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411’s Impact Wresting Report: 6.14.19

June 15, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Michael Elgin Impact Wrestling 6-14-19

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s live Impact Wrestling Coverage. I’m Robert Winfree, I’ve tagged in for bossman Larry Csonka for the evening. Larry should be back next week, so hopefully you’ll survive dealing with me for this episode.

We open with a recap of Havok’s debut, Eddie Edwards getting Kenny 2.0, oVe’s disgust with women, and Moose disliking ECW vets taking air time, and the Dusty finish to LAX vs. the Rascalz. Also the building rivalry between Impact champion Brian Cage and Michael Elgin.

Up first is a match, nice change of pace from the average RAW. I think they’re using a smaller than usual ring, the entire set up for these tapings seems really cramped.

Match #1 Tag Team Match: The North (Ehtan Page and Josh Alexander) vs. Rob Van Dam and Sabu w/ Super Genie

Sabu and Alexander start things off. Low single let from Sabu, Alexander seems a little surprised at the wrestling acumen of Sabu. Sabu counters a few holds then lands a series of strikes that drop Alexander. A cover from Sabu gets 1, then he tags in RVD who enters with a slingshot leg drop. Vertical suplex from RVD and a cover for a 2 count. Alexander with knees to the body and drives RVD into the corner and tags in Page. Rights from Page, RVD catches a kick and hits a wheel kick then an armdrag to get control over Page. Page fights back up with more strikes, RVD with his leg scissors cover for 2 then another armdrag after the kick out. Sabu is tagged in, he hits a leg drop as RVD hits Rolling Thunder then Sabu locks in the camel clutch and gets a chair from the Genie. Quick tossed chair shot, another camel clutch then Sabu tags in RVD and they hit the double leg drop for a 2 count. Kicks from RVD to the body and head of Page for another 2 count. More strikes from RVD, Alexander distracts RVD and Page hits a pump kick to take over. Back breaker from Alexander then a spinning one from Page to get full control. Alexander is in now and working the left leg of RVD. Suplex from Alexander and Sabu has to break up the follow up pin attempt. Page tags in and lays into RVD, RVD fires back but can’t get the tag and Page drives him into his corner then tags Alexander. Knees and punches from Alexander then he tags Page back in. RVD avoids a rush in the corner and kicks Page in the face. Both men are down, Page ducks a kick but gets hit with the rebound kick and they both make tags. Sabu runs wild with a chair to both members of The North. Tandem offense from Sabu and RVD but Page breaks up a pinfall attempt. Another chair for Sabu and he blasts both Page and Alexander then Sabu heads out to look for a table. RVD joins him in that endeavor and they have a table in the ring. I should point out how lax the ref has been about the rules, this was supposed to be a straight wrestling match. They set Alexander on the table but Moose shoves off RVD from the top of the buckles, Sabu hits the Arabian Facebuster but the confusion leads to a delayed cover and Page saves the match for his team. It’s 2v1 now as Sabu is fighting but The North hit a tandem Styles Clash for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The North via pinfall on Sabu

Apparently that will give The North a tag team title shot at a future date. Moose mocks RVD on the ramp, Tommy Dreamer tosses him into the ring and RVD and Sabu abuse Moose for a bit, which ends with RVD setting for the Van Terminator but Moose escapes and decides discretion is the better part of valor.

In the back we see Havok and Su Yung and James Mitchell as we head to break.

Back from break and Moose is in the back and berates The North for not helping him, they argue a bit and The North tell Moose good luck buying himself out of this situation. Moose promises to take out the ECW era and names Dreamer specifically. So he’ll be battling all the other ECW guys leading up to his match with RVD.

Back ringside commentary hype upcoming events and rundown the card tonight.

Jessika Havok makes her way to the ring with her entourage.

Match #2: Havok w/ James Mitchell and Su Yung vs. Masha Slamovic

Havok’s opponent gets the jobber entrance, that is already in the ring. Havok bodies Slamovic, clubs her a few times then uses a series of back breakers. Snap suplex from Havok, more forearms, then Havok tosses Slamovic across the ring. More abuse in the corner, Slamovic avoids a rush and tries offense but Havok is largely unmoved and kicks her back down. Havok hits a sit out Black Hole Slam, decides she also wants a choke slam. And now a Tombstone piledriver to end things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessika Havok via pinfall

Went a bit long for a squash. Mitchell is on the mic now, he tells Rosemary to work on her anger management issue as every time she loses her temper she leaves a ton of collateral damage. He says he tried to handle things diplomatically, but Rosemary put her hands on him and that is the reason he’s brought his kaiji queen Havok into things. Havok’s destruction broke the spell of the demon collar to free Su Yung, and poor Valkyrie got caught in the crossfire. Mitchell says he can only repay Havok by making her the next Knockouts champion and will be sure that she steps over the corpse of Rosemary on her way to that title.

That will send us to another break.

Gama Singh is in the ring to introduce Raj Singh for his match.

Match #3: Raj Singh w/ Rohit Raju vs. Cody Deaner w/ Cousin Jake

Singh with headbutts and chops, looking to overpower Deaner early. Deaner lands a clothesline and some stomps in the corner. More offense from Deaner, he calls for a DDT but Singh takes a powder. Deaner hits a suicide dive and Singh is sent back into the ring. Cousin Jake keeps Raju out of things but that gives Singh time to cut Deaner off and hit a top rope neck breaker for a 2 count. A bit of blood from the nose of Sigh, he takes control of the match and Gama lands a right as Deaner was leaning out of the ring. Singh hits a seated drop kick and mocks Deaner. Deaner fires of from his knees, shakes the ropes then puts on a cap just so he can turn it around then lays into Singh with punches. Discus clothesline from Deaner and he’s lost the hat, he hits the DDT but Gama is up to distract the ref. Cousin Jake intercepts Raju and takes him out with a right then intimidates Gama who fakes a heart attack. The ref is out to check on Gama, Raju with a flying knee to Deaner and now Singh with a new finisher, an arm trapped face buster for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Raj Singh via pinfall

The Desi Hit Squad dance to celebrate, and this feud apparently must continue.

Backstage Michael Elgin is with Melissa Santos. He says he hates stubborn people, and Mack seems to be stubborn as he keeps coming despite the abuse. Johnny Impact wanders into scene with some flunkie holding his Ultimate X prop. He mocks Elgin for not hospitalizing Willie Mack, Elgin tells him to stay out of his business or he’ll be the one in the hospital. Impact complains that Elgin didn’t notice his hair, his flunkie reassures him the highlights have come in nicely. That will send us to another break.

Back from break Rosemary is in the back. She tells James Mitchell that he likes the sound of his own voice too much, and notes Mithcell has a penchant for monsters he can’t actually control. She calls everything a big joke, the Shadow has put them on a mission to return the Knockouts title to the hive. She tells Mitchell to continue the collision course he’s set with them.

Commentary runs down the Slammiversary card that we have thus far. Our moment of the week is Dixie Carter being put through a table from August 7, 2014.

Up next will be Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne.

We come back to Sami Callihan barging into the women’s locker room, he says it’s 2019 and equal rights mean he can be wherever he wants. Tessa Blanchard tells him he doesn’t belong, he calls her out for attack his boys and she claims she belongs in there kicking their asses. She tells him to bring Jake Crist to the ring next week and she’ll face him, he accepts and is glad they did this the easy way, referencing a bat he’s brandishing.

Jordynne Grace now makes her way to the ring.

Match #4: Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne

Before the match starts Kiera Hogan joins commentary. They shake hands then circle. The crowd is behind Grace solidly. They lock up, trade wrist locks. Grace is trying to overpower Rayne but Rayne keeps attacking the arm of Grace. Rayne with a roll up but only gets 1 and they stand off. Grace gets a side headlock, commentary with Hogan is ignoring the match to try and get Hogan’s heel persona over. Rayne gets knocked down, Grace winds up sending her over the top rope to the floor. Rayne might have slipped more than was tossed, she landed very awkwardly. Rayne back up and in the ring, and gets run over by Grace but Grace only gets a 2 count. Delayed suplex from Grace, she goes one handed then drops Rayne but only gets a 2 count. Clubbing blows from Grace take Rayne down. Grace whips Rayne into the ropes, Rayne gets a koji clutch, Grace powers out and gets a modified bow and arrow but can’t keep the arms and Rayne gets free. They’re back up, Rayne with a roll through, we get the standard series of roll ups then a stand off as both women sell dizziness. Chops from Rayne, Grace slams her but she keeps hulking up and hits an enziguri then a running drop kick. They wind up on the apron, Rayne tries a pile driver, bad idea and Grace knocks her off the apron. Rayne is able to sweep the legs from Grace on the apron, tries a whip but gets reversed and then gets a cutter on the floor. Rayne gets back in the ring, Grace barely beats the 10 count, Rayne with a cover for 2. Grace blocks a norther lights suplex attempt, Rayne then hits the crucifix bomb for another 2 count. Grace sets Rayne on the top rope, looks for a muscle buster but Rayne fights free and tries a tornado DDT but Grace sets her back and this time hits the muscle buster but that only gets 2. Another cover and another kick out. Grace sets for the Grace driver, Rayne escapes but eats a hard clothesline and Grace sets for the Vader bomb, Hogan distracts her from the floor and Rayne tries for a powerbomb but Grace fights free and kicks her in the face. Rayne slips off of her shoulders, hits the Cross Rayne off of a Hogan distraction and that ends the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Madison Rayne via pinfall

Hogan resumes mocking Grace from ringside.

Vignette talking about the rivalry between Killer Kross and Eddie Edwards. They recap Eddie Edwards getting Kenny 2.0 from Sandman and send us to break.

We come back to Killer Kross making his way to the ring.

Match #5: Killer Kross vs. The Sandman

Sandman tried to Pearl Harbor Kross through the crowd but Kross had that scouted. A little offense from Kross, Sandman lands an elbow and sets for the punches in the corner. Sandman with the kendo stick now and whacks Kross in the abdomen. Now to the back with more cane shots but Kross is pissed, he avoids one and gets the Kross jacket choke and puts Sandman to sleep.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Killer Kross via technical submission

Kross wont release the hold, Eddie Edwards shows up and they brawl a bit. Kross winds up on the outside on his feet, Edwards has the kendo stick and implores Kross to get in the ring. Kross keeps playing in and out but wont commit and just warns Edwards that it’s not over between them.

LAX are in their clubhouse, Konnan asks what they’re celebrating about. Ortiz runs down their accomplishments but Konnan tells them they almost got beat by the Rascalz because they didn’t take them seriously. Santana says the guy who pinned him wasn’t even in the match and the Rascalz show up to crash the party. They say that LAX need better security. They bicker, Rascalz want a rematch since they technically won. There’s audio issues with this segment. The Rascalz say it doesn’t matter what combination of them fights for the belts. Wentz shoves Santana and they brawl with LAX getting the best of it. They stomp the Rascalz a bit and tell them to have respect, then tell them they can have a rematch. A luchador I don’t recognize shows up, steps over the Rascalz, goes back and steals something from one of them then heads out with LAX.

We come back to The Smoke Show, Scarlett Bordeaux welcomes Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Bravo tot he set. Fallah Bah gets some champagne for them, which Scarlett drinks straight from the bottle, Valkyrie only drinks Parisian champagne. Scarlett asks about being the only champion in the household, Valkyrie doesn’t want to talk about her home life. Scarlett asks about slamtown and what it is, Valkyrie ignores that. Asked about having to defend the Knockouts title ever 30 days or be stripped of the belt, she down plays that and says she’s more worried about the orcs and trolls following her around. Valkyrie has to defend the title next week, Scarlett knows who her opponent is, Su Yung. Valkyrie freaks out and bails, comes back to take the booze with her before the segment ends.

Commentary hypes the card for next week and confirm the Tag Team Title rematch between LAX and The Rascalz for Slammiversary.

Now Michael Elgin makes his way to the ring for the main event.

Match #6: Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack w/ X-Division champion Rich Swann

They lock up but neither man gets an immediate power advantage. Another lock up, another stalemate and Elgin lands a right. They start trading forearm blows then Elgin lands a knee to the body. Both men bounce off of the ropes and each other but neither man can really get the other down. Elgin gets the better of forearm blows but as he tries a running clothesline Mack lands a jumping shoulder tackle to take him down then a seated blockbuster for 2. Chops from Mack, then Elgin hits a go behind and a right but Mack hits a jumping kick then an exploder suplex. Elgin moves to the apron to slow down Mack, Mack tries to suplex him back in, Elgin tries to suplex him outside, they trad that back and forth then wind up with Mack on the apron and trading rights. Elgin slips off the shoulders of Mack and hits a super kick then a sliding dropkick that send Mack to the floor as we head to our last break.

Back in the ring, Elgin is working a side headlock but Mack fights free then runs into a dropkick but a 2 count. Chops from Elgin now and he sends Mack to the corner but runs into a boot then a clothesline from Mack. More clotheslines from Mack, Elgin lands a right but then runs into a spinning heel kick, Mack hits a scoop slam then hits the Hogan style leg drop but can only get 2. Elgin avoids a charge and hits an enziguri, Mack gets a sit out uranage but again only gets 2. Mack tries the Stunner, Elgin counters but eats an elbow. Mack charges Elgin but eats a series of kicks that ends with a super kick that floors him. Elgin hauls Mack up, sets him up on the top rope and looks for a superplex and gets it. The cover only gets 2 though. Elgin sets for a powerbomb, Mack back body drops him though. Elgin removes an elbow pad but winds up posting himself charging Mack who then hits a double stomp to his back as he was hung between the ropes. Mack tries to dive onto Elgin on the outside, Elgin uses Swann to stop that and then tosses him onto the apron. Mack with a baseball slide but he checks on Swann and that gives Elgin time to recover. Elgin hits a clothesline as Mack was getting back into the ring, then a buckle bomb into a sitout powerbomb to close the show.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Elgin via pinfall

Elgin looks for post match abuse to Mack, but Rich Swann is in with kicks to stop that and looks to lay into Elgin with rights. Johnny Impact shows up and takes out Swann with a spinning slam. Elgin is back up, Johnny talks to him and offers a handshake, Elgin accepts it then blindsides Johnny with a slingshot German suplex. He takes the sunglasses from Johnny and puts them on for a moment, then remembers he wants to hurt Willie Mack. Elgin hits a tossing powerbomb into the ring post on the outside to fulfill his promise to end him. Back in the ring Elgin motions for the title to stand tall as the show ends.