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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 2.08.19

February 9, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Impact Wrestling Lucha Bros

Hello everyone and welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Impact wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host for the evening, I’m holding down the fort while Larry Csonka recovers. The big match for this episode of Impact is the rematch between TNA Tag Team Champions LAX and the Lucha Bros. for the titles, the two teams have shown tremendous chemistry so this match has a bit to live up to but a lot of potential as well. As a reminder I wont be doing star ratings, but since the last report I did seemed especially dry I’ll be adding my personal thoughts after a match/segment such as they are to hopefully spice things up.

Also scheduled for this card is a match between Kiera Hogan and Dark Allie, plus X-Division champion Rich Swann and Willie Mack take on oVe, and Sami Callihan takes on Puma King. If you don’t have the Pursuit channel you can find Impact on their twitch stream right HERE.

We open with Willie Mack and X-Division Champion Rich Swann coming to the ring for their match.

Match #1 Tag Team Match: Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs. oVe

oVe jump Mack and Swann before the bell and toss Mack as Dave starts things with Swann. Dave with chops then he tags in Jake who lands a headbutt that drops Swann. Another tag but Swann pushes Jake into Dave then tags in Mack. Mack with a should block to Jake then a hurricanrana to Dave and a double clothesline. oVe heads outside but Mack hits a dive onto both of them over the top rope, this sets up Swann for a corkscrew plancha onto oVe as well. Jack is back in the ring as Mack stalks him but Jack drop toe holds him into the corner then hits a dive into a DDT on Swann on the outside. Mack is back up, tries a dive but Dave cuts him off then hits a big boot on the floor. Jake with some eye gouging to Mack on the floor then a tossing back suplex onto the apron that gets 2 from Dave in the ring. Dave then locks up a crippler crossface that forces Mack to get to the ropes and break the hold. Dave whips Mack into his corner then tags in Jake, who lays in some forearms then tags Dave and charges to take out Swann. A double team into a super kick then a kick into a pinning predicament gets a 2 count and Mack is looking to tag out. They keep Mack in their corner, Jake hits a step up kick into a northern lights suplex but only gets 2 on the bridging pin attempt. Jake goes to a chin lock, then hits a running forearm to a seated Mack but again only gets 2. Dave is tagged in and puts the boots to Mack but still can’t get a pin off on Mack. Tag in to Jake, Mack elbows his way out of a side head lock, they both miss clotheslines then collide on a double cross body attempt to stall things out. Swann wants the hot tag, and gets it. Swann kicks Dave on the apron then hits kicks to Jake followed by a head scissors, then strikes to Dave and a modified rolling thunder to Jake. Swann puts Dave on the top rope, Dave pushes him onto Jake and they hit a double stomp assisted tombstone that would have ended the match but Mack saves Swann. Jake tags in Dave and they look to double team Mack but he hits a double stunner and Swann hits a handstand springboard double cutter. Mack with a big uranage into a neck breaker from Swann, that’ll take out Jake. Dave gets slammed into Mack and falls in front of the corner perfectly for a 450 splash from Swann for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Rich Swann and Willie Mack via pinfall

Fun little match, they isolated Mack for most of it and oVe got to get a bunch of their stuff in and look good doing so. They tease a big announcement about the title match next week for when we come back from break.

Coming back from the break we get a recap of the trios match from last week that set up the Tag Team Title match tonight, then a video from the Lucha Bros. The Bros. promise to win here in their home country, he says that Konnan is right about them being family but they’ll be wrestling in front of their families and they’re coming for the titles. Pentagon takes over to say that he doesn’t think LAX would have accepted the match if Konnan hadn’t done it for them, he says the titles are staying within their family but are going to reside with the Lucha Bros. I appreciate Fenix starting that in English but he’s clearly still working on his command of the language.

Commentary gives us the update on the Impact World title scene for next week, instead of just Cage vs. Impact it’s now Impact vs. Cage vs. Kross vs. Moose. Makes sense given that both Kross and Moose have beaten Johnny Impact over the last few weeks. That leads us to the GWN flashback of the week, this week it’s Pentagon capturing the world title from April of 2018 so we get a fair bit of that triple threat between Austin Aries, Fenix, and Pentagon.

Before heading to break we see Kiera Hogan warming up backstage for her match with Dark Allie, which should be next.

Match #2: Kiera Hogan w/ Jordynne Grace vs. Dark Allie w/ Su Yung

Allie checks under the ring for Rosemary before things get started. Hogan charges immediately with a drop kick into the corner then hits a series of charging offense on Allie then a cover for just 1. Forearms and chops from Hogan then a running bulldog into a cover for a 2 count. Allie avoids a charge but Hogan lands a kick, then tries to charge again but runs into a clothesline for a 2 count. Mounted punches from Allie into another 2 count then she drives Hogan into the corner. Hogan’s turn to avoid a charge, she tries a charge but Allie counters then hits a charge attack to a seated Hogan against the turnbuckles but only gets a 2 count. Allie slams Hogan to the mat by her hair and lands kicks to the back and body of Hogan. Allie with another cover for a 2 count. Allie charges for a codebreaker but Hogan catches her then lands a super kick for a 2 count. Hogan charges but runs into a stun gun then a lung blower but that only gets 2 again. Allie misses a super kick then hits a jumping reverse X-Factor and both women are down. On the outside Yung pulls out a glove that prompts Grace to attack her on the outside. Inside the ring Allie and Hogan trade blows, Allie freaks out as Yung isn’t in the corner, she turns into kicks from Hogan then a spinning fisherman neckbreaker with a bridge from Hogan that’ll get the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Kiera Hogan via pinfall

I’m not sure about that match, it just didn’t connect with me. Maybe too many near falls, but it kind of felt like they were just getting in their stuff. Allie’s character work is solid though.

Quick interview with Johnny Impact backstage, he gets informed for the first time that his title defense next week is a fatal 4 way. He’s annoyed by this, especially being informed this way but turns into Cage. Cage says it sucks when you get screwed, but he’ll see Johnny next week. That’ll lead us to another break.

Coming back from break they announce a tag team main event for their next recording, RVD and Sabu vs. the Lucha Bros. in an extreme dream match. Not sure if that means extreme rules but that’s a heck of a match either way.

Backstage Dark Allie is paranoid about Rosemary being around as she and Su Yung wander around, we get a message from Rosemary that says the Witching is upon us. Back in the ring Gama Singh introduces Roujit Rajou with Raj Singh for his singles match.

Match #3: Roujit Rajou w/ Gamma and Raj Singh vs. Trey w/ Dez and Wentz

Singles action here but I doubt it stays that way. Trey dances around a bit, avoiding the tie up attempts from Rajou. Finally they tie up and Rajou drives Trey into the corner. He does break clean, they tie up again and Rajou gets the arm wringer, Trey escapes and counters, Rajou counters again and postures after they separate. Go behind from Trey, he hits a snapmare into a chin lock. Rajou gets the wrist lock, Trey flips around and reverses the pressure, Rajou has had enough of that and slaps Trey in the face. Trey gets him to bite on a faked punch, then Trey gets a face buster into a hurricanrana. Rajou on the apron, springboard kick from Trey sends him to the floor but as Trey sets for a dive Rajou counters him with a forearm. They’re on the apron and Rajou hits an impaler style DDT on the apron. Trey rolls into the ring and Rajou lays in kicks. Trey back up but runs into a back elbow. Rajou chokes Trey on the ropes, then Raj chokes him as well as the ref admonishes Rajou, that leads to a knee strike from Rajou that gets a 2 count. Trey fights up again and they trade strikes, then avoid each others kicks and Rajou lands an elbow to the back of the neck and the follow up cover gets a 2 count. Rajou sets for a suplex, Trey blocks so Rajou with a go behind but Trey counters with kicks, flips over his back then lands a double stomp and both men are down. Both men up and trading forearms, Trey gets the better of those but Rajou rakes the eyes. Trey avoids a corner charge and hits the canvas level 619, then hits a kick into a neckbreaker for a close 2 count. Top rope from Trey, Rajou arm drags him off, hits a spinning neckbreak then a gordbuster but again only gets 2. Jawbreaker from Trey, tries the neckbreak combination again but this time Rajou has it scouted and lands a jumping knee then a running knee to the back of the head but again only gets 2. Raj on the apron, the Rascalz with super kicks to him then they scare Gamma away. Rajou gets kicked int he back of the head then set up for a 619 in the corner, Trey climbs the ropes and hits a top rope double stomp for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Trey via pinfall

Not a bad match, both men went high impact for most of the match but they had an athletic match that could lead to a larger program between the factions.

We get a hype package for Team AAA for the World Cup next week, which will take us to another break.

Coming back we get another hype bit for Scarlett Bordeaux’s debut. In a shocking visual contrast, next up is Sami Callihan.

Match #4: Sami Callihan vs. Puma King

Callihan jumps Puma at the bell and starts kicking him in the corner. Puma avoids a charge but runs into a kick. Callihan tries a charge, Puma elevates and drops him then lands a super kick. Delayed suplex from Puma, Callihan lands a short right as he gets up. Puma lands an elbow then baits Callihan into following him to the ropes and low bridges him. Callihan is on the outside, Puma hits a dive onto Callihan. Chops from Puma on the outside, then forearms as well. Running kick from Puma as they’re still on the outside, super kick from Puma who then breaks the count. Callihan uses the ref to block Puma then hits a thumb to the eye and a tornado DDT using the apron as his platform. Puma is down on the outside, Callihan climbs into the ring and looks for the countout victory but Puma is back in at 9. Liger bomb from Callihan but Puma kicks out at 2. Callihan lands a stomp to the ankle of Puma, then he starts tearing at the mask of Puma. Puma back up and lands a series of kicks, Callihan lands a haymaker right and starts tearing at the mask and eyes on the mat again. Callihan sets Puma in the cage and lays in chops, he got an impressive spittle load onto his hand for one of those that draws the ire of the crowd. Callihan plays to the crowd a bit then sets Puma in the tree of woe position in the turn buckles. Callihan climbs up but Puma catches him with a hurricanrana then hits a top rope dropkick to the seated Callihan that sends Callihan to the floor. Puma tries a springboard attack but Callihan avoids it and he crashes to the floor. Callihan mocks him on the floor as we head to break.

Back from the break and Puma is draped on the apron, Callihan slams his head on the apron a few times while telling Puma to just quit. Running kick to the head from Callihan then Callihan returns to the ring. Puma slowly to his knees, then chops Callihan and fires up. They trade chops back and forth in the middle of the ring then Callihan rakes the eyes but runs into a spinebuster. Puma tries to get momentum but runs into a clothesline, then he lands an enziguri as Callihan tried to charge him. Both men are down, as they get up Puma with body avalanches into the corner then hits an elbow drop to Callihan. Callihan tosses Puma to the ropes but Puma catches himself and lands a kick then hits a back suplex to face buster for a 2 count. Puma goes to the top rope but Callihan avoids the splash, Puma rolls through and lands a series of strikes but Callihan lands an arm trap lariat for a near fall. Callihan removes a wrist band then sets for a piledriver but Puma blocks it, Callihan lands a right then tries the piledriver but Puma slips free and gets a magistral cradle but Callihan gets the ropes to break the near fall. They trade punches, Puma tries a springboard but runs into a kick. Callihan with the powerbomb and they trade roll ups then Puma with kicks and a sunset flip but Callihan rolls through and this time hits the piledriver for the 3 count

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Sami Callihan via pinfall

Solid match, again they’re mostly building to next weeks event so mostly they’re just showcasing each participants ability for those not familiar with every participant.

That’ll lead to a video package hyping up the Knockouts Title Street Fight next week. That sends us to break but the tag team title match should be coming up soon.

We come back to Eli Drake running into Eddie Edwards backstage. Drake talks about how they didn’t need the kendo stick last week despite using it behind Edwards’ back. Edwards tells Drake to do his thing while he and Kenny will do his thing. Drake says fine, but he wants his thing to be actual wrestling attire and actual wrestling, the guy who’s won every title in the company.

Back with commentary they run down a bit of next weeks card, then send us backstage to an interview with Killer Kross and Moose. Melissa Sanchez asks them about the 4 way match next week, Kross runs down the participants and says the odds are in their favor, then Moose calls this unfair to everyone else as he and Kross are a team. Moose says whoever wins they’ll keep the title in his trophy case and the women will then chase them instead of them having to chase women, then says “like Bill Belichick says, there’s no I in team”. Kross says that’s a good analogy but he prefers the one about the frog and the scorpion then walks off. Good line from Kross to sell his mindset ahead of the title match that also clearly went over the head of Moose. That’ll send us to break again.

We come back to a very oriental influenced display on the ramp that’ll lead to the Lucha Bros. coming out for the title match.

Match #5 Tag Team Championship: (c) LAX w/ Konnan vs. Lucha Bros.

Fenix lands a drop kick to Ortiz and they try to set up a Pentagon driver but Santana fights out and they wind up with a double back suplex to Fenix, Pentagon back in to break that up and kicks Ortiz. Lungblower to Ortiz but Pentagon holds him and Fenix hits a double stomp to the back. Wild start. Ortiz hits a cutter to Pentagon, this is nuts and we get kicks and finally things settle with Santana and Pentagon facing off in the ring. Very loud Cero Miedo chants. Santana with chops, Fenix comes in and lands a jumping kick but Santana hits a knee on Pentagon then Fenix takes him out. Ortiz in now and he and Fenix trade blows then Fenix hits a kick too the back of the head. Santana takes Fenix and himself out of the right, now Ortiz and Pentagon trade chops and kicks that Pentagon gets the better of. Santana in with a cross body then a senton from Ortiz and Fenix hits a flying double drop kick to take out both Ortiz and Santana. Those few minutes of insanity take us to break.

Back from break and Ortiz and Fenix are in the ring. Kick from Fenix that Ortiz runs into, then Ortiz returns the favor. Ortiz tries to go up top, Fenix with a rolling uppercut then follows him up and hits a double stomp to the back then covers for 2. Ortiz grabs a suplex into a near stunner type move, Fenix tries to get momentum but runs into a spine buster. Both men are down after that one, they both make tags and Santana squares off with Pentagon. They start trading chops then Pentagon lands a spinning kick, then they trade super kicks, Pentagon runs into a spinning uranage for a 2 count. Santana back up, Pentagon counters a spingboard attempt with the pump handle driver, commentary calls it a pentagon driver, but he only gets a 2 count from it. Pentagon tags in Fenix, they set for the package piledriver and double stomp, things break down as Ortiz counters and Ortiz gets in. Ortiz swings Santana to hit the double cutter on both men then they hit a double team flap jack, Ortiz blocks Pentagon’s return to the ring but Fenix kicks out at 2 to the shock of LAX. Ortiz sets for a powerbomb, Santana with a blockbuster off of the powerbomb and this time Pentagon has to break things up. Pentagon takes out both members of LAX but runs into a couple of kicks. LAX attacks Fenix again but he counters this time, Pentagon hits a sling blade on Ortiz, they set Santana for the stomp assisted package piledriver, Fenix dives onto Ortiz and Pentagon covers Santana but he took a few extra seconds and Santana is able to kick out this time. Another package piledriver from Pentagon but again Santana kicks out to the general shock of everyone. Pentagon is back up, stalking Santana and hits him with a super kick then Fenix with a reverse rana, another finishing double team into a dive from Fenix onto Ortiz and this time the cover from Pentagon gets the 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER and NEW Impact Tag Team Champions – The Lucha Bros.

That was a frantic match, filled with lucha style one ups manship, short and frantic but very sweet. The Lucha Bros. pose with the belts then Konnan gets everyone to shake hands. They shake hands but hold on and clearly still have some competitive animus then LAX bails to let Fenix and Pentagon celebrate in the ring to close the show.

Pretty solid show overall, great main event if you’re into the fast paced high energy style of match those two teams seem to bring out of each other. Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll be back next week. If you’re into MMA there’s UFC 234 Saturday evening that I’ll be covering as well. Until thanks again, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.