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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 7.05.19

July 6, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Impact Wrestling 7-5-19

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Hey everyone, welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree, tagging in for Larry Csonka as Larry is covering Impact’s live event Bash at the Brewery which you can follow along at that link. So I’ll be handling the recorded event being aired tonight.

Standard recap to start, opens with hype for the upcoming women’s monster’s ball match. Eddie Edwards and Killer Kross hype, Rich Swann and Johnny Impact’s issue, Sami Callihan’s continued issue with Tessa Blanchard, Rascalz vs. LAX specifically the Rascalz win over them, and of course Cage vs. Elgin hype.

This the go home show for Slammiversary, and we open with TJP making his way to the ring.

Match #1: TJP vs. Ace Austin

They tie up and trade some arm locks then Austin hits a headlock takeover. TJP wrigges his way out by walking on his shoulders. Another tie up, this time Austin lands a forearm and grabs a modified kneebar but TJP hits a spinning head scissors to take him over. Another spin from TJP but this time Austin cartwheels through and we’re back up again. This time it’s TJP with the headlock takeover. Austin is trying to mimic the escape that TJP did but can’t do it and has to resort to hair pulling to reverse to a head scissors. Head stand escape from TJP and the general one ups manship continues. They trade barbs then Austin hits a series of kicks as he’s had enough of being shown up. TJP with a roll up after running through the ropes then ties up a double wrist lock sharpshooter, swaps for a modified Indian deathlock, Austin rakes the eyes and gets to the ropes to save himself. Strikes from Austin on the feet and he’s got TJP down in the corner. TJP with a head scissors counter after being whipped into the buckles, he takes Austin outside but Austin avoids a dive and lays into him on the apron. Austin in the ring and lands a Fosbury flop but lands on his feet. Austin talks trash while kicking TJP, puts him back in the ring but only gets a 1 count. Austin sits on an arm and hits the paper cut between the fingers with a playing card then lays in knees. TJP escapes a submission attempt then hits a mule kick, Austin cuts off the comeback with a head trapped double stomp but only gets 2 on the cover. TJP hits the ropes and gets a hurricanrana then a springboard drop kick, climbs up high and lands a cross body. Austin escapes a firemans carry and hits a double springboard kick to the face but again only gets 2. Austin puts TJP on the top rope, sets for a superplex but TJP is fighting and dumps him off but Austin hits a kick then a head scissors takedown. A tornado kick to TJP follows but he misses a top rope move and both men are down. Austin tries for a high impact move, Austin counters but the ref sees him grabbing the ropes on a roll up. TJP with a dropkick to the knee then a double underhook reverse gut buster but only gets 2. Kicks to the leg are traded but Austin’s leg is in worse shape. Elbow strikes now and TJP gets the better of things, Austin then avoids a basement dropkick and lands a leg drop but TJP locks up a kneebar on the follow up attempt and that gets Austin to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: TJP defeated Ace Austin via submission

There’s a hype package for Cage vs. Elgin, this one focusing on Cage’s preparation at first then dovetailing into the path of carnage that Elgin has been carving. That will take us to our first break of the evening.

Coming back we’ve got Johnny Impact and Johnny Bravo to hype their tag team match with Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Impact is less than thrilled about teaming with Bravo but will work with it. They parody the Mega Powers a little bit but nothing really comes of it. Commentary run down the upcoming Slammiversary card as well as a bit of the rest of the main card. Then Jordynne Grace joins commentary for the next match.

Match #2: Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne

Rayne with a series of roll ups to start but Hogan keeps kicking out then takes a powder. Hogan counters a baseball slide and lands a few kicks then tosses Rayne back into the ring and jaws at Grace on commentary. That distraction lets Rayne recover and she lands kicks to Hogan when Hogan gets back in the ring. Hogan lands some blows to the back and then a couple of charge attacks while Rayne is in the corner but that only gets 2. A few more kicks from Hogan, she resumes talking to Grace on commentary while attacking Rayne. Rayne counters a spinning fishermans buster and hits an enziguri. Rayne counters a super kick with elbows then lands a cutter but still only gets 2. Hogan with a roll up, gets her feet on the rope but Grace knocked them off and jaws at Hogan. Hogan hits the spinning fishermans buster with a bridge to get the pinfall.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kiera Hogan defeated Madison Rayne via pinfall

Post match Hogan tells Grace to get in the ring, Grace does and Hogan immediately bails. Rayne dismisses an offered hand from Grace.

Gama Singh pumps up Rohit Rajou backstage in advance of his match. He wants to give Rajou a tea set, the Deaners sneak up behind them and dump out the tea behind their backs and replace it with cheap beer. Rajou and Gama toast, drink, and spit take. The Singh’s swear vengeance, Rajou takes another sip after they leave and decides it’s not all that bad. That will take us to our next break.

Back from break James Mitchell tries to play peace maker between Havok and Su Yung, he requests solidarity, patience and understanding between them. He reiterates that he promised Havok he’d make her Knockouts Champion, and says the goal at Monsters Ball is for Havok to walk out as champion. After that we get our Impact+ moment of the week, this time it’s Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy from Slammiversary 2016.

Coming back from that we get a quick recap of Havok’s return and her mission to reclaim the Knockouts title and how we arrived at the upcoming Monsters Ball match. That will send us to our next break. During our break we get a quick video from NEW Tag Team Champions The North. Page does most of the talking about how great they are, Alexander says the belts might as well be crowns because they are the kings of the north.

Back from break we get a video package for Sami Callihan and his issues with Tessa Blanchard.

Back in the ring Gama Singh introduces Rohit Rajou for the next match.

Match #3: Rohit Rajou w/ Raj Singh vs. Laredo Kid

Rajou attacks at the break but Laredo avoids most of it before running into a clothesline. Strikes from Rajou, the Laredo counters and hits a sitout scoop slam. Laredo tries for a bottom rope moonsault but the rope breaks, so he hits one from the second rope instead but only gets 2. Laredo with some kicks then a diving cross body but again only gets 2. Rajou counters a suplex with a knee then hits a couple of suplex variants for a 2 count on Laredo. They trade strikes, Rajou sweeps the legs out then mocks Laredo for a bit and hits a snap suplex for another 2 count. Elbows from Laredo but Rajou cuts him off again, this time Laredo counters a suplex, hits a hurricanrana then a drop kick and Rajou is outside of the ring. Big suicide dive from Laredo to the outside hits Rajou but he only gets 2 when he gets Rajou back in the ring. Laredo goes to the top rope but Gama and Raj provide distraction, Laredo misses a spinal tap and Rajou lands knee strikes. Double stomp from Rajou to the standing Laredo gets the finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rohit Rajou defeated Laredo Kid via pinfall

There’s a quick preview of Johnny Impact training Johnny Bravo that will apparently take up more time when we get back from break.

First up back from break we get a video package where Rosemary tries to hype up their Twitch channel, then a package hyping up the issues with Moose and Rob Van Dam. And speak of the devil, Moose is here for an in ring promo.

Moose puts over RVD a little, mentions watching him as a kid on TV and then notes that RVD’s best stuff was 20 years ago. A few dueling chants, Moose mentions that the same people chanting for RVD also cheer for him, and says he can’t be a fan of RVD anymore because he’s just better than he is. He says that they’ve both been all around the world, they’ve both made millions of dollars, RVD has a supermodel girlfriend while Moose has supermodel girlfriends, and that they’re both future hall of famers. He derides RVD’s “whole F’n show” as he is Mr. Impact. He tells RVD that the biggest lie of all his nicknames was Mr. PPV because he hasn’t even been on PPV for years and he’s letting him validate that nickname at Slammiversary, then jokes about RVD’s history of marijuana use so to help out his distracted mind he’s got a video package. We cut to a video of Moose gloating over a fallen Sabu. Moose asks if he’s got RVD’s attention and promises to do to RVD what he did to Sabu and Dreamer, retire him.

That will prompt RVD to come out and they brawl in the ring until security comes and pulls them apart. The pull apart will send us back to break.

Back from break all three Rascalz are in the ring.

Match #4 Triple Threat Match: Trey vs. Dez vs. Wentz

They’re trying to figure out which two of them will be in the tag team title match, I assume the loser is left out. They all talk a bit and shake hands then things start breaking down. A series of roll ups and then they stand off. Trey avoids a sweep, takes a kick, Wentz lands a kick, then Dez and Wentz wind up with a series of kicks to Trey but he avoids some of them and Dez kicks Wentz out of the ring. Dez and Trey square up, Trey with some top rope shenanigans then Wentz is back in and he hits a corkscrew cross body to Trey. Wentz gets to run wild for a bit on both men, then Dez lands a kick and a hurricanrana to Trey. Dez has Wentz isolated, hits a dropsault and Wentz is out with Trey. Dez tries a dive, Wentz cuts him off but Trey kicks him then lands a diving head scissors to Wentz. Trey lands a kick to Dez, Wentz then uses him as a platform to dive onto Trey, and Dez dives onto Wentz, rolls him in and hits a spinal tap but Trey is in to break up the count. I’m not sure that makes sense, you just don’t want to be pinned you don’t have to win. All three men are down in the ring, they trade some punches while getting up. Trey breaks patter first, Dez slingshots him into a super kick from Wentz, Wentz then attacks Dez and hits a standing shooting star press to get a near fall. Dez and Wentz trade blows while Trey is on the ramp. Trey with a running springboard to both of them, then a low springboard double cutter. Trey covers each of them one at a time but they both kick out. Trey heads up top, he’s aiming at Dez but Dez misses, Wentz then holds him for a super kick and they hit the Hot Five Flame to Trey and both pile onto him for the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Wentz wins via pinfall on Trey

All three men show solidarity after the match so no teased breakup just yet.

Outside Tessa Blanchard arrives at the venue with a baseball bat of her own to send us to break.

There’s a video package for Kross vs. Eddie Edwards during the break. They add to the prior video with a new promo from Kross at the pulpit of a church. He gives an analysis of the story of the man who lost everything, but the story doesn’t have an end yet. He says this man was abandoned and betrayed by his friends, his loved ones, and is now in a place without even God or love and the ultimate salvation for every man is death for his sins. Kross promises to give this unnamed man that opportunity, and asks everyone to knee to the Kross and calls himself the only true salvation for Eddie Edward, then he drinks blood from a chalice.

A video package for Johnny Impact vs. X-Division champion Rich Swann brings us back from break. Commentary runs down Slammiversary from ringside.

Match #5 Tag Team Match: Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. Johnny Impact and Johnny Bravo

We start with Swann and Impact, they trade some strikes with Swann getting the better of things. Impact lands a question mark kick, Swann responds with a back kick to the body then a drop kick. Swann tags in Mack, Impact gets a side headlock, Mack tosses him off and they run the ropes a bit then Mack hits an armdrag. Mack up top, flying toreador, more rope running and a cross body from Mack to Impact. Swann is tagged in, they double team Impact with an elevated face buster. Bravo jaws from the corner and distracts Swann which allows Impact to take control. Impact with a stun gun to Swann on the barricade. Moonlight drive from Impact on the mats outside to Swann. Impact tosses Swann back in, Bravo asks for a tag to get the pin and Impact tags him in. Bravo with some kicks then he tags Impact back as Swann was getting to his feet. Impact body slams Bravo onto Swann then resumes landing elbows. Bravo is tagged back in and lands a few punches then Impact lands a shining wizard but when Bravo goes for the cover Swann is able to kick out. Swann back up, Bravo drives him into the corner and tags Impact. Impact looks for the Razor’s Edge, Swann counters with a single arm DDT and both men are down. Swann tags in Mack who lays into Impact with strikes. Jumping Thez press from Mack, Bravo provides a distraction and Impact cuts him off. Impact has Mack on the second rope and is looking for a Spanish Fly but Mack counters with a jumping neck breaker. Impact reaches for a tag, Bravo gets off the apron and Mack cannonballs Impact then hits a Samoan drop. Standing moonsault from Mack and Bravo has to break up the pin attempt. Disaster kick from Impact to Mack, now he tags in Bravo, they try a double clothesline but Mack breaks through and tags in Swann. Swann takes Impact out of the ring and now they both lay into Bravo with punches then a tandem superkick to Impact. Stunner to Bravo then a second rope Phoenix Splash from Swann to Bravo gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated Johnny Impact and Johnny Bravo via pinfall

That will end in ring action. We cut to the back where oVe are prematurely celebrating Callihan’s victory over Tessa Blanchard. Dave Crist is sent flying through their food table and Tessa Blanchard is here with a bat. Callihan shoves Jake Crist into her to get an advantage and they brawl a bit. Blanchard asks Callihan if that’s all he’s got then threatens him with a bottle but Jake cuts her off. Callihan hits her a few times then tells Tessa that he could have made her famous at Slammiversary, Tessa gets free of Jake and gets her bat back then clocks Callihan with it to stand tall as the show ends.

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