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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 10.04.19

October 5, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Michael Elgin Impact Wrestling 6-14-19

Hey there everyone, welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree, and I’ll be holding down the fort for the last few week of Impact before it moves to AXS TV. At the moment it has some over lap with Smackdown so Larry Csonka is over HERE covering that but once they move to Tuesday in a few weeks you wont have to put up with me anymore.

On tap for this evening the fallout from Sami Callihan bashing Melissa Santos in the head with an empty champagne bottle, Michael Elgin battles TJP, a knockouts triple threat match between Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kiera Hogan, the next participant in the X-Division title ladder match at Bound For Glory will be decided between Daga and Chris Bey, and whatever other shenanigans come up of course.

We open with a recap of the wedding from last week and all the associated fallout, then head to an interview with oVe who have a lot of security with them and they promise Sami Callihan will address what happened last week in the ring later tonight.

Match #1 – Triple Threat Match: Tenille Dashwood vs. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan

Dashwood goes after both women but Rayne and Hogan double team her to take control. Dashwood tosses Rayne to the floor and starts laying in strokes to Hogan then hits a double underhook suplex for a 1 count. Hogan counters a whip attempt, Dashwood counters back and takes out both Rayne and Hogan. Rayne jumps on the back of Dashwood then Hogan lands a super kick. Hogan and Rayne talk trash and resume double team action. Double drop kicks from Rayne and Hogan, Dashwood fights back and tosses Hogan out then locks in a modified double armbar on Rayne. Hogan back into the ring and kicks Dashwood to break the hold. Clubbing blows from Hogan, then they hit running corner attacks to Dashwood. Dashwood fights back, winds up attacking Rayne on the outside then Dashwood avoids a dive from Hogan who wipes out Rayne. Dashwood tosses Hogan back into the ring, kicks her a few times then hits a hanging neck breaker but Rayne breaks up the pinfall attempt. Rayne and Hogan argue a bit then set Dashwood on the top rope. They set for a double superplex, Dashwood fights back and knocks off Hogan then sunset powerbombs Rayne onto Hogan but can only get 2 on the cover. Kind of feels like that should have been a finish. Dashwood with clotheslines and kicks then a tarantula on Hogan. Rayne gets tripped into Hogan in the corner, Dashwood then hits both of them with the low angle cross body but only gets 2 covering Rayne. Rayne avoids the kick, hits an enziguri, Hogan hits the spinning fisherman suplex but they start arguing about who gets the pin. More yelling, Dashwood shoves Rayne into Hogan, knocks Hogan off of the apron then the spotlight kick to Rayne to win the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tenille Dashwood wins via pinfall

Dashwood continues to be built up for her title shot against Taya Valkyrie. Video spot for Johnny Swinger where he mistakes the backside of Jimmy Jacobs for a woman and slaps it to send us to break.

Back from break and Eddie Edwards is asking Tommy Dreamer for help. Edwards says Reno Scum drugged him, which they did, and Edwards even says he watched the show back to prove it. Dreamer says he’s got his back, Edwards reaches behind him to pick up Kenny the kendo stick then just seems to realize Dreamer was really there and says they’ll talk later.

Johnny Swinger is here, for some reason.

Match #2: Johnny Swinger vs. Jobber McGee (Owen Travers)

They tie up and wind up in the corner then break as Swinger complains of his hair being pulled. Shoulder block from Swinger, he runs the ropes then clotheslines Travers down. Stomps from Swinger in the corner then a clothesline. Headbutt to the groin from Swinger, he does it again then rakes the eyes on the ropes and a back rake. Chest rake from Swinger and then he plays to the crowd. Ravers fights back with looping rights but Swinger avoids a corner rush, hits the swinging neck breaker to score the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Johnny Swinger wins via pinfall

That felt like it went on forever. Backstage The North get an interview about their announced triple threat tag team match at Bound For Glory. Page notes he had this same match last year at Bound For Glory with someone else, now he gets to run it back with his best friend. Oh, they didn’t know about the addition of Rob Van Dam and Rhino, Page then kicks out the interviewer in anger. Josh Alexander just says they both know who’s to blame for this as we head to break.

Tessa Blanchard in the back getting interviewed, asked if she’s surprised about Callihan’s actions last week. She says how many more accidents have to happen around Callihan before people wake up, calls him everything wrong with the wrestling business. She says she’s still on a mission to take oVe one by one.

The flashback moment of the week is Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle from a previous Bound for Glory.

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring as we head to break.

Back from break Ace Austin runs into Alisha Edwards and says he wants to talk about what happened at the wedding. He sucks up to her a bit and says he’s actually worried about Edwards and plants the seeds of Edwards having a substance abuse problem. Alisha doesn’t think that’s the issue, Austin says he’s only one call away and promises he can help.

Match #3 – Tag Team Match: Eddie Edwards and Kenny vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend)

Edwards starts off, ties the tag rope to Kenny so he’ll be legal to tag in, and squares up with Thornstowe. Luster distracts Edwards to Thronstowe can get some control. Edwards cuts him off with chops, then runs into a shoulder block but catches Thornstowe with an inverted atomic drop then an overhand suplex. Luster and Thornstowe regroup on the outside then Luster tags in. Luster asks for Kenny to get tagged in, then jumps Edwards when he goes to tag out. Forearms from Luster, a Mongolian chop then a clothesline after Thornstowe hit Edwards in the back. Thornstowe tags in and starts laying in strikes, then hits a drop kick. Luster lands a headbutt then tags in and they resume cutting off Edwards and laying into him. Edwards tries to fight back, hits a blue thunder bomb and both men are down. Edwards goes for the tag, Luster tags in and cuts him off. They drive Edwards face into Thornstowe’s arm pit then Edwards avoids a suplex and hits one of his own. Edwards is after another tag, tags in Kenny then runs wild with the stick. Thornstowe accidentally kicks Luster, Edwards then takes him out with a White Russian leg sweep then drives Luster out of the ring. Edwards tosses Kenny outside then dives after him to the outside. Thornstowe cuts off Edwards then drops Kenny, who is technically legal, on the mat. Luster body slams Edwards onto Kenny, they try stereo dives but Edwards blocks Thornstowe with knees, canes Luster to the outside and hits the Boston knee party on Thornstowe then Kenny gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eddie Edwards and Kenny win via pinfall

In the back The North find Konnan, who takes a swig of booze before they close the door to his green room and we head to break.

Back from break and Konnan is out cold in his green room and we’re looking for help for K-Dawg.

Up next oVe and their security arrive in the ring. Sami Callihan gets the mic, he says last week there was a horrific accident and calls what happened to Melissa Santos an absolute tragedy. Impact Management demanded this apology and told him to make a statement, he says everything he’s about to say comes from the bottom of his heart and pulls up a written letter. To whom it may concern he says he smashed the bottle into Santos but that it was an accident, despite his upcoming match with Brian Cage he has no intention of disrespecting the institution of marriage, before he gets further with his statement Cage arrives. Brian Cage clears the security goons, power bombs Jake Crist into the apron and takes out Dave Crist. Cage then avoids a boot from Fulton and spikes him to clear his path to Callihan. Callihan heads out through the crowd, a “fan” grabs Cage to encourage him and Cage slams the fan over the barricade and his actions now cause him to stop. Las Vegas PD are here, heck of a response time, and they arrest Cage for assaulting a fan. That visual sends us to another break.

Back from break, they recap Cage getting arrested and Jake Crist joins commentary trying very hard to get over his nickname of The Golden Draw.

Match #4 – X-Division Title Qualifier: Daga vs. Chris Bey

The winner of this match will be added to the X-Division title ladder match at Bound For Glory. Daga and Bey jaw at each other, then run the ropes a bit without either man getting much of an edge. They tie up and go to mat wrestling, more arm drags and whatnot but neither man is getting much over until Bey hits a kick to the head of Daga. Daga responds with an enziguri then sets for a dive but Bey is back in and they run around then Daga winds up hitting a suicide to Bey. Snap suplex for Daga for a 2 count. Running elbow from Daga then a running yakuza kick but he only gets another 2 count. Daga tries another suplex but Bey counters with knees then lands a capoeira kick. Drop kick from Bey and Daga’s on the outside. Bey sets for a dive, hits a no touch dive over the top onto Daga. Back in the ring and Bey hits a slingshot DDT but Daga kicks out. Daga kicks Bey away from a running attack, sets him on the second rope and then hits a jumping lung blower for another near fall. Bey avoids a suplex and hits a spinning heel kick, but he runs into a series of kicks from Daga. Bey gets Daga to the corner, tries the ten punches but Daga slips out and Bey hits a near crucifix bomb for a 2 count. As Bey tries to get to the top rope Daga cuts him off then hits the Spanish fly but only gets 2 for a great near fall. Daga grabs Bey and hits a double underhook reverse lung blower for the finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daga wins via pinfall

Jake Crist gets in the ring and shows off with Daga then Dave Crist shows up and they double team Daga until Tessa Blanchard runs in and takes on both of the Crist brothers. Both Crists head out as Blanchard stands tall with Daga in the ring.

TJP and Fallah Bahh are backstage, Bahh is speaking one or two words at a time then goes back to “Bahh-ing” when the interviewer walks up. TJP says he’s the cruiser-great but he’s not afraid to get into the heavyweight ranks especially with Bahh backing him up.

Back from break and oVe regroup, Callihan doesn’t even care about Tessa Blanchard right now he just wants to head out. A video package of guys making predictions about Moose vs. Ken Shamrock. We also get Moose alongside Frank Trigg, who Moose thinks was the most skilled MMA fighter to train him for this fight. Moose mentions Shamrock’s accolades but at Bound For Glory he’ll get it. Shamrock arrives and they jaw at each other, calls Moose an NFL bust and feels all anyone who’s never accomplished anything can do is talk. Moose ends the pseudo-press conference and they square up for photos then we get a quick pull apart brawl. That brings us to another break.

James Mitchell confronts Jessika Havok, he says they’re both in a world of trouble and says Havok pissed off “you know who” who’s now apparently looking for payback after his favorite bride Su Yung was attacked. Taya Valkyrie shows up, says if Havok takes out Tenille Dashwood then Havok could take her place in the title match at Bound For Glory. Mitchell says Valkyrie has never beaten Havok and asks why she shouldn’t just take the belt from her right now and Valkyrie heads out.

Match #5: Michael Elgin vs. TJP w/ Fallah Bahh

TJP looks to avoid Elgin early, he winds up dodging Elgin in the corner but Elgin keeps over powering him. They run the ropes, TJP tries to catch him but Elgin lifts him then counters a sunset flip attempt with a punch to the face. TJP tries a hip toss, winds up rolling through for a knee bar but Elgin powers back up and separates. Kicks to the leg from TJP but Elgin catches one and levels him with a shoulder tackle. TJP avoids an elbow drop, tries a cross body but Elgin catches him but can’t keep a hold of him and he has to kick out of a roll up. Helicopter armbar takedown from TJP then he snaps the arm back and Elgin heads outside. Drop kick from TJP who shows off in the ring as we get a commercial break.

Back with Elgin in control and he lays in elbow strikes. TJP with a back kick to the body then he low bridges Elgin to the outside. TJP tries a flipping dive but Elgin catches him the power bombs him onto the apron. Chops from Elgin still on the outside, then they head back into the ring. TJP blocks a couple of charge attempts, kicks the arm of Elgin but Elgin with a bridging German suplex for a 2 count. Elgin goes for an elevated suplex into the ring, stalls out vertically but TJP knees him in the head to break it then hits a springboard hurricanrana back into the ring. Burst of offense from TJP then he tries for an armbar takedown, winds up drop kicking Elgin onto the second rope then hits a triangle drop kick to him then a cross body but when Elgin kicks out he transitions to the Fujiwara armbar and Elgin has to move to the ropes. More strikes to the arm from TJP, then he tries to lift Elgin but Elgin blocks him. Elgin misses an enziguri, TJP tries to float over for an armbar but Elgin lifts him up and power bombs him. TJP eats a discus clothesline but it’s with the bad arm and he’s able to kick out. Elgin tries for the buckle bomb, TJP counters with a hurricanrana to the outside. TJP looks to dive, but Elgin catches him with a snap powerslam onto the entrance ramp. That was pretty sweet. Elgin with a super falcon arrow but that’s just a 2 count. Elgin sets for a lariat, TJP catches it tough and looks for an armbar, Elgin rolls through again and hits a running buckle bomb then a spinning back fist and spinning sit out power bomb for the finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Elgin wins via pinfall

Bahh is in to check on TJP, Elgin stares him down but doesn’t get physical. In the back Melissa Santos heads to the jail to bail out Brian Cage but Sami Callihan is there. He says he didn’t mean to hit Santos last week and wouldn’t have swung at all except Cage grabbed him, but he’d be lying if he denied how good it felt to break that bottle on her. That will bring this episode to a close. Thanks again everyone for reading along, see you next week.