fox takes Gacy off the top with Lo Mein Pain. Stereo near falls. Backfist by Kingston. Ruff gets caught with a lariat/release German suplex combo. A table is set up outside by Gacy. Kingston has Ruff up top and wants a powerbomb. Gacy is taken out by a Coast to Coast from Fox. Ruff with the Ruff Ride on Kingston. Rudd then leaps over the turnbuckle with a somersault on Gacy that puts him through the table. 450 by AR Fox inside and we’ve got new champions!

Winners: AR Fox and Leon Ruff in 8:19

Big dancing celebration in the ring.

A video package is shown talking about Catch Point and the relationship between Drew Gulak and Matt Riddle.

Drew Gulak vs. Matt Riddle

Gulak out in a Catch Point robe with a bunch of guys in Catch Point hoodies. They jockey for position and grapple to the mat, looking for an upper hand but nobody gets one. Riddle gets the first advantage, working the arm. Gulak tries to counter to the Gulock, but Riddle switches over and Gulak makes it to the ropes. Riddle with kicks in the corner until Gulak with a boot. He comes off the second rope into a Riddle knee. Senton by Riddle gets two. Right back to the arm. Gulak quickly slips free of the Bromission and gets one. Gulak takes over and works a headscissors. Riddle escapes and Gulak avoids a PK. They start swinging at one another before Gulak takes him to the mat. To their feet and Gulak with a school boy that gets rolled by Riddle into a powerbomb. Gulak kicks out and blocks a knee before hitting a powerbomb of his own. He takes the kickout right into the half crab. Riddle escapes and they’re back to trading blows. That’s Riddle’s wheelhouse. He gets two on a knee strike. Senton connects. Riddle goes up but Gulak catches him with a super back suplex that gets two. They slap each other on the mat. Gulak grabs him but Riddle kicks him in the back. He adds a PK to the chest. Back up and they trade strikes again. Riddle catches Gulak in the Bromission but has to turn it into an armbar only for Gulak to make it to the ropes. Gulak lulls him into an inside cradle for two. Riddle with a knee and strike followed by a fisherman buster that gets two. Gulak gets to the apron where Riddle applies a sleeper. He drops Riddle onto the top rope. Riddle gets up and deadlift German suplexes him from the middle rope. Gulak counters Riddle beautifully into the Gulock and the fans erupt. Riddle flips over and hits the Bro Derek to win.

Winner: Matt Riddle in 13:38

A disappointed Gulak asks for the microphone after the match. He puts over what Catch Point stands for and says that he respects Riddle. It’s always an honor. They do the Catch Point handshake, hug, and do the Catch Point taunt. Drew introduces himself to Curt Stallion, who came out with Riddle. He tells Curt to be up to the challenge of facing Matt tomorrow.

A video package runs to hype the upcoming match. The story is that Austin Theory is an arrogant guy who looks like a million bucks, while Drake is the hard working dude who has to work for everything he has.

Bryan Idol is brought out to do ring announcing for the upcoming match. He coughs a bunch and gets booed. The lights go out and when they come on, it’s Paul Heyman in the ring. Heyman says he’s honored and privileged to be back home. He usually turns down invitations to these things but asked to be here. He wants to learn about the future of this industry and knows this is the kind of match you’ll watch in a few years as the night we knew the industry would evolve. He does ring announcing.

EVOLVE and WWN Championships: Austin Theory [c] vs. JD Drake [c]

They go right at it and both men want their finishers. They’re blocked. Theory ducks Drake and dropkicks him to the corner. Drake with one of his own, sending Theory outside. Theory cuts off his dive with a forearm. He hits the post with a chop and then gets chopped. Drake adds more before getting hit with a back body drop on the ramp. Back inside, Theory wails on Drake, using the referee’s full count of five. His chop has zero effect, so Drake gives him a big one back. Snap suplex gets Theory a near fall. he goes to wearing Drake down. He shows off the power and then hits a standing moonsault for two. Theory berates Drake about telling us a sad story. Drake says Theory can’t hit him harder than life has. They trade shots and Drake wins out with a big clothesline. A slam takes both men out of it for a moment. Rolling Thunder dropkick from Theory. Outside they go, where Drake catches him with a right hand. Back inside, Drake with a running chop, body slam, and Vader Bomb that gets him a near fall. Drake knocks Theory off the middle rope with a back elbow and comes off with a leg lariat. He misses a huge attempt in the corner and crashes. Blockbuster gets Theory two. Theory stays on the offensive but Drake fights back with chops. They fight up top and Theory slips free. Drake fights off a powerbomb but Theory pulls him off the top and onto his shoulders. He impressively walks with him and hits Three Seconds Around the World for two. He calls himself the superstar that Drake’s kids will one day watch. Drake charges into a boot but catches Theory with a hilariously sold Stunner. Corner cannonball and Drillbit connect but Theory kicks out. Drake adds a moonsault for two. They trade shots until Drake counters Theory’s finish. he hits a clothesline. Moonsaut misses. Theory with a trio of superkicks. He hits his finisher that I don’t know the name of and wins.

Winner: Austin Theory in 16:22

Theory cuts a promo putting over EVOLVE as the place to be. He steps on the WWN Title and says a wrestler’s dream must come through him to get where they want to go. He’s the EVOLVE measuring stick. The lights go out again. When they come back on, Josh Briggs is behind him. That’s lackluster and the crowd feels that way. He hits a huge chokeslam to almost no reaction.

A Josh Briggs vignette airs.

NXT Championship: Adam Cole [c] vs. Akira Tozawa

Cole gets a quick upper hand and taunts, bowing to the crowd. Tozawa takes the next exchange and works a headlock while getting the crowd into it. Tozawa avoids a back suplex, ducks a clothesline, and uses a tilt-a-whirl to apply the Octopus. Cole gets to the ropes. Cole drops Tozawa’s head on the top turnbuckle and adds a big boot. Neckbreaker and a hard whip to the corner follow. Cole goes to the mat with a headlock. Cole stops a rallying Tozawa with a back elbow. Tozawa comes back with a kick that sends Cole outside. He adds a tope suicida but Cole avoids a second. Tozawa instead somersaults off the apron onto him. Inside, Tozawa gets two and wants a German. Cole blocks and they switch around until Cole connects on an enziguri. Lungblower gets two. Pump kick by Cole and the USHIGIROSHI follows for two.  Forearm exchange that Tozawa wins. Cole with another pump kick. Tozawa shakes it off but eats a second. They trade kicks. Tozawa with a right hand. Superkick connects and both men are down. They fight up top where Tozawa sends Cole to the mat. He jumps right into a superkick and Cole gets two. Cole grabs the title as a weapon. Out comes Johnny Gargano to a big pop. Tozawa rolls Cole up for two. Snap German hits. Cole elbows out of a second. Spin kick by Tozawa. He avoids Cole’s grasp and hits a spinning enziguri. Cole gets his knees up on a Tozawa senton. Panama Sunrise and Last Shot end it.

Winner: Adam Cole in 13:17

In the ring, Cole and Gargano come face to face. Gargano wants to fight but Cole backs off and leaves. He taunts on the stage as Gargano checks on Tozawa. Gargano then gets on the mic to put over EVOLVE and the 2300 Arena. It being on the WWE Network lets him know that pro wrestling in 2019 is pretty cool. Johnny and Akira ask the fans if they enjoyed the show, which is an EVOLVE tradition. The fans chant “Yes.” They both thank the fans and he says tonight is more about the guys in the locker room and not EVOLVE’s past.

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